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My name is Yuri -- and no, I'm not into any kind of homoerotic stuff. I was only an innocent twelve year old who thought a Russian name was cool and would do nicely as my nickname. Then I was cybernetically pointed and laughed at people in the internet for its use as a Japanese term.

My date of birth is October 27, 1991 (Yes, I'm torturing you guys with math since I don't want to keep updating my age in this page.). I've always been interested in stories ever since I was little. My mother would tell me children stories that her mother had told her when she was young. Every night I'd tell her to recite me one of them, I had them all memorized by heart. It's funny though, as time passed on both my mom and I forgot what the stories were. When I became six - seven years old, I was then fascinated by story books and the fictional worlds they helped me visit. I decided right then I wanted to create my own fictional world and make other children, people visit them. I've been practicing writing ever since. I still have a long, long way to go. Which is why I'm here!

Video games and anime/manga only helped me widened my imagination as I grew up and fed me more worlds and character I could ever think of. Although I'm typing very weirdly and mechanicallyright now, I'm actually a very hyper and random guy most of the time. My favorite colors are orange/blue/red, but I like the other colors too -- just not as much. Hmm, to name some more stuff I like: I love RPing, I like taking pictures of stuff, I like clouds -- I have an entire album of pictures of clouds I've taken, I love God, I like hoodies, I like autumn, I like my friends, I like making others laugh, I like music, I like laughing for no reason, I like adding Zs randomly at the end of words, I like being random, I like animals, I like ice cream and chocolates, I like sneakers, I like rain and snow, I like the netz, I like pillows, and you probably guessed by now -- and couldn't be more right -- that I like writing. The list goes on and on, but, I don't want your eyeballs to melt.

(Or do I?..)

Motto: Life is all about ASS - everyone's either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, trying to get a piece of it, or simply just being one!

-- My stuff:

o Hotaru no Hikari, a Kuroshitsuji fanfic -- I bet you have wondered about the mysterious butler's past when you were watching Kuroshitsuji, I have too. I thought of like, if he was a demon he'd have more people he had a contract with in the past before Ciel. Then I thought of Shiori. I wanted to see Sebastian in Japan so that's where I came up with the setting, and since it was before the time period in the anime/manga it had to be Ancient Japan -- which is quite difficult to capture, mind you. I then, thought to maybe adding a twist to it all and making it slightly more interesting. I made him something more than a servant to the person bound to him. This is pretty dark and creepy at times with hints of humor and romance here and there. This tale follows the story of a girl named Shiori and how she decides to do things right, with a help of a certain demon. I love writing it, and I hope I do justice to the plot.

o Persona, a Pokemon fanfic -- Since I grew up reading Pokemon and Harvest Moon fanfics I decided I wanted to put one out there, as well. This wasn't planned at all, it just struck me and I felt like I had to write right away. It's more challenging to write than HnH because of all the different kind of pokemon, their descriptions, distinctive personalities, and the battles that'll occur. I feel like I have to be more cautious when writing this. It's about this silly detective-wanna-be that stumbles onto a terrifying truth that can change the world of pokemon he grew up in, completely. Its a pretty interesting plot, look out for it!

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