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Name: H. Withers

Age: 15-16

Gender: Male

Location: London, England

My YouTUBE Videos Link: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=LordSpectreX

Updated 3rd October 08:-

I R BK FROM DIED LIEK A SOMBYE LOL! But seriously, I'm back. I've gotten over my state of depression you may of noticed during chapter 17-18 of Welcome to the Lives of Organization XIII, but thanks to Little Kuriboh's Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series, I've got my sense of humour back. I've just uploaded a short chapter for WttLoOXIII. And I plan continue to for the forseeable future.

Also, I fight for my friends.

Updated 1st March 08:-

Edited by favorite games/movie list, and I have added information on my new fanfiction, Battle Royale

Updated 24th November:-

Yes, I've added pass-ons. I will now surrender my soul to the Death God, but it was worth it.

Updated 23rd November:-

Welcome to the Lives of Organization XIII is currently on Hiatus. I've lost the wanting to continue it. But, I have a chapter nearly done and with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days out in a few months, I should continue it then. Thanks to everyone for the support!

I'm writing a new story now, 'Curse of the Expert Ninja Academy'. A Naruto fanfic. It's mainly humor, but it's much more down to earth than WttLoOXIII was. Excluding the Akatsuki, they're random as hell. It also includes Drama, Action and maybe a few pairings. So, if you like Naruto, have a read.

Most Hated Characters: (After all, K.O has a hit list.)

1. Shadow the Hedgehog (Words cannot describe how much I hate him.)

2. Amy Rose (Because i'm a SonicxSally fan? Prehaps, but Amy is the most useless most annoying character ever, the only good thing she's ever done is pursude Shadow to help Sonic in SA2, dont get me started about he remembered so quickly, damn writing. If you Played Sonic CD, you see why Metal Sonic is my most favorite character, because he kidnapped Amy. Wish he killed her though.)

3. Uchiha Sasuke (When I started watching Naruto 3 weeks back, I knew I was going to hate Sasuke. There's so many reasons! Like how he wants to kill Itachi for revenge for killing his clan, but he thinks it's okay to kill your friends and help Orochimaru kill everyone in Konoha! Idiot.)

4. Sakura (I wouldn't mind her as much if she shut up and actually did something, that includes Shippuuden in my book.)

Favorite Movies:

1) James Bond 007: Casino Royale (cause it proves that the English rock!)

2) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Sword Fighting, nuff' said.)

3) Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (It may be cheesey, but it features a kick ass Metal Sonic.)

4) Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Do I need to say anything?)

5) Shaun of the Dead (Zombie-English humor. Fantastic.)


Dragorion (Eric) (Author of Brother Story, 'War of the Fangirls'.)

(Welcome to the Lives of Organization XIII: Eric supplied Organization XIII;out of his own pocket, and threatening Marluxia to pay him back. In the Guardians of the Cosmos, Eric, strangly enough, tries to keep the group together, in vain. Greatest Achivement: Destroying Spectre's Metal Madness with ease, ruling the FF with a power of OVER 9000!)

Kawaii Overdose (K.O/Amy) (Authoress of Sister Story, 'Kingdom Hearts: Advent Children')

(Welcome to the Lives of Organization XIII: K.O is insane, not afraid to destroy people and is a Riku Hating, Demyx loving fangirl. K.O is friend of Arue, who gave K.O the ability to morph into a lum--you know what? Thats still top secret. Greatest Achivement: Mistakenly Leading the Entire Yaoi Fangirl population.)

(Curse of the Expert Ninja Academy: Along with Arue, K.O is Spectre's teamate, all of them are from the Mist/Water Village.)

Arue (Authoress of Sister Story, 'Twilight Toddlers')

(Welcome to the Lives of Organization XIII: Arue is K.O's friend and share the same Demon ability. When Organization XIII had a party, Arue was late, so she arrived when Shadow the Hedgehog was about to kill them, so she slammed the door in his face, saving everybody. Arue denied it as an accident.)


Sonic the Hedgehog:

SonicxSally 10/10 (Best Pairing next to SoraxKairi!)

ShadowxAmy 7/10 (I support it, but i'm not a fan.)

SonicxAmy 2/10 (I hate this almost as much as I hate Yaoi.)

TailsxAmy 8/10 (I like it, it fits.)

All Yaoi/Yura 0/10.

Kingdom Hearts:

SoraxKairi 10/10 (It's canon! What can i say!?)

RikuxKairi 3/10 (Get me a bucket so I can throw up in it.)

RoxasxNamine 7/10 (It's basically an alternate version of SoraxKairi! How can i hate it!)

RoxasxKairi 3/10 (On second thought, get me two buckets.)

SoraxNamine 4/10 (It's just bad, okay!)

AxelxLarxene 7/10 (It's okay, not that good though.)

ZexionxLarxene 8/10 (Weird but good!.)



NarutoxHinata 10/10 (For the Win!)

SasukexSakura 8/10 (Who knows? Maybe Sasuke does need to settle.)

ShikamaruxTemari 9/10 (Lolage)

NejixHinata 1/10 (Wait, WTF? They're Cousins!)

NarutoxSakura 3/10 (HOW many times has Sakura hit Naruto and made him bleed? If I was Naruto I'd lose interest very quickly.)

All Yaoi/Yura 0/10

Favorite Games:

1) Resident Evil 4 (Heart-pounding, pure awesome gameplay visual experience. The Best Game Ever.)

2) Kingdom Hearts 2 (Awesome, Fun and Exciting, I pity my friend who has lost his copy.)

3) Final Fantasy XII (Fantastic Graphics, Emotional Storyline and Kick-ass gameplay to boot!)

4) Halo 3 (Over-rated, but still a fantastic Sci-Fi shooter.)

5) The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Controls help fufill the fantasty, great graphics and a Sad storyline.)

6)Okami (It seems like something you see when you take a lot of pot, but it makes a very good game)

7) Super Smash Bros: Meele (Multiplayer is just beyond fun.)

8) Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (It make me feel brain good.)

9) Rouge Galaxy (Final Fantasy XII, but with less brains and in space!)

10) Sonic and the Secret Rings (A great comeback for the Sonic series with horrendous amounts of speed...and no Storyline Shadow...yay!)

My Stories:

1) Welcome to the lives of Organization XIII: Humor: Rated T for swearing and offencive lines. Star Story! Avarage Update: BACK UPDATING!

2) Kingdom Hearts X: Action/Adventure: Rated T for mild swearing and blood. Avarage Update: -Discontinued-

3) A Nobodies Lullaby: Angst: Rated K+. Completed

4) Melody of my Life: Action/Angst: Rated T for Blood and disturbing themes. Avarage Update: TO BE REMADE

5) Mystery of the Game: Action/Adventure: Rated K: Avarage Update: Continued on another Website

6) Curse of the Expert Ninja Academy: Humor/Drama: Rated T for Swearing and Blood: Average Update: Hiatus

7) Battle Royale: Horror/Action/Adventure: Rated M for Swearing, blood and horrific scenes of violence: Average Update: Hiatus

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