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Author has written 12 stories for Gravitation, Marching Band, and Mass Effect.

So, a quick explanation of my profile - A few years ago (five, to be exact), I was really into the manga Gravitation. It seemed silly to delete this profile or remove my stories just because I don't write or read Gravitation fanfiction anymore, but to be honest, only my one-shots ever got finished. So, they're still up, but I don't think I'll be writing any more Gravitation fic.

What's got me captivated now is Mass Effect. I've just begun my foray into writing Mass Effect stories, but I've been playing Mass Effect for two years now, and my obsession is still going strong.

Past Stories:

Okonomiyaki: I'm really sorry, everyone. I don't know if anyone really got into this story or not, and i would understand why not, because it flows so very badly. But... I can't continue this. See, the 'friend' that I roleplayed this with was in fact my girlfriend, and she broke up with me two months ago. Since then I've tried to continue editing the roleplay, but since it was over instant messenger I could see her telling me she loved me and all that other stuff, and it really hurts. I hate to be melodramatic, but it's true. This roleplay lasted, I think, a total of seven or eight months, and we got really into it, and the cast had children and the children were eighteen years old before she broke up with me. The roleplay lasted the duration of our relationship, and I wouldn't possibly have the heart to continue it without her, nor to ask another author to take the story over for me, because that story really meant a lot to me. Yes, I do know that it's ridiculous to let a roleplay get you so deep, but it did. I'm sorry, everyone. I know I'm probably being a drama queen, but I just can't continue it.

A Heated Concert: People seem to really love this one, and I have to say that it's one of my better works. If I ever continue writing Gravitation fic, this is what I'll go back to.


Cold Like Snow: I think it's my shortest one yet. By the way, I do understand that in Japanese, the kanji for 'Yuki' as in 'snow' and the kanji for Eiri Yuki's name are different, but to be honest, I don't care. I just thought I'd add that so that people (I won't mention names) don't leave utterly unnecessary comments about my little mistake.

Stitches: Based on a thought that I had. Here's the link that didn't work in the story: http:///deviation/52342286/

Reading Between the Lines: Probably my best oneshot. In my humble opinion, anyway.

To Annoy an Author: I, personally, loved writing this one and I still go back and read it sometimes. XD I'm so pathetic.

Now that you've read about me as an author, maybe you want to know a bit more about me as a person. I'm a workaholic, which does tend to interfere with my writing sometimes, so it's always slow going. I have a long love-hate affair with my muse, as it's flighty and tends to abandon me at my peak. I'm trying to work on disciplining myself to write more, but anyone who's ever had creative tendencies knows how difficult it is to force it. I'm in a bit of a state of flux at the moment.

You can find me on tumblr (theladytramp dot tumblr dot com) and right after I finish editing this profile, I'm going to open an account on AO3, so you can find me there under the name myfuzzyscarf.

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