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Author has written 13 stories for Prince of Tennis, Samurai 7, Death Note, Get Backers, Peacemaker Kurogane, and Lord of the Rings.

Decided in the middle of math lessons one day to try my hand at fanfic writing. Don't know if this will keep up but I'll try. I can't exactly say that I've finished everything I started. Yes, I'm that kind of person. a profile supposed to be like an autobiography? If it is...

Name: for safety reasons, the author's real name is not displayed here Just in case. Man I'm so paranoid.

Age: 15. I aged. Yes, there are so many better things I could be doing with my life as compared to fanfiction, but oh well.

Nickname(s): banana. because it rhymes with my name, apparently. (I am going to kill my friends one day for this.) Hence the pen name

Location: I live in Singapore. Look it up.

Likes: YAOI, Incest is okay (as long as it's yaoi), LOTR, Black, Purple, Silver, Drawing, Reading, Writing (depends on what. It has to interest me), Chocolate, Salty Popcorn, Potato chips, Eagles (literally. Not the band), Wolves, my dog. And as of late, SHIROTA YUU.

Dislikes: PINK. I cannot stand that colour. Or green. I hate green. Harry Potter, cheese, eggplant, random teachers, Harem plots in anime/manga, Yuri, MARY SUE characters, Main females as a general

Discovered a yaoi fanfic when I was 11 and my life was never quite the same again. Opened me to the whole new wonderful world of shonen-ai. Which earned me numerous comments of how corrupted and evil my mind is. I quote, "How could you read something as disgusting as that?"

- Have deleted the list of anime/manga and favourites, because I realized it was totally redundant and useless. -

Planning to Start On:

D- Gray Man, Harukanaru, Yukan Club (not anime, but regardless) .

People who know me, and also know anime, would probably also know my obsession with bishounen. I pretty much watch anime for the bishounen and the slash factor. I mean, if I'm going to spend my time watching anime, my eyes might as well be happy.

Quotable Quotes:

"Death comes to everyone, it's just a matter of how and when."

"Trust nobody."

"That's a DUCK!" - Monkey Island: Escape from Monkey Island

"Love is like soft soap: 80 percent lie."

"How could you read something as disgusting as that?" - Friend of mine, about Yaoi. I still find it hilarious.

"Life is Death waiting to happen."

"Aragorn son of Alfred" - BAD subtitles on a FOTR dvd.

"There are 3 types of lies, damned lies, white lies, and statistics."


I'll probably stick to general humor with hints of yaoi, because I find it amusing to write. So many people have said I should be writing tragedy and or angst. Because of my morbid sadistic tendencies. Honestly. But I can't picture myself writing either of them, really. My favourite fanfcition section has always been humor. So since I decided to write, it's only natural I'd stick to that, isn't it.

Love life: Never had one, never will. Might be interesting , but who am I kidding.

Ambitions: None as yet. I was thinking of fashion designer or animator or graphic artist, but there's no cash coming from anywhere in any of those. So... I don't think so. I'll probably end up in some office job like my mum did.

Yup. Okay, that's about it. Now be nice and review my fics. Thank you.

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