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Alright, so I just started readin JTMD and i was disgusted. A new story will be up in less than a day so don't worry. I added an actual plot with actual decriptions!!! Woo! So now it won't just follow the plotline of the movie and hopefully will flow better ;)

Also, the 'N' button on my computer gets jammed so if you see 'o' it means 'on' and 'ad' most likely means 'and' capiche?

Age- 17 just turned it in fact. Senior in high school


weight-you don't want me to fall on you thats for sure. And i'm happy with my weight. And if you are a little slow that means I'm not skinny and don't care

Favorite color- brown then green then grey. (my eyes are green/ gray so go figure these are my favorites)

favorite show- Avatar/house/HEROES!!/NCIS(aka awesome)/ Criminal Minds/ Adventure time

Things I think you can't write fan fictions about- NUMBER ONE!!Twilight. I mean seriously, girls, we're all looking for our own edward out there and he probably won't sparkle, he won't be dead, rich or move at like the speed of light.
And quite frankly, I don't want to be looking for a good story to read on here and suddenly see that you are gonna make Edward break up with Bella so he can fall in love with another human girl, bite you and then YOU live(or exist) happily ever after.

2. Harry Potter, I love this series, and theres a reason she's ending it. YOU CAN'T BEAT PERFECTION!!! (I've read the whole series in three days straight and trust me, i don't even want to know what it was like writing it)

3. A truly unique and personal fanfiction- one way or another, someone has already done it, you just have to try to make it better.


Jet Takutso Must Die

Derived from the movie John Tucker Must Die, but with a greater plot and our favorite characters. This is about a lonely girl, Katara, who's trying to help her family support themselves after their mother died and their father is over seas in a war effort. While Katara goes to her new highschool as a senior she gets caught up in the drama surrounding the school stud and heart-throb, Jet Takutso. She's unwillingly thrown into the mix while his ex's, Ty Lee, Azula and the unwilling Suki: all trying to break his heart. There was one thing she didn't expect. He has a brother... Zuko.

Basically like today's world but they can't get anything to fly in the air, therefore, technology has a giant lag but managed to happen over time. 5,000 was a randomly picked number

Beast Of Brisingr

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