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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Ragnarok Online, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

It's been ages I've tend to this account?! *gasped*

You know something funny? When I was in my teens, I'd wrote tens of pages a day of the fandoms I was so obsessed about, shared it with friends and community around. Then as years went by, getting old, settle down with career and married, things changed and I stopped writing.

I stopped being such a 'chuunibyou', I stopped fancied over things that I know which - for sure - would never come alive. I just stopped doing plenty of things except focusing on my career day in and out. Things that I used to indulge turn rather tasteless.

But, then again, I guess life has its way for me. It brings back my love for writing one fine day, something that I used to strive creatively everyday. And to top it all, my husband now wrote his own original stories in Royal Road Legend, had over 25k views and 200 of followers.

It never made me thought about it. I used to think 'Ah well, I have better things to do out there.' Yet, my hubby pushed me to continue my passion for writing, to share the vision and ideas I'm building through storytelling; though I must admit - my old fictions here were done poorly and oh for Heaven's sake, those grammars!

Ahh, age has finally gotten me I guess. Enough with those old ramblings. And do you believe it, my oldest stories here were written when I was only 18 years old? Still a little girl in heart, and often mumbled in her dreams she'd find her 'prince charming on a white horse' with dark or charismatic background, like a badass Ex-Soldier, or a mysterious Assassin? Hah!

Now, a decade and 2 years went by, I'm reaching my 30 in few more months. Granted that, with a little bit of help and support from my hubby, I'd give my best to enjoy writing stories as much as I do. ;)

I hope you'd find my REnew account to be fresh and to your liking. I won't delete the old fictions, since I don't have the real word files anymore; it is better to keep them here for memories. Okay, withour further ado, let me welcome you again to my fanfiction.net profile! Please enjoy your stay here.

Pen Name: Elyzabeth the Dragonheiress

Gender: Female

Profession: Business owner

Used to known as 'Nephilim666'.

Old Fandoms: - Ragnarok Online, Final Fantasy VII, Fairy Tail, Yu-Gi-Oh Milennium Puzzle, Tales of Xillia, Gundam 00

New Fandoms: - TBA

Email me: altimavii@gmail.com

Website: coming soon

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