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Hi! TwoClovedHooves here. The strangeness of me, if you've read any of the stuff I'm (planning to be) posting, is far, far, stranger than your average person's fanfiction.

Latest: I actually have some news for you! Look in the stories stuff.

My stories, convienently categorized with little notes for you, are:

Fierce In Peace- Eli Jannis, modern NYC orphan, finds herself on a Federation starship. From the Star Trek universe. This is an Original Cast and Crew experience, because, obviously, a kickbutt orphan would never quite work on the starships we've seen before. And that dear old Temporal Prime Directive? It'll only be addressed when I find it convenient. :)

Second Story- I have a story that has yet to be published, that is--yet again--an Original Character Story, Star Trek again, that I've got several chapters of written. Problem? There hasn't been a whole lot of editing, and some stuff in the first chapter is nagging at me to expand it. But it'll be posted, and posted regularly.

Canon Characters Star Trek Short Story????- I have a Deep Space Nine short story that is almost, almost completely written. However it, like the above, needs some editing, because a lot of it has been nagging at me, because it doesn't all link together, like a short story should. So sad. But it should be up, whenever I get the inspiration..

...Yes, that's all. Sad, I know, but I'm bad at posting things. REALLY bad. I openly admit that I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and that coupled with school could make updates...erratic, if nonexistent. I have been known to sign up to a website, be vehemently dedicated to it for a while, and then without notice, drop it like it's hot and never ever return. You have been warned.

On a personal note, I love reading, Star Trek, Chronicles of Narnia, and other odd yet awesome things, such as the Phantom of the Opera. I do not like the OC or any other show remotely representing preppy, and PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF THE POWERS THAT BE don't get me started on soap operas. Heroes is awesome, Battlestar Galactica makes me cry. I also draw things, a lot. Look at my stories to get other indications of what I like.

NOTICE: Sorry, but it seems that chapter 13 is going to be even later than it already was, due to a lovley thing called punishment. Long story short: I was about 50 miles away from where I was supposed to be, in a pretty inconvenient situation, all because of forgetfulness. So, to make full the importance of "write things down!" to my brain, I am not allowed personal time with the computer until Christmas break. So, I am sorry but you'll have to wait until then because this time I actually intend to follow along. See you later.

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