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Well, I just got the news about the NC17 rated stories. For those of you who keep up on my stories, what few there are, I will still have mine up, ove at my website, as soon as humanly possible, since I'm revamping it entirely. Please, come over and enjoy. And if you have stories that you can't post here because of the changes, please, e-mail me if you don't have a site you CAN put them up on. I will be more than happy to post them on my site. Also, there are a couple of boards I know of that will accept your work. One is mine, and the link is on my website. The other is Fanfiction Universe, at
I will welcome you with open arms, and post your stories on my site, or links, if you have your own place to upload them. And please, come over to my website and tell me what you think of it, and the stories it contains. I will greatly enjoy the feedback.
-Lauria, or Morgyn