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My parents think i'm crazy.

I however know I'm insane.

gender: female

name: well, that would be telling, wouldn't it!

age: it's rude to ask a lady her age! Oh, wait, I'm only a teen. Ok, so I'm 14

nationality: I AM ENGLADIAN!

hair colour: well, blonde, DUH! oh, thats NATURAL blonde. i do not dye my hair blonde. clear? good.

eye colour: blue like the ocean!

size: either very tall, or very small, or somewhere in between.

current mental state: HEY! my therapist says that I'm just special!

VERY special...

languages: english and (as far as my teachers are concerned) french. ah. oui, je parle francais tres bien, n'est pas?

if you speak french you would be cringing right now.

favorite stuff: timbits, billy talent, black, my oboe, my dog, bats (that only-flying-mamal kind, not the baseball supplies!), sketch books, haloween decorations, fries/chips (depending on where you are at the moment...), my lovely weirdo friends, I ADORE ACTING, the theatre, drama, anytime I get to perform, being called a drama queen, nay a drama obsesser queen, nooo THE ULTIMATE DRAMA GODDESS!... what do they put in sugar free gum? can't be healthy...can't be legal...

most hated stuff: people who talk with no expression, gossips, aritzia, hoodies paired with jeans, someone wearing the same thing as me, love songs, pmsing, homework, projects, anything to do with school, people who correct me, tabbaco companies, sexism, any photo that has me in it, being ignored, early morning band practises, the band nerd stereotype, any steroetype, scheduals, um, do you reeaallllyyy want the full list?

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