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Hi there!

I'm Zeta. I'm 26, in college, and ready to write. I'm no good at these little bio thingies, so excuse me if this is quite brief. I promise it'll get longer as time goes by.

I've finally finished Empire, and I've gotten so many good reviews for it! So thanx to all who adore it. It kept me going! I honestly didn't think so many people would like it Check out the next installment, Empire: A Family Affair. I guarantee you'll love it. And, it probably won't be as long as its predecessor.

I have an account at MediaMiner and I have just decided to put up a new story. It's a bit of a side-story to Empire. It's the story of Mieke and King Vegeta. The reason it's on MediaMiner and not here is because it's GRAPHIC. It isn't for the faint of heart. If you read Empire, you know what the relationship between Mieke and King Vegeta was like. Check it out. It's called Not By Choice.

Wind Dancer is my next installment. It's a Kagura/Sess pairing instead of Rin/Sess. Hope you enjoy.

The latest installment is Paradisio. It's a Bul/Veg story. Hope it goes well.

Enter There Will Be Blood. No, it isn't based on that movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in it. I've never even seen that movie, now that you think about it. I just liked the title, LOL. (Note to self: rent "There Will Be Blood") It is the aforementioned new Kagura/Sess pairing story that I told you about some weeks ago. It's a Romeo and Juliet-ish take on their relationship, but at the same time, it'll be quite different. It's not as cliche as it sounds. Just R & R, 'kay?

Well, I'm back... As is clearly evident by the new Bleach story, Reign Over Me (another movie title lol), I've posted as well as some of the latest updates. I've also just joined up over at Bleach Asylum under the same username here. I don't know much about Bleach Asylum, so I guess I'll just have to go with the flow over there. I have a few ideas for a new Bleach story as well as an ending for Wind Dancer and There Will Be Blood.

The poll is closed. Extinction won by a landslide. So, Extinction it is. I have already begun posting it. And Reign Over Me isn't anywhere near finished yet. I think I'm looking at 45 chapters. Hope you all enjoy Extinction. I don't have any ideas on pairings yet because I'm kinda including EVERYONE, but if anyone wants to see some blatant pairings, give me a shout.

Much love... Zeta.

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