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I live in Eastern Europe, I do management, my profession is quite far from writing, though I have some sort of experience, but never published in English. Born mad about classical music, especially Verdi, Wagner, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. I like classical artists, painters and writers, but read the modern writers too. Favourit writers: Terry Pratchett, Arthur Conan-Doyle, Nicholo Machiavelli... I am interested in international politics (argue like a rat), any kind of books and novelists, valuable movies, science (except mathematics - my weak point) and when I find some time I try to learn latin (not successfully, unfortinately).

Uhum... I have some experience in literature criticism, if it works on you... And... if I chew you sometimes, it doesn't mean I hate you. The big problem is that I'm honest as Carrot and big mouth as... my self... Anyway, I might not be a good author, but I use to be a god damn good critic.

Ah... and if someone still wonders, I'm f.

So, about the stories, if you are interested what the author thinks (which I doubt):

1. 'The Red Tulip' - experiment... (yes, it was!!!) I don't really think Vetinari would be involved into some long-lasting relationship, but the idea was in my head for quite long time and I just had to let it free... I guess is stinks of Mary Sue (definitely stinks), but it's rather fun to see what a human would be able to write while been in a 'strange' mood... The idea of the amazon came to me by a picture I saw on the web. And then I imagined: 'What if...' That question is important. It seems if an author doesn't ask it from time to time, then their writing become rather boring, as I've observed lately. 'What if' is important question...

(A/N: Don't read the story. You will lose your time)

2. 'The Choice' - another experiment, involving Lord Vetinari and his 'wife' (bullshit-- cough-- bullshit) Vimes goes into politics. The city noblemen are against him and he knows exactly what to do to them... Firstly I thought it would be more appropriate to make them sorry for their actions, but then the good heart I have (yeah, right...) didn't let me kill them all. This speaks a lot (read between the lines, if you want to 'know' more...) The fencing-bout at the end was produced together with my fencing instructor, but I think it would have been more spicy at the end (with more blood and everything else). And yes, I write a lot about politics. I have some friends, my wisdom source, that help me in that direction if I'm stuck.

(A/N: Not a good night-sleep story. Try to avoid it)

3. 'Discworld Hamlet' - another experiment. (Yes, I experiment a lot... If an author doesn't experiment, then his/her writing would become too random... at least this is what I believe in) I wrote this so called 'play' in one go and posted it the same day. I am not sorry for it. Sometimes people have to be spontaneous... The best pieces I've been reading were written spontaneously, but I don't think the play was something good. It was just an experiment by someone searching for something...

(A/N: I like the end. The other is a crap)

4. 'I want to see the sky from above' - I might be wrong, but that experiment wasn't very successful. I could write it better, at least in my own language it sounded brilliant. It seems I'm not very good in English writing (though I am reading absolutely professionally). But who cares. Anyway, Susan is trapped in her grandfather's mansion... Do I have to say something more, knowing Susan Sto-Helit's 'special' manners?! Little bit touchy at the end, little bit stupid...

(A/N: Avoid it. Some parts don't worth your time wasting)

5. 'To plot or not to plot' - Umm... I will criticise myself... Not quite wise, written without any thinking swing, has no prospective, rather useless, not involving any thought material... but is interesting, if I might say so. Not the best I could write, but has some promis (if I ever start writing as I was teached)... This is the first story I might say I like (sort of). Had to investigate a lot for Jovial's part (although I have a living example I could observe closely). If you read deeper you will find me somewhere in the story... This is the first thing I seek for, while reading. It seems a lot of authors put something from themselves in their stories. It's rather easy, than imagening someone you have no idea what would do next. The common question I usually ask is: 'What if?' It helps if I go into the character. Not easy, but possible. If I have to be honest, not my best story. I've been told once: 'If reading this chapter/story/book make you wish to do it again, then you've done good job...' I agree.

(A/N: Read it. It doesn't bite... hard... Don't need to reply. Not a bad piece of work, though it might be better at the end)...

6. 'Would be managed' - A random experiment. Actually I was sort of forced to write it by my best friend. So, blame him, not me. Yes, the idea was mine, but I couldn't say it's one of the best stories you would ever read. So... It's May 25th. Lord Havelock Vetinari presents Sam Vimes with a little anniversary present... Written after reading 'Night Watch'... again... You'll possibly get the catch in there.

(A/N: Don't waist your time with this story. It sucks.)

If you don't like anything, just let me know. If you have anything to comment, the same. I am open for any critics and advises.

Have fun. Life is short!


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