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Author has written 5 stories for Tales of Symphonia, and Naruto.

My Profile (updated 4-11-2012)

Penname: Raenef the 6th

Age: 20


Membership: ...When did I sign up again?

Officially a Beta Reader

Email: private

Gender: Male

Hair color: Dirty blond, brunette nowadays depending on the sunlight. Slightly curly

Eye color: Hazel, with a little blue showing occasionally

Grade: College sophomore

Body rating: Athletic, or fit, depending on your point of view.

Shameless Self Promotion here:

Seeing as how I've emailed Fanfiction.net itself and gotten no negative responses, I choose to promote my writing abilities here and offer them for sale. That's right, you heard me: I will write for money.

I'm doing this for several reasons, one of the main one's being that as of right now, I have no real means of income. As a college freshman, this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise for many of you. That's not to say hat I'm not searching for a job outside of here, because I am and have been. As things stand now, however, I cannot take a full or part time job due to my focus on my grades (the same grades that are paying $7,000 for my tuition here in school). So, I've decided to promote my talents here. I will also be doing so on my DeviantArt account, named Erebus16. If you're interest has stopped here, then please continue onwards with the rest of my profile and skip the rest of this text.

I take it since you're still reading this, you're intrigued. Very well then. What I mean to offer is all my services as a writer, in whatever format it is applicable. Not just fiction either, mind you. I include any form of writing, for any purpose that you might seek. Understand that I mean this in complete seriousness, and will only reply to serious and legitimate offers or questions. Also, should the good folks of Fanfiction request it, I will delete this post and simply leave my business on my Deviantart account. Speaking of this said account, I will be posting some of my own pieces, separate of what I write on this site, onto DeviantArt's site. Any discussion of money or such will be discussed privately, away from public eyes. I thank you for your attention, and hope that I can be of service to you as a writer more than ever.

My DeviantArt profile can be found at

*Note* After a few messages from others, I should point out that this shameless self-promotion has nothing to do with my Beta-Reading. In no way do I ask a price for or expect payment for Beta-reading. It is completely free and without any cost save having to put up with little ol me.

Members I respect (This listing is for the author's who have earned my respects as both a person and as an author.):






6.Kyogre (who has mysteriously stopped reviewing my fics. Where'd he go?)

7.Moonshine's Guide, for supporting my self-insert story which you (points to the person reading this, whoever you may be) should read as well.

8. Music in the Dark, because he's my best friend in real life.

9. MogofWar-for supporting my self-insert.

10. Infinite Freedom (for being supportive and providing author humor for my stories)


My family is actually a good family, in my opinion. My mom is one of the most friendly people in my town, and knows a lot of people. But at the same time, she can be equally sneaky and cunning as well. She's the one who gave me my hair color, though her's is pure blond.

My dad is good too. He's got a heart of gold in him, and he can be a good person to rely on. One funny fact about him is that when he sneezes, he actually screams while doing it. He's really strong, mostly due to the fact he was a football player in high School.

My brother, is sorta okay. He's like my dad in a way, being strong and everything. but he's really lazy. If my family let him sleep, he would sleep for at least half of a day. He can be a bit manipulative too, so if you meet him, be cautious.

Weird quirks

For one thing, I think I've played Tales of Symphonia too much. Remember how Raine always smacks someone on the head? I've developed that habit because of it, and I use it mercilessly on Music in the Dark. He gets revenge by making me work on my stories.

I used to not like sweets. Now, I eat them on occasions. Most people don't know though, so shush!

I have developed a love of beef jerky. I'm not sure why, but the idea of tearing into and ripping cooked and smoked meat just feels good. *twitch*

I can make strange leaps of logic that somehow work to suit the moment, though they may or may not bypass ethical or moral reasoning

I'm studying to be an English Major, yet I often slip up and speak improper english, much to the confusion of my friends, to whom I reply, "I'm an english major, so if I say it, it's english."

Instead of being bored or bothered, I'm humored when I watch cheap sci-fi movies (like on Syfy channel) because I can often predict who will live, who will die, who gets together with who, and that there's always an explosion involved in the ending scene.

I am easily amused by just about anything funny, though I variate between two forms of laughter: a simple quiet chuckle, or a full blow continuous laughter that has been compared to the Joker's laughter (a proud accomplishment, if I say so myself)

I love to listen, and have been known to carry a entire conversation with nothing more than nodding, a raised eyebrow, or a smile.

Yeah...I had a stupid rant here about self-inserts. Don't know why I put that there, lol.

And finally, don't call me crazy. I'm simply bored and need something to do.

Current stories:

1. When you've officially cracked: This is more of a list than a story, to be honest. I come up with random things to either notice or do, and put it here. Any suggestions, leave a review.

2. What's Going On Here: This is my very first story, where I inserted my own attitudes and feelings into a character and into ToS. You could say this is what caused the paragraph above to appear. What's really sad is that this story has less reviews than my list. Oh, woe is me. Note: I will be taking down this story and completely renovating it. If you have any advice or comments, message me.

3. Tales of Symphonia: Second Chance-This is my second story, where Lloyd is sent back to the beginning of the journey and has to relive all the chaos. To be honest, this is my favorite creation yet, seeing as how I'm the first person to try it. A lot of people seem to like it due to its originality. This story has been resumed! It lives and breathes again. It shall soon be updated.

4. Akastuki Sleepover- This is a simple crackfic, that I'm writing with Music in the Dark. Though apparently, the Naruto fanbase loves crackfics about Akastuki, due to the fact that I've almost got as many reviews on it as I do on Second Chance. It starts off with Itachi sleeping over at Kisame's house when they're five, and it goes from there.

5. Tales of a Steamworld- A brand new story idea where the entire world of Aselia is now a Steampunk world! This story details the adventures of the Tales of Symphonia cast, now intermixed with Steampunk, and into a brand new adventure.


Genis' outfit in Tales of a Steamworld: (It's the picture of the trio of people, specifically the man on the left).

Colette's outfit in Tales of a Steamworld:

Kratos' outfit:

Lloyd's Outfit:

Lloyd's first sword:

Lloyd's second sword:

Raine' outfit:

Zelos' outfit:

Kvar's outfit:


"I am not a freak, I am a dumbass and proud of it! Wait, that didn't come out right!" (ME)

"The most malevolent fires in the darkest pits of hell cannot match a woman scorned." (Someone else, but I like using it myself as a rule of etiquitte.)

"Cross-dressing is fun! Wearing pink, frilly dresses is perfectly okay. Girls cross-dress all the time, why can't us guys do it?" (My best friend, Music in the Dark)

"So you've come, like moths to the flame." Yuan said.

"You do realize that line is cliched, don't you?" Lloyd replied.

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver. - T-shirt (From Mia Labyrinth)

If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile. (How embarassing)

If you can get away with ANYTHING, but NOT abuse the ability, paste this to your profile . ((Grins evilly) Oh, the many uses of that ability.)

If YOU get a kick out of explosions, copy and paste this to your profile.

eliforp ruoy otno siht etsap dna ypoc siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fi (can you figure it out?)

If you like/love copying and pasting stuff into your profile, copy and paste this into your profile.

If someone has ever told you that you need a life and you told them "i have a life. it's anime/ video games/ manga/ internet/ or fanfiction, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vise versa copy this into your profile. (Oh, I feel embarassed for it-Raenef the 6th)

My best friend is insane, if you agree or if you have an insane friend copy this into your profile.

If you laugh secretly at some people or keep on comparing them with characters because they resemble some characters, copy and paste this into your profile.

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

We want Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

Tales of Symphonia is too good to be left alone. We want a sequel to quell the storm of questions in our heads. What happens to Kratos? We NEED a second Tales of Symphonia game, and we need it NOW! Copy and paste this if you want a

Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

Stop the Pairing Wars!

By copying and pasting this in your profile, you vow to respect other pairings and the people whom like them.

You shalt not insult them, explain why they can't be together, or say that they would rather be with someone else.

You shalt have your opions but shalt not insult pairings. You shalt avoid them if you hate them.

You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.

You shalt paste this in your profile.

Stop Flamers Now!

No more shall we tolerate flamers that flame for stupid reasons such as for pairings, who wrote the story, how they wrote the story, and just because they can!

Copy and paste this into your profile if you want to join the organization called "Stop Flamers Now!"


Favorite animes:


Death Note

Hellsing Ultimate

Ghost in the shell

Getbackers (manga)

Prince of Tennis


One Piece

Love Hina




Favorite Games:

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

World of Warcraft

Metroid Prime

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Zelda: Twilight Princess

Red Steel

Tales of Symphonia (Of course)

Tales of Legendia

Final Fantasy XII

Favorite Characters in no order:

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

L (Death Note. Gotta love those sweets of his)

Lloyd Irving (ToS)

Raine Sage (ToS)

Kratos Aurion (ToS)

Fayt Leingod (Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time)

Maria Traydor (Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time)

Link (Zelda)


Alucard (It's alucard. Enough said)

Favorite pairings:

Shelloyd (ToS)

Colloyd (ToS)

Gesea (ToS)

Faria (Fayt and Maria, Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time)

Naruhina (Naruto)

Kraine (ToS)

Any others I can't think of that you like, that don't match the least favorite criteria below, work as well.

Least Favorites

Least favorite animes:

Any emo or gothic ones


DBZ (Well, sort of. It gets boring after watching it so many times, you know?)

Least favorite games:

Any sports or game that deals with reality.

Don't like war games either.

Least Favorite pairings:

hmm...I can appreciate a yaoi or yuri pairing, if it has a good plot behind it. I won't read any lemons or anything, but I'll respect a good story.

Any that don't really make sense whatsoever.

Least favorite characters:

Sasuke Uchiha (because he's gay and emo, we all know it.)

Rodyle, because he's a dumbass, plain and simple.

Bobobo: Too...fucking...random...

Alright, that's pretty much enough about me. I don't want to bore you with little details about me, but in case you want to know more, just email me and ask. Just remember to read my stories and leave reviews, so I can continue to entertain those of you who want to be. See ya!

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