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Just call me Midnight. I live nowhere, so don't try to find me, you'll only make yourself look stupid. My age, of course, will be kept confidential because I strongly fear stalking perverts on the internet. I'm female, in case my name didn't really tip you off, and quite proud of the fact. There are plently ways to contact me easily. Email is fine, at midnight.sonata@yahoo.com. I'm pretty much on AIM always, but not like when I'm asleep or something. I'm not that obsessed with it. If you want to reach me, my AIM screenname is xMidnightSonatax. I recently obtained a LJ account and you can also reach me there, it's . Let's see, I have too much time on my hands, at times. Otherwise, I'm so incredibly busy that I don't have time to think, which I don't do very often anyways.

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Name - Midnight
Age - Unknown
Location - Nowhere
Gender - Female
Email - midnight.sonata@yahoo.com
AIM - xMidnightSonatax
LJ -

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NejiTen - SasuSaku - NaruHina - ShikaIno
HiruMamo - SenaSuzu
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I'm currently taking requests. I do have rules though!
1. I will not write anything shounen ai or shoujo ai. (Sorry, just not my cup of tea.)
2. I will only write for my prefered categories. (They are all I know.)
3. I will need time to plan and write it. (Geez, I am not a machine.)
Reach me through a PM, AIM or at my LJ.
Personal Updates

Hi all! Notice how I mentioned something about a one-shot with a NejiTen pairing before Christmas? Well, I lied. I totally forgot about it and my idea and inspiration for it as well. I o hope to get writing again. However, with finals coming up and all that, I doubt I'll be able to actually do any work until next week. Of course, by then, I'll most likely forget about it and just slack off until I remember again. Then I'll be too busy to even work. Starting to see a pattern? I hope that I actually get time to work and just write.


I'm currently working on a one-shot for Naruto (NejiTen pairing) which I hope I can put up before Christmas. I might just put it up the day of Christmas as a gift to you all! We'll see about that. I'm also thinking about doing a one-shot series for Eyeshield 21 (HiruMamo pairing of course!) but ideas are sparse at the moment. School has been taking it's toll on my brain. My imagination and creativity are slowly, but surely, being whipped into submission and pushed to the recesses of my mind while logarithms and inverse functions and such invade and take over. Bah. Stupid school... I AM IN NEED OF A BETA TO CHECK ALL OF MY STORIES FOR ME!!! HELP!


I posted up my first story today! Kissing Booth is finished and opened to the public. YAY! I'm so proud of myself. I have many ideas bouncing off in my head but I doubt all of them will make it to the big screen. Hopefully I find the time and motivation to do so. A great motivation, of course, is reviews from everyone and possibly the joy of knowing that my story has been read! That's all for now, I guess. Until my next idea becomes manifested! .


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About a Daddy and a Nanny by syaoran no hime reviews
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