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Author has written 9 stories for Song of the Lioness, Avatar: Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Wildfire, Dragonriders of Pern series, Blood Ties, and Charmed.

Hello, this is Kasia. Well, actually my name is Tiffany, and I live in West Virginia.

Looks. Well, okay, I'm around 5'4 1/2" (yeah, I know I'm short), I have blue eyes. My hair is brown, straight, layered, ends a little less than midway down my back, and has red and black highlights.

You Might Be An Anne McCaffrey Fan If

By The Dragon Kasia and The Phoenix Strikes Again

Well, since apparently this list can't be posted, I'll put it here and on a forum I shall create.

Your whole bookshelf consists of Pern novels.

You believe if it’s not by Anne McCaffrey, it sucks.

You want her complete works for Christmas.

You tell your parents that instead of a car for your birthday, you’d much rather have a dragon.

You name your instrument after characters in her books.

You’ve read every single Anne McCaffrey book in the library.

Your penname is from on of her books. (The Masterharper of Pern- Kasia)

You think her birthday should be a national holiday.

You dream you are in the world of Pern.

You wish you weren’t human, but Linyaari.

You can even spell Linyaari; much less know what is being talked about.

You’ve written fanfics about her novels.

You’ve read all the Dragonriders of Pern books an average of 30 times.

You cried when Kasia died in The Masterharper of Pern.

You know the titles of the books in the Harperhall trilogy.

You believe there could be a world like Pern or Vhiliinyar out there.

You know the names of Menolly’s fire lizards.

Tears of joy fell down your checks when Jaxom impressed Ruth.

You can tell somebody, in detail, exactly how dragons and fire lizards are related.

You know the names and background of the 3 men who found Acorna.

In the future, you want to name one of your kids Sebell.

You pledge by Anne McCaffrey.

You cried more about Robinton’s death than Dumbledore’s.

You favorite short story is “The Smallest Dragon Boy.”

You force Anne McCaffrey books on your friends.

You sleep with an Anne McCaffrey book.

You knew from the first moment Aari appeared that he and Acorna were destined to be together.

You name original characters in your non-Anne McCaffrey fanfics after her characters.

You know the names of all the Weyrs and Holds.

You cry when you think about what happened to Aari on Vhiliinyar.

You know exactly how long it took the colonists to get to Pern.

You named your cat Roadkill.

You look up at the sky and check for Thread.

You jumped up and did a victory dance when the Khleevi were destroyed.

You know what the Khleevi look like.

You want a fire lizard for a pet instead of a dog.

You draw the book covers.

You say "By The First Shell."

You read Todd McCaffrey’s books only because of his mother.

You argue with your friend about whether Robinton should have been with Kasia or Silvia. (Me and The Phoenix Strikes Again)

You look for The Step-Sister in the earthen sky.

You dream about Lessa and F’lar.

Your dream is to meet Anne McCaffrey.

You would love to have a complete set of Singing Stones of Skarrness.

You like to pretend your dog is a fire lizard.

You feel sorry for the blue and green dragons because they have low rank.

You have laughed at how pitiful Sebell and Robinton acted when they were waiting for their fire lizard eggs to hatch.

You’ve memorized every poem from the beginning of the books.

You pray Khorii and Mikaye will get together.

You pray they make Anne McCaffrey’s books into movies.

You argue with your friend about whether or not they should be made into movies.

You set in class and think about life on Pern.

You say "This author’s good, but he/she’s no Anne McCaffrey.

You’ve always wanted to try Khal.

You’ve mixed coffee and hot chocolate because that’s how it’s described in the books.

You spent hours trying to explain Thread to your dad.

You hate Dunca with every fiber of your being.

You wish you could participate in a dragon mating flight.

The only think you have in common with the drum instructor for the bad is you’ve both read "Dragon Drums."

You want your future boyfriend/husband to be like F’lar.

You wish Robinton could be your band director.

You’ve wanted to kill the person who tried to take the queen’s egg.

You feel sorry for Lessa because she could only have F’lessan.

Your father hates Anne McCaffrey because you’re useless when you read her books.

Anne McCaffrey is your role model.

You’ve ever said "Pass the wherry."

You search for fire lizard eggs every time you go to the beach (thanks CJ)

Favorite Quotes-

This will not be over quickly, you will not enjoy this, I am not your queen. -300

Of course it's in your head Harry, but why should that mean it is not real? -Dumbledore, HPDH

Wow, you just open your mouth and insert a shoe store. -Roxy, Army Wives

When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.

Okay, you may think I am weird for putting this on my profile, but I shall do it anyway. I got bored and looked up the meaning of my name and Kasia on an online baby name book. So here they are-

KASIA- Polish

Meaning: Pure - form of Katarzyna

TIFFANY- English

Meaning: Appearance Of God - Medieval English form of Theophania. Tiffany, singer. Tiffani Thiessen, actress.

Fav. Pairings (and Pairings I support)

Daine/Numair- The Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce

Harry/Ginny- Harry Potter, of course

Beka/Rosto- Beka Cooper: Terrior by Tamora Pierce

Alanna/George- Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce

Kyo/Tohru- Fruits Basket manga

Zuko/Katara- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Khorii/Mikaye- Acorna's Children series by Anne McCaffrey

Henry/Vicki- Blood Ties

Jeremy/Amanda- Army Wives

Kris/Matt- Wildfire

Inuyasha/Kagome- Inuyasha

Ron/Hermione- Harry Potter

Lessa/F'lar- Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey

Aly/Nawat- Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce

Aang/Toph- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Leo/Piper- Charmed

Dor/Irene- Xanth novels by Piers Anthony

Yuki/Kimi- Fruits Basket

Fav. TV Shows

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Charmed (of course)




Blood Ties

Army Wives

Fav. Books

Tamora Pierce books- esp, the Immortals and any other books about Tortall

Anne McCaffrey books- any about Pern and the Acorna series

Fruits Basket

Harry Potter

Eragon & Eldest

The Smoke Thief & The Dream Thief by Shana Abe.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

The Xanth novels by Piers Anthony

Heartland books

Black Stallion

trust me, there's plenty more. I just can't remember them. lol

Fav. Movies

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

The Notebook

Harry Potter movies

Phantom of the Oprea

A Walk to Remember

High School Musical

High School Musical 2

Broken Bridges

The Marine

Step Up

The Forgotten

Tristan & Isolde


(to name a few)

Fav. Bands & Artists


James Blunt

Wicked (the musical. it rocks)


Breaking Benjamin

Linkin Park

Fall Out Boy


Thirty Seconds to Mars


The Fray

Green Day



My Chemical Romance

Panic! At The Disco

Papa Roach


Plain White T's

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Taking Back Sunday

Carrie Underwood


Rascal Flatts

Tim McGraw


and...and... well there's plenty more, but i'm to lazy to think


Admit it everyone has them,

horses and riding

Numair Salmalin


music (esp. my flute)

Internet (so much to do)




playing flute



animals (esp. horses)

horseback riding

writing fanfics


Things I Hate

People who don't review

People who say rude things about Jesus/God.

People who write really great stories and then never update.

TV shows that end the Season with a cliffhanger.

Fanfics (upcoming and old)

Live & Love- Tamora Pierce fanfic that takes place after ROTG. The war's over, but another threat arises. Daine and Numair's trip to the Divine Realms causes her powers to expand in ways never before seen in the mortal world. They return to Corus, only to go to Benton to investigate the mysterious vanishings of people for short periods of time. People that return with no memory of who they are. Alex, a local Benton villager, guides them to the small village.

Opposites Attract- Aang and the gang travel from Ba Sing Se, taking The Earth King to Osha. Here they double their gang, and find Aang a firebending master. Azula is following them from Ba Sing Se, hoping to capture Aang. Leon, Kasia, Lessa, and Daine, the children of King Fallonor and Queen Kyra join the gaang.

Leon, the 18 year old Earthbending eldest son, resents the Osha tradition of the throne going to the eldest daughter, not the oldest son. He thinks of himself as invincible, even though he has things he is good at and things he isn't. He's the only one of the 4 siblings that can be seen by Osha's citizens up close since he's the only one that has nothing to hide about his identity. He has a hippogriff named Remus.

Kasia, the 16 year old Firebending daughter, never stops looking for a way to escape the role of Queen of Osha that has been thrust upon her since birth. She firebending abilites come from her Great-great-great-grandfather on her father's side. Paranoid about the fact that she is firebending Earth Kingdom royalty, she has dedicated her whole life to learning as many weapons as possible. She has a fire dragon named Kayda and a Pygmy Puma namd Kiara.

Lessa, the 14 year old Waterbending daughter, loves taking charge of anything possible, which can cause some arguments between her and Kasia. Her Waterbending abilities come from her Great-great-great-grandmother on her father's side. She excels at single sword fighting and archery, two skills her other siblings chose not master. She has a water dragon named Ramoth and a phoenix named Lagrima.

Veralidaine (called Daine for short), the 12 year old Airbending daughter, loves to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the outdoors and to fly over the mountains. Her Airbending abilities come from her Great-great-great-grandfather on her mother's side. Though she can use many different weapons, she never chose to take the time to master any. She has a flying bison named Charanth and a white lamb named Alora.

Never Stopped Loving You- Harry Potter One-shot. Harry's defeated Voldemort, and everyone thinks he's dead. When Ginny hears the news, how will she react?

The Potter Legacy- (name is DEFINATELY going to change) Voldemort is about to defeat Harry and the Order when he sends Hermione away with his and Ginny's twin infant daughters. They are separated, sent to live with Muggles in America- one in West Virginia, one in Californa. They grow up not knowing who they really are, about their parents, or that they have a twin. When their 11th birthday arrives, Aunt Hermione tells them the truth- that they are the only hope the world had of defeating Voldemort! Join the twins as the learn that life isn't what it seems, and about the destiny that is quickly coming upon them. Along the way, they find out more and more about their parents, and the life that they led.

Harry Potter and His Muggle-Born Cousin- (name subject to change) upcoming Harry Potter story that I'm doing with The Phoenix of Dumbledore. Marcus Evans never knew he was different. He thought he was just a normal boy at Pendleton County High School. Wasn't he wrong.

The Choices We Make- Wildfire One-Shot that takes place after Season III Finale. Who was in the car? What I think would have happened if they continued the episode for a few minutes longer.

The Joy of Togetherness- A very short Aari/Acorna fanfic that takes place during Acorna's Triumph by Anne McCaffrey. Very pointless, but I still love it.

You Sustain Me- Henry goes to Vicki late one night. What results. Very graphic. From the show Blood Ties

Love is Life- A Beka/Rosto one-shot that takes place during Beka's first day as a Dog. When Rosto comes to her after her Watch, what does the young Rogue want? From the Tamora Pierce book Beka Cooper: Terrior. Coming soon

I've decided to put up a few of my poems here. If you don't like them, oh well. It's not like you have to read them. lol.

The Flames Of Anger

The whiteness of my anger,

so terrible to see,

is the very thing,

that makes me me.

And though you hate to see it,

it’s part of who I am,

I’m sorry for the pain you feel,

sorry to no end.

Someday this power,

so strong inside of me,

will someday be under my control,

and yes, this pleases me.

Once again the world,

once so beautiful and strong,

will be pulled from the despair,

that’s held it for so long.

My Tears

Tears of healing,

they rip my heart,

and yet I must shed them,

or you'll head for the stars.

So since I don't want that,

I'll let my tears fall free,

for maybe if they kill me,

they will leave you be.

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Immortals, Tamora Pierce - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 16,119 - Reviews: 221 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 12/21/2005 - Published: 12/20/2000 - Complete
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