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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Bleach, Buso Renkin, and Rurouni Kenshin.

UPDATE: All the things said below are probably not true anymore...i Am not going to be writing anymore Fanfictions. If you enjoy AMVS then go to my youtube Page where i make AMVS all the time.

bonjour salut,ca va, hola, kunichiiwa, aloha,neehow, gambo, gutenthe,ello mate, hello thats many different hi's in other languages lol. hi im ororo.42 and this is my co. pilot(editor) wdym, oro (/wdym oro/-yo)the mysterius person you have all been wondering about. hahaha just kidding

Age:i am 15 years old

hair color: have brown hair(shit brown)

eyes: my eyes are blue(two different shades of blue acutally)

house: i live in a 2 story house in pennslyvania(not anymore though sobbs in a corner)

height (/wdym oro/problems): i am now fianlly 6ft tall so i get "dude, your like huge" so im usally hitting my head alot hahaha.and now im super happy since i reached 6ft

gender: im male (at least i hope so)

name: weed or oro-san would be nice

legs: very hairy why do you ask (wdym oro) ok...gross

the manga+ anime i watch

the A means just anime the M means manga and then + means both

1. .buso renkin (+)( papillon and captain bravo are cool)

2.rurouni kenshin (+) ( 2nd favorite)(go aoshi-sama)

3. bleach (+)(renji is my favorite)

4.naruto (+) (3rd favorite)(neji kicks ass)

5.drangonballz (+) (first seen anime,5th favorite)(trunks'll cut your face off)

6.drangonball (+(jackie chun)

7.fullmetal alchemist (+)(the guy with fire hands)

8.shamen king (+)(horohoro)

9.zatch bell (A)(appalo+rops but he dies)

10.inuyashi (A)(miroku)1

11.yuyu hakusho (+)(kurama)

12.one piece (+)(sanji)

tv shows and hobbies

a little more info: i like to play video games mostly i play soccer i am in the school play at my school i do alot of things but i also like to kick back and enjoy tv like most people

i watch family guy(my favorite)

futurama,(bender and the professer)

american dad, (its because its like family guy)

the simpsons,(ot much but when i can catch it)

robot chicken,(same as simpsons

boondocks (riley is funny)

pokemon (when there nothin on in the mornin)

and i like to watch danny phantom(same as pokemon)

favorite naruto parings

sasukexhinata(hinatas basically my favorite girl and nejis my favorite but i think family with family is sick)

narutoxhinata(just because its the perfect rebound for naruto cause sakura hates him)

sasukexsakura(...ah its more of wdym oros obsession)

gaaraxsakura(i just saw a fic about this and i thought it was really good, which wdym oro hates)

nejixsakura ( i just started to like this)

favorite bleach pairings

orihimexichigo (its just i think renji and rukia are good)

renjixrukia (like i just said)

no one else really...

least favorite naruto pairings

nejixhhinata(barf family and family is just sick)

kibaxhinata(he doesn't deserve her)

anyone besides my favoriesxhinata(i don't know it just doesn't work)

least favorite bleach pairings

rukiaxichigo (its just stupid)

anyone besides rukiax renji i dont really like

favorite charicters

NEJI(byakuugan, only after he gets his ass kicked by naruto)

hinata(i always pick the wierds ones)

itachi(my mega top favorite)


kyuubi naruto(only kyuubi)

gaara(i'll kill them all)

other random things about me

just more basic info: i like to cook, i have 38 manga books total 5 buso renkin,6 naruto, and 26 ruro ken,1 shamenking. i like reeses and butterfingers the most. i want to go to college and become a video game desinger/ creator. my grades are mostly cs and bs with the occansinal f or a it depends. my friend that i usually talk about is a fan fiction expert person that does mostly all the reviseing or whatever you call it shes a girl, year younger than me and from now on we + me will address her by a name other than my friend she will be "what do u mean oro" or wdym oro okay thanks for reading this profile and my storys lol ps: the language were up there in order were frnechx3,spanish,japenese,haawain,chinese,asian,austraillian,and english lol ur the best

wdym Ororo wuz hur!!

And Ororo, I'm going to kill you for what you wrote under this!

i would like to see you try!

shes a girl i know amazing right (she looks like a man too)

in mostly other places im known as weeddragon3

will update pro soon...we'll be adding our pit of doom...this is where we put the people we hate most from tv shows(we absolutely hate)...funny and true :) 333

moral in life: if you arent bleeding your not trying hard enough

favorite quote: i wish there was a button on the tv to turn up intelligance, theres one that says brightness but it dosen't work

things me and friends say...alot...




oro?- Ororo.42

ORORO?!- ororo.42


sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex- tyler


tata kai...tata kai...tata kai...tata kai...tata kai...tata kai...tata kai...TATA KAI!!- ororo.42

why do you keep saying sure-ororo.42, cause thats what i say when im not really paying attention- wdym oro



heyy...cuta kins- ororo.42


IM NOT GAY!!- brendan and tim


papa bear wants it in the back door- jorden

theres a freakin ghost in my bedroom...seriously!!- ororo.42

oh...my...god- everyone in the world

EYE OF THE TIGER- kenji and me

rye or the keiser- charles and tyler

sorry i didnt update- me

i could care less- jarred



thats what heros do-kenji

screw you-marcus

go to hell and give the devil what he wants-me

surrrrrrrrrrrrrrre-wdym oro

there...you happy...werent they funny...whatever

(Poison's Ivy: I cannot believe I associate with these people. ... looks at ororo and friends who want to kill me right now. That was a joke people. :P

Obviously, Ivy was here. HA to you ororo. :D

And Ororo, you take this off and I will take you off my favorite's author's list. ... Oh wait, you were never even on there! ... Whoops. I'll add you on okay? When I feel like it, so let's wait for that to happen in a million years or so.

Uh, before you freak Ororo, that was another damn joke.

~ Love, Ivy ~


george bush- president

orochimaru- naruto

kabuto- naruto

terra- teen titans

BITCHY(what i call him)- your rival on pokemon pearl and diamond

slade- teen titans

ben- lost

aizen- bleach

gays- world

the ghost in my room-

trigan- teen titans

beast boy- teen titans (wdym oro: he liks terra...nuff said)

harley- pokemon(ororo&oro-EW!)

thats all for right now...

wait!...theres more...

nick z-school

jereme t-school

tyler n- school

kyle-i know him

austin- i know him
thats all for right now...


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ororo's a bitch!!~ally

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