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Update 12.08.2010: After a terribly too long absence, Chapter 11 of Bleach 200+ is up. Also, check out these pics done by Ahaloburnout. He's contributed quite a bit to this recent chapter, especially concerning our Quincy friends, most noticeably being the character Michael. My thanks to Burnout and kudos for the pics XD. If anyone else wants to draw, feel free to share them with me ^_^.



Much ado about nothing: I have a job now! Woot *blows trumpet for victory*. It's seasonal/temp, but hopefully it will become permanent. Who doesn't have bills to pay? Anywhoot, I'm also learning to balance time between work and play, just like the old days. Working on a novel right now o_O go me! It's about the Merfolk. It's kind of a romance/comedy/heart felt good time with some action and stuff. Meh, something you'd see Disney pervert or Lifetime poison. Anyway, I wouldn't say it's as good as my fanfics, but you have to start somewhere right? Besides, with the crap being published lately, I think I have a chance. Good luck out there to all you writers and readers!

Update 08.30.2010: Chapter 10 of Bleach 200 Plus is up and it is the longest chapter update =). Enjoy.

It is titled (Part 1) of Worth the Balance because Chapter 11 will define that chapter title better. I had intended to have much more in 10, but I didn't want to overload the chapter, so 11 will be in a way just more of Chapter 10 o_O. But I guess that's kind of obvious huh? >_

Finally, I've added more to the character list below.

Update 08.13.2010: I posted a GinxAizen one shot "Illusion of Lust". If yaoi isn't your thing, I strongly suggest you don't read >_> I just can't get my mind around it as a possibility. Anyway, for those who enjoy this kind of thing...well enjoy =3! I'll likely do more yaoi pairings in the future. I'm interested in a StarkxKyoraku oO or a ByakuyaxRenji (I know...I can do that but not GrimxUlq? O.o strange world isn't it?).

I'll be moving back to Bleach 200+ next. Shame on Shonen Jump for not updating this week =(. Darn holidays. I like updating after the next chapter so I can keep 200+ in line with the story as best as possible. Oh, I should probably update the characters revealed at the bottom non?

Update 08.03.2010: My RenjixRukia one shot (I suppose this makes my second one) is published. A romantic comedy...could it really be anything else when these two are involved? Anyway, if you like this pairing, or if you just like Rukia and Renji interactions, please read and comment =3. Rated teen. I suppose I could rate it lower >_> but just to be on the safe side...

Update 07.31.2010: Chapter 9 is finally up and man is it a doozy. O.o over 7000 words long. Grab a cup of Aizen's tea and relax while you read. You will not be disappointed. Or maybe you will? That's just Aizen's tea making you think that though >_>

Anyway, I apologize again for the late update. Laziness, procrastination, and busyness all worked in tandem for me this month. Besides, so many people have been having a vacation, I'm sure you all have been away from your computers right? Right? o.O How's your vacation's going? I've been job searching. Hopefully I'll have one by next month. In fact...perhaps I'll have two >.

Update 07.02.2010: ^_^ Getting in the romantic mood since my latest Bleached Shorts update, I decided to make a RenxRukia oneshot. Check out For Reasons Unknown's--It's Harder to Keep It Together.

It's more of a recap of Chapter 98 with an exploration into their thoughts. It's a serious story so if you're looking for a laugh, don't read it >.> I kinda felt very sorry for Abarai after seeing the ways Kubo drew him when Rukia was involved. He really loves her even if he doesn't realize it. But he's pretty dense and is pushing her away in his efforts to feel worthy of her. Good luck Renji!

Update 07.01.2010: Wow the past few weeks went by fast. Chapter 8 will be up soon. It's the longest one so grab some popcorn. I was holding back because I wanted to see what Kubo would do with the newest update. Curse him! Only more questions T^T!

Also, I have a second chapter of Bleached Shorts. It's kind of a KenxYachiru =^_^= I've become rather intrigued with the pairing lately. After all, I really can't picture those two apart. Perhaps it has something to do with my Bleach 200+ fic >.> Either way, this is kind of a comedy and Yachiru is older. Furthermore, they aren't biologically related so don't cringMye at the thought of incest you sickos ;_;!

Update 06.20.2010: Chapter 7 up ^_^! Enjoy =D. I'll likely have one or two more chapters up this month. That means you all may just get an extra chapter out of me o.O. I've also been thinking about writing a Bleach Beginnings. It'd be about Yama-jii's younger days...so over 1000 years ago. but that wouldn't come until after i finish this fic. This one is going to be longer than i thought. hopefully i can finish before life gets serious. (mindless dribble below. you've been warned.)

But I really need to finish mass effect 2 T^T oh must I choose? Currently reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. So far so good. It's the first novel i've read for fun in over a year...maybe two =O wish me luck! I just finished Gyakuten Saiban 3 as well. Now I need to get 1 and 2 >.>. I'm feeling accomplished ^^. Anyone got a favorite non-graphic novel author? I'm a Neil Gaiman fan. Or a favorite game? Xenogears (NOT Xenosaga) for me, even though I know there are better games out there >.

Update 06.13.10: Edit to Chapter 6. "Renji used Sonido" has been changed to "Renji used Shunpo". Sorry for any confusion guys v.v I must have had Espada on the brains when I typed that. Thank you Ahaloburnout for pointing this out. If anyone sees any other misprinted facts, be sure to point them out so I can correct them.

Update 06.09.10: Chapter 6 of Bleach Plus is updated. A new fanfic titled Bleached Shorts was also posted a few days ago. As promised in the last update, here is my new pic. Now, Rip through the Darkness Akumegetsu!

Also, the current leading lady Kami Ishida

Update 06.01.10: Whew! It's been awhile but I finally got the 5th chapter up. I kept trying to make it longer, but it was best to stop where I did. Thanks for your patience and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. As a treat, I have another picture to upload that I will post in the next update ^_^v Also, there is an edit to my current life if you care =P

Update 03.13.10: Chapter 4 is up _! Again, a thanks to all my readers. Chapter 5 won't be out for awhile. Break ends tomorrow so I have to get back to killing myself with homework. I'll try to update one more chapter sometime in April. Fear not, the story will continue quickly after May 16 (when I graduate). Please be patient with me v.v

Update 03.12.10: Wow 100 Visitors in less than a week thanks guys! As a thank you gift, I'll try to get a 4th Chapter published before Sunday. I was going to hold back because Chapter 4 might be the longest one yet (if all goes well) and I have so much school work, but what's a few nights of no sleep? Thanks again for your wonderful comments! Oh, and a picture for you =3. If you notice I changed the Kanji for his name. I explain the meaning below in the OC profile section.

Update 03.11.10: Chapter 3 is up. I apologize for its shortness, but I felt that was good place to leave things >.>

New character information below.

Update 03.08.10: I made a forum for my current story. See below for link!

Greetings: Hi everyone. Um...I joined because I like to write. But more importantly, I like to share my stories and ideas with others. Please enjoy yourselves //.

About me:

Age: 21 (DOB: 9-27-88) That makes me a libra/dragon. So I'm indecisive and self-assured. Let me tell you, it makes for one crazy mix.

Gender: Female

Location: Chicago, USA

Height: 5ft

Blood Type: B+ (I think...Well, it's better than being negative)

Likes: fantasy/fiction, mystery, anime, video games, mmorpgs, drawing, post apocalypse genre, dystopia genre, bad puns, and ranting about unjust systems...

Dislikes: horror movies, bugs, coconut, most green food, out of character romances (example: RangikuxHitsugaya grrr)

Current Life:

Woot for Graduation! You know what that means? Yes, more regular Bleach updates (until I find a job)! Go ahead, do a dance. Because I was slow in getting number 5 up, I will be sure to put out 3 Chapters in June, maybe 4 if my brain can handle it. I will also start posting some concept art (prodding someone to do a doujinshi of this >.>) for your visual pleasure.

I want to get some things out there before Kubo because I don't want people to think I'm just using his ideas. But I also want to hang back a bit because, hell, he's got dang good ideas! Remember, if he kills off a character, I want them to stay dead in my story. If they are filler characters and their fate was left "up in the air" perhaps you'll see them again ;D

Current Work:

Right now, I'm working on my story Bleach 200+. I came up with the idea last semester and wanted to make a doujinshi. 2 pages in, I realized I suck at drawing comics. So, I decided to settle for simply writing it. I'd love it if someone could do art, especially for the OC's (original characters). I put a lot of time in developing the important ones and everyone's name has a significant meaning. I don't actually know Japanese. I just use NJStar WP to translate what I think a name would mean.

For those who get confused with names like me, here is a guide to my OC's . I will use the English style of first name, last name order:

Keichi Kurosaki = A stubborn street punk that only cares about himself. Ironically, he dies saving another's life. Though it's spelled like "kay-chi" which could mean "1000 lights", it's actually pronounced "kay-ee-chi" which uses the characters for "sign" or (prefix) "seeming to be" and "one" or (suffix) "best". Therefore, his name means "one sign" or "seeming to be the best".

(EDIT: Yup, I'm a libra for sure.)

Kami Ishida = A Quincy girl with a strong sense of duty. Her role in this story is about to get larger. Kami is a shorter spelling for Kanmi, which uses the characters for Kan "tolerant" and Mi "beauty". Ironically, with a change in characters, her name can either mean sweet or salty. I liked the dualism in her name, because her personality is AB. In other words, she can be really nice or really hardnose. I kind of modeled her after Kyoya from Ouran High School...they even talk alike >.>

Reiu Ishida = Kami's father. He's a cold man that seems to think of his daughter as little more than a soldier. His role in this story has yet to be revealed, but I'm sure we'll see more of him. "Ray-u" uses the characters for "cold rain". It suits him perfectly. His chilling atmosphere leaves most people feeling drenched and depressed. If his daughter is like Kyoya, then he's more like Kyoya's dad...or perhaps even Gendou from Neon Genesis Evangelion. shivvers

Takashi Ishida = Kami's older brother and Reiu's son. He is the pride of the Ishida family and has many responsibilities like his father. Takashi shows an unwavering sense of duty. He seems to care deeply for his sister. Whether or not he's a callous as his father has yet to be revealed. I got the name, not only for he numerous meanings that hint toward "duty" and "protector" but also because his stoicism kind of reminds me of Takashi Morinozuka from Ouran High School, and they are probably the same build. He's not as taciturn.

More OC's will be added as they appear.

Captains and Vice Captain List

1st: Shunsui Kyoraku/Nanao Ise

2nd: Soifon/Marechiyo Omaeda

3rd: Izuru Kira/Shiko Kenjyo (OC: by me)

4th: Retsu Unohana/Isane Kotetsu

5th: Renji Abarai/Rikichi

6th: Byakuya Kuchiki/Sannosuke Karada (OC: by me)

7th: Ikkaku Madarame/Yumichika Asigawa

8th: Rangiku Matsumoto/Sora Inoue

9th: Hisagi Shuuhei/Yuichi Horiuchi

10th: Toushirou Hitsugaya/Mareyo Oemada

11th: Yachiru Kusajishi (temporary)/none

12th: Mayuri Kurotsuchi/Nemu Kurotsuchi

13th: Rukia Kuchiki/Kano Ashido

Other Characters Guide

Other Seated Shinigami

2 squad:

Tsukaru (OC) -- 3rd seat

4 Squad:

Hanataro Yamada--3rd Seat

12 Squad:

Akon -- 3rd Seat

Hiyosu -- 4th Seat

Rin Tsubokura -- 5th Seat

More provided as needed

Former Shinigami Officers

Juushiro Ukitake -- retired

Zaraki Kenpachi -- MIA

Tetsuzaemon Iba -- retired

Chojiro Sasakibe -- retired/teacher at Shinigami Academy

more will be revealed as updated

Active Quincy List

Kami Ishida (OC)

Takashi Ishida (OC)

Reiu Ishida (OC)

Hollow List

Rukongai Combantants

Orihime Inoue

Yasutora Sado (Chad)

Uryuu Ishida

Don Kanonji


Hi everyone! I just made a forum to discuss/clarify things in my story. Please join in and give me some feedback =3!


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