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Welcome to my page!

I've gone on a writing hiatus recently (been lacking inspiration) so if anyone likes my work and wants to see more from me, send a message with a prompt, and I might give it a try.

Feel free to read on about my mini rants, or skip down to my stories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Long term obsessions:

Backstreet Boys: I've always loved their music - their old famous stuff, but was never that interested in them. I mean, I had all their hits on my MP3, but was never truly obsessed. It was only after my friend's party last year, when they had put in a mix of 90's music (best time for pop!!) and I was quite hyper that day, so I went totally crazy while listening to Larger than Life, Everybody, and I'll be the One. Pretty soon after, at another friend's bday, someone had played their Backstreet's Back and I found myself really enjoying their unreleased songs. When I found out it was them, I was quite shocked. So I came home, and spent eternity on youtube going from one song of theirs to the next, from their first album to Never Gone. I never touched a song from Unbreakable because I swore to myself that I'd wait to buy their album (which had released 8 months before). Not only that, I literally watched every video about them on the net, from soundchecks to interviews to random clips.

I spent my two weeks in Florida glued to my headphones, which constantly played their music. When I came back, seven days after my sixteenth b'day, I went to see them in concert - my first ever concert - and I was head over heels in love.

Not only is their music AMAZING and totally worth listening to, they have such unique voices that easily differentiate them from the other 'boy bands.' In BSB, they all sing and have gorgeous voices! They also have hundreds of unreleased songs floating around the net, so I am never going to get tired of them, because there is always new material!

And on the last bit of my rant - they have lovely families - Brian's and Kevin's sons are adorable!! Their wives are so sweet, and they 5 guys have THE most amazing connection ever.

20 years and still going strong. I love you guys!! KTBSPA

Enrique: He's hot, love his accent when he sings, and love his songs. Need I say more??

Alexz Johnson/ Instant Star: Sigh:D Pretty love couple (Jommy) and really great voice. The songs of that show are to die for!

Ed Sheeran: Yes, I jumped onto this bandwagon, but its totally justifiable. There's just something about his voice and lyrics that reach out.

TV/ Books

Harry Potter: Hee!! I remember my mom yelling at me that I should read some books (I was 8) so I picked up CoS, and read the first chapter, and all I could think was, "What the heck is this weird guy doing staring at a stupid green thing (Dobby's eyes)?" And then I left it.

Then, we went to see the first movie, and I fell in love (I actually understood what was going on)!! However, it was only after the fifth book came out that I became truly obsessed! I still can't believe that it's actually over! I read the first couple of chapters on the roof of my church, and every time I felt something I wrote it down. I have this mini book filled out with thoughts during DH, and all you see is everything in caps, because I was so emotional!

Gilmore Girls: Totally hated the way it ended! The sixth season was entirely pointless: April eventually grew on me, but honestly - what the HECK was that? A random daughter that no one knew about?? We were in the SIXTH season - you do not do that! Maybe the second or third, but the sixth?? And, Luke and Lorelai breaking up?? Come on - and then she went and married Chris. Lorelai waited so long to get married; it would only make sense that she did it right. Not in Paris with no one around. I always thought that when she did, it would last - she would have made it work. And though I'm not a fan of Logan and Rory, them breaking up was pointless.

Think about this - every character (main) had their life changed throughout the seven seasons. Lane got married and had kids. Dean got married. Jess wrote books, got his life together. Paris got into med school, had a strong relationship with Doyle. Sookie got married and had kids. Luke found his 'daughter.' And Lorelai and Rory? Nothing. Sure, work wise, they got it together, but love wise? No engagement, no marriage, no kids. Pish... they could given us a wedding. And children - can you imagine a fourth Lorelai? Awww!!


The show is witty, funny, and dwells deeper than all those other dramas out there that just probe into the sex surface. Even though I don't agree on its viewpoints at times - how can you not love House??

Unfortunately, I abandoned it after they added extra characters. I gave it a try, sticking out until Cameron left. But I lost faith in the show and its writers and producers when they wrote Cameron off and didn't know why/ what to do with the character. I firmly believe that the show lost track of where it was heading, who its characters were, and just existed for the sake of it. Everyone realized it, which is why Lisa Edelstein didn't return for the last season.

I still love Hugh Laurie and I'm glad that I was introduced to his work. This is a prime example of what can happen when things lack direction.

Criminal Minds:

The main cast... they're just too good. I'm so upset that Emily (Paget Brewster) has left, but I can't blame her. Still, love the premise of the show, and I can never tire of it!

Haven: In. Love.

Great actors, great storyline, great chemistry - need I say more? Love the mythology behind the show, the writing and Audrey and Nathan's love story.

This is a prime example of the benefits of having direction!

Short term obsessions (Past and Present):

A walk to remember: Shane West is HOT, and he and Mandy make a gorgeous couple. Plus that movie is sooooooo cute!! (obsessing over Mandy's music - give it a try)

Keanu and Sandra: The Lake House, Speed, anything with those two. They make a great couple on screen. And they're such good friends off :)


Harry Potter

Harry/ Hermione: No I am not delusional. Remember how I said that I got into HP with the first movie. K - go watch it without knowledge of anything Harry Potter, and if you are a romance addict like me, Harry and Hermione jump out. Hello - main male, main female... anyone?? And if you read the books until the sixth (where she flat out ruins it :() with H/Hr in mind, its REALLY easy to go past all the other ships.

Ron/ Hermione: They're absolutely adorable in the books. And I love them - sigh even if they have to be together.

(sorry, I'm not a huge fan of Ginny's. I don't really care if she and Harry are together, but I hated how she became part of the trio. Hello - key word trio - you don't just add another person in. Which is why I adored the seventh book for the obvious lack of her.)

Neville/ Luna: Think about it - so perfect

Fred/ Angelina: I CANNOT believe she killed him off! You CAN'T separate Fred and George.

George/ Alicia: (I think that's the way it is, or maybe Angelina and Alicia switch)

Lily/ James: They're so obviously meant to be, but I couldn't help feeling bad for Snape. I loved Snape - I always knew he was good, just not sure how it was going to play out. I just can't picture Snape and Lily together. But honestly - my fav chap out of the entire HP series - The Prince's Tale.

And then the rest like: Remus/ Tonks, Dumbledore/ McGonagall (they so should have had something going on, even though Dumby's gay), Bill/ Fleur, etc. (I really want to know who Malfoy ends up with. Hee hee - Ron - "And that's the second time we've saved you, you bastard!")

Gilmore Girls

Luke/ Lorelai: They were, are and will always meant to be together. And they did end up together!

Rory/ Jess: He understands her - got her back to Yale and back to Lorelai when he bf (ew Logan) enabled her doubts and was content to watch sit and do nothing. Also Jess grew up and got his life together - can't say the same about the other two.

And again, all the others, like Lane/ Zack, Kirk/ Lulu (nooo idea how she puts up with him!), Paris/ Doyle.

House, M.D

House/ Cameron: They have the eye sex, the beautiful moments together... and that kiss... need I say more?? Also, for the first three seasons, everyone was all over these two - the interviewers, producers, actors, writers - everyone. And then the audience demanded Huddy, and they swayed. Seriously? Yes, I understand from a business point of view and getting viewers, you give them what they want - but do you not have enough confidence in yourself that you can be swayed that easily? That really annoyed me.

Even though Cameron left, there was always something there. Especially in the finale, when she returned in his hallucination, she played a pivotal role. Loved it.

Cuddy/ Wilson: Cuddy and House are over... they had their chance. There's something b/w Wilson and Cuddy that's not been touched upon. I think they could totally work.


Bones has officially become my favourite TV show. I love the characters in this show, and how they've developed. They've been some rocky times, but I adore the writing and have complete confidence that the show will move in the right direction. Plus, after I finish an episode, I'm always left feeling warm and fuzzy. How can you not love that?

Booth/ Brennan: They are totally going to end up together... no need to ramble!

Hodgins/ Angela: Gah! How perfect are these two?!


Audrey/ Nathan: The fact that he can only feel her, their love through time = epic love story. Love their partnership and chemistry.

Criminal Minds:

Derek Morgan/ Emily Prentiss: There's something about their friendship that has the possibility to transcend into an actual relationship. Besides, the shows producers and writers totally ship these two! If only she'd stayed! I miss their scenes tremendously!

Life With Derek

Casey/ Derek: Yes, I know they're step siblings... but they are perfect for each other!! And the producers/ writers/ actors know this and totally play off it!

Instant Star

Tommy/ Jude: Screw the age difference. When you have chemistry as sizzling as theirs, you don't need anything else! And their story line is soo cute!

Ugly Betty

Daniel/ Betty: One day... :D And I'll be squealing in my seat watching them come to realization:D Can't wait for the day she gets her braces off... it's been three years!

Hm... I think I'm done! If I ever feel the need to add more, I'll be back!

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