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Main defining features:

I'm English, female and in gainful employment as a school teacher. I actually teach English, which is a bit ironic as my spelling and grammar usage has always been on the slightly dodgy side. I'd like to think that I have improved a bit since I started teaching the rules to others and I've found that writing these stories has really helped too, so maybe I'm not a complete charlatan!

My emergence into the world of fan fiction began during the long and languid summer holidays (which are, on their own, a fantastic reason to join the teaching profession) when I would begin each lazy day by watching YuGiOh. That began a mild obsession with the show and especially Seto Kaiba. After a few cups of tea and a general mooch about the house I would then get on the computer and do some cyber-pottering, looking at pictures, reading story synopses, wondering why Seto ever had green hair - that type of thing. And then, one fateful day, I discovered a small site where people wrote original stories about the characters they liked... it was a revelation!

I wrote 'The Lift' in the final few weeks of the holidays, waking up each day with thousands of ideas in my head and going to bed each night with thousands of words under my belt. It proved to be unbelievably satisfying. I always enjoyed creative writing as a kid but hadn't actually done any since university. I rediscovered my love for it.

'The Lift' flowed very easily, it's a story that has its flaws and I would like to revisit it one day but at least it set the scene for everything that has followed (or will follow!). Seto is still my main inspiration, I find him fascinating and hope that I get across his multi-faceted personality in my stories. Mai Valentine is... well, let's face it, she's a bit abrasive isn't she?! I only introduced her in 'The Lift' as she seemed the best suited out of the few female characters in YuGiOh. Since that rather lack-luster inspiration I have grown to love her. I know a lot of people dislike her but (bear with me here!) I think she is much like Seto in many ways - just without the little brother, the cool aloofness and... oh, yes, the multi-million dollar company! Okay so there aren't that many obvious similarities, but she can hold her own and she can make Seto squirm a bit which makes her very good fun to write!

Following on from 'The Lift' is my current story 'The Chase' which is fully plotted in my head but I'm learning that this doesn't necessarily mean it will transfer easily onto the page. Having written my first story in a matter of weeks I've been surprised by how long this story is taking (three years and counting). Still, it can't always be the summer holidays, and kids will insist on having their homework marked, their reports written and their lessons properly planned... (damn them!)

I'm always pleased to get feedback and to give it too if you want to direct me towards anything.


Likes: Anything well written. I particularly like things where the author has tried to be a little different in terms of viewpoint, tense or situation. Experimentation has to be encouraged!

Dislikes: Glaring grammatical errors like 'im going to get him' or 'he done the wrong question'. I have an absolute loathing of the word 'writ' used as a replacement for written or wrote.


The Chase is still ongoing and, despite some huge gaps inbetween the chapters I'm posting, it is something I constantly think about and even use as a mental distraction should I wake in the middle of the night from a bad dream! Working and being a mother is proving very detrimental to my little story but I've got a small window of opportunity built into the timetable next year which might just allow me a few hours every other week to be on my own and write. I hope it will work out that way.

I find myself constantly impressed with the readers who have stuck with me for so long with this story. Thank you all.



I'm back!

So, The Chase has now been ongoing for seven years - SEVEN!! I don't know how it's taken so long but I'm guessing the two small children I now have (the eldest of which is 6) might have something to do with it. Having recently got back into the swing of writing I can honestly say I also don't know how I've kept myself away for this long either. I'm really really enjoying myself as I bring the fic to its conclusion at long last. My love for the characters hasn't diminished in all this time and, who knows, there may even be a second sequel in the offing if people seem interested.

It's been a real delight to get to know some of the people on this site and 'chat' about some of the nuances of writing and the characters. I never talk about my work or fan fiction or Yugioh with anyone in the 'real' world, so it's nice to have an outlet on something that's actually really important to me. I try not to beg for reviews but, let's face it, they're nice to get and, occasionally, they come at just the right moment to get me back behind a keyboard (or touchscreen as I mostly do my writing now). So get in touch!


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