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Deany: Hey everybody! We are the New kids on the block! Im Deany and I'm with my friend Sam. We look forward to writting to you guys and to read all your awesome fan fictions.

Sam: We are not friends! We're brothers. Jeez, get it right dude.

Deany: Actually you're adopted...but thats another story...

Sam: Goes off to brood

Deany: Did you know if you banned all the porn websites, there would only be one website left called bring back the porn:D

Sam: The last number of pi is seven! prove me wrong!

Deany: Yeah you would know that, geek! I know the answer to everything! It's 42!

Sam: No it's not!

Deany: Eat my grapes! Then bow down to them! And kiss my feet!

Sam: Make me!

Deany: I shall throw them at you! The purple grapes are harder to throw though...?

Sam: How do you even know that?

Deany: Wouldn't you like to know!

Sam: Yes! That's why I'm asking.

Deany:... QUIET YOU! (in pommy accent)

Sam: Is that the best you can come up with?

Deany:'ll see (sips cup of brandy)

Sam: Where did you get that brandy from? We are on the open road!

Deany: A true alcholic knows how to get a drink anywhere!

Sam: I see you have been taking lessons from dad.

Deany: He's not a drunk he has just got...more issues than national geographic.

Sam: And his issues have issues...

Deany: Maybe so...but at least he doesn't have narly visions! starts to do a victory dance in a banana suit

Sam: Who said he didn't? You are such a random spaz. Anyway, we should proably stop being stupid and tell them who we really are.

Dean: But I wanna be stupid! Its funner! continues victory dance

Sam: Glares Why won't you die? Anywho, we are actually two 15 year old girls from Australia...who are obsessed with Supernatural...hense our fake names I guess.. I'm mysteriosly weird and I like music and reading.

Dean: Speak for yourself!

Sam: I was.

Deany: I'm loud, really silly and funny and I like chevy impalas and classic rock music. If you wanna hook up, just contact me, not sam, on this email: just kidding! this is our enjoy!

Sam: OMG! That is like the descriptions of Sam and Dean! That's creepy. And go to It's my other account :)

Deany: Yeah she thinks she's special...

Sam: I love my emo hair cut brushes hair

Deany: Yeah well why don't you emo cut over there Smiles

Sam: Did you know that dimples is ressesive, so dad and mum must have had at least one dimple recsessive to make you have dimples?

Deany: look of discust Stop saying dimples!

Demon randomly enters

Demon: Thats so devious it just might work! Demon leaves

Deany: Am i the only one who found that weird?

Sam: Yes, i'm explaination needed Folds arms

Deany: Jah?

Sam: Frutrated look

Deany: Oh Jaaaah

Sam: Starts victory dance

Deany: Na na, na na na Na Na, na na Na Na na na na na na!

Sam: Hey!

look at each other in silence

Both: Na na, na na na Na Na, na na Na Na na na na na na! HEY!

Deany: Picks up seizure pen and begins to click in Sam's face

Sam: Don't do anything Jesus wouldn't do!

Deany: Jesus would do everything! Smite his enimies!

Sam: Shut up! Dean, if that is your fake name...which it isn't!

Deany: Why don't you make me! (in Indian accent)

Sam: I will. Alright we should go and actually write something...bye!

Deany: Stay sexy everyone:) later dances away in banana suit

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