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I am Lilith-shii! One of the most unknown fanfiction writers. So far, my stories seem to be a big hit with some who loves the drama in the Briefs family.

Anyways, I am a big fan of Dragon Ball Z. Always have been. I spent half of my summer last year watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Episodes to recap of what I could remember. I had this account since of my VERY first fanfic, Kids of The Future I haven't continued it, Since I kinda ran out of ideas for it. My second story to be known is Emotions which has over 2000 hits. Which makes me the most happiest person in the world! My third story that is in the works with Emotions is Abyss which is one of the most drama-tastic fanfic I ever written. Yes, I'm serious when I say this.

My favorite characters in DB/Z, UGH! So hard to chose, but I will list them.
















My favorite couple of them all has to be Bulma and Vegeta. I think their relationship is so cute, and boy, I do love the fanfiction that people wrote about them.

Favorite Fanfics

Ask Goku and Vegeta by Yuko the Saiyan

Ask the Girls! by Tempz99

Containing, Thy Self by Malik_fan_03

Like Father, Like Son by Amiko-san

Strong Heart by IceCamaro

If I could Turn Back Time by Enlua (My FAVE GokuxBulma fic.)

When Hell Freezes Over by Angel Out Of Time

Mission Grandkids! by Moonsaiyanprincess

Oh, Zat Rings a Bell by Alexandrea Romanzeso

Complications by Ice queen

Simply Irresistible by NCDavis

Vegeta on a White Stallion? Not Likely by Maxine-san

Not Who She Expected by Kizmet

Becoming a Family also by Kizmet

Finishing the Race by Pearl3

The First Day of the Rest of My Life by flamingo6584

Pratically any story by UltraVegeta - Link to Profile:

Eluv by Tempz99

Devil by The General of Darkness

And They Will Never Know by wowwhatahotgirl

DBZ Court by nedthejanitor

Trunks' Revenge by Amish-PalmPilot (The best Trunks killing off characters fic ever! xD)

Dragonball Z Pairings of the Apocalypse! also by nedthejanitor

Vegeta Vs. Pikachu by Anime Fan18.0

Prelude to Puberty by bimbosarahsurfchick

So I figured also by Malik_fan_03

Once Upon A Something by Vegeta's Female Clone

And much, much more!

I have two stories that are in progress and many that are completed. And only one that is discontinued. -Nod, nod.-

In progress

Emotions (On Chapter 9)

Abyss (On Chpater 4)


Always There (YamchaxBulma One Shot)

ArchAngel (VegetaxBulma One Shot!)

No Paradise (Character Death, One Shot)

Sankyuu ,Otousan (Cute One Shot)

Veggie Daddy (Cute One Shot)


Kids of the Future (Was on Chapter 2, Drama/Angst)

I was thinking about one day when I can come up with a perfectly good, realistic, fanfiction with an OC in it. I mean, yes, an OC. But not a mary-sue. Not the annoying, 'OMG! I'm so perfect I got POWERS and EVERYTHING!!!11', but a more settle, character with backups. It might be an AU since it would be realistic and I would have over..4 characters to introduce that you guys might like. That story might be running next year when I get a chance to think of the plots all the way through.

My Favorite Canon Couples




My Favorite Non-Canon Couples



And also, my favorite non canon couple some may find it weird is BulmaxGohan. Basically, it's not her liking him back, but simple a humor of Gohan having a crush on Bulma and Vegeta being insanely jealous about it when he has no reason to be. I read a fanfiction like that on, and I love it. It's pretty damn funny espeically when Vegeta is plotting to kill Gohan. xD

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the inside mind of Lilith-shii, and shoo, I need a nap.


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Abyss reviews
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Accidents Doesn't Always Mean Mistakes reviews
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She noticed something that would make Vegeta give a double take. He had a small tuff of lavender hair on top of his head. Suddenly, Bulma started to giggle. She imagined the look on Vegeta's face when he realized his son, his first son, had lavender hair.
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