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Hello There

I’m new here. Just to give you all a heads-up on all my up-coming fanfics. I like forbidden love since I truly believe it is the strongest in the Universe. This includes incest, gay or even straight love. I think this because the person who is in love will do everything and more to be with the one they love. They would go against the people they care about like friends and family. They would go against the law and the world is against them. They would have to run and maybe fall, but their love wont. It would always be strong. So in general, I am mostly going to write about love and how the two characters must try to beat the system and finally find peace and live happily ever after. : )

I love Balto and The SWAT Kats. I don’t think I will write about the SWAT Kats because I was only a small kid when it came out and I didn’t see a lot of the shows. I don’t remember how they acted but I love the way people write about them and I really wish I could see them again on TV. I will write about Balto though. I remember him because I have seen the movie over and over again. I have a story coming up soon and I really hope you all enjoy it. It will of course be about forbidden love.

In the end, Balto is my number one movie and the history, the real history is awesome. That movie and others about sled dogs have inspired me to be a dog sled musher. I want to move to Alaska and become a vet. In my time, I want to train my dogs and compete in the Iditarod.

Thank You For Your Time And Enjoy My Work!

Aug 31: I have placed my very first story up. It is called A Story Of The Forbidden. I really hope you enjoy it. Chapter one is up but there will be more chapters to come. Please tell me what you think.

Sept 4: I have placed all my chapters and now, I have finished. Also, due to the contents of my story, the rating has been changed from a T rating, to an M rating. Thank you and enjoy.

Sept 8: I am starting to write my next story. Its a sequal to A Story Of The Forbidden. I am also writing another story. Its still Balto related and I will talk more about that story soon. I still need a title for both. So much work to be done, so little time.

Sept 24: I have begun my next story. It will have two parts to it. The whole story will be called Complicated Lives. The story is based on the song 'Loves Me Not' by t.A.T.u. I will post the lyrics up on the second part of the story since the song will relate mostly to the second part. I have three pages so far and I stll need some more time.

Oct. 21: I have finnaly completed Compicated Lives (part1). There wll be two parts to it. I wanted this part to have 13 pages, but I ended up writing 24. Oh well. Im going to post it up today. I hope you all enjoy it. This story took me a long time to write. Have fun and enjoy.

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