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"If you expect the unexpected, wouldn't the unexpected be the expected?"

Oh, yeah. I'm in college now. Studying to be a lowly illustrator. Yeah, I'm aware it's low pay, but if I have to go back to college to get another degree or whatever, I'm fine with it. I just want to be an illustrator.:D


Sixelle-of-Fireyness took the 'Who the crap are you?!' quiz and these are her results:

Real Name: Leslie Abigail

Age: 20

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Christianity: Pentecostal

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

Gemstones: Peridot and Onyx

Interested in: Anime/Manga, different languages and nationalities, drawing fanart and original art

Would like to: Visit Japan one day, make her own plushie, cosplay, go to an anime convention

Writes Fanfics: When she wants to

Wishes Badly for: A new scanner

...It's frightening how much a frickin' quiz knows about me...

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...
He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...
He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...
He had no army, yet kings feared him...
He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.


I am a proud Monkion. ...Or is it Lionkey?

When writing fanfic, it usually delves on alternate universes, slight or otherwise. That, or what-ifs. Occasionally attempt to write canon stuff and one-shots.

Yours truly is a sucker for happy endings. Expect to see as much in most of the (finished) fics posted here.

The Muses constantly assault, so many story ideas flock around in my head. Over two-thirds of them will not be published here.

Procrastination tendecies prevent updates for the on-going stories.

I do not believe in Out-Of-Character(ness). Depending on a situation, a character is as likely to randomly start doing the mambo as they are likely to jump off a cliff in adolescent-induced depression. Nevertheless, I will gladly warn you if I strongly believe characters in the fics are "OOC", as fans put it (which is usually always).

I greatly dislike it when people say they 'hate','cannot stand',etc., OCs. Granted, several people don't do a good job portraying their fan characters (I'm definitely one of them), but to go so far as to say you hate OCs... To say that means that you hate all characters in general. Because characters like Naruto, Sonic the Hedgehog, Maximum Ride, and Aang are Original Characters, too. They are the original characters of their respective creators. So people can better portray their characters one has to (POLITELY BUT FIRMLY) critic, learn through trial and error and the like. But that's just my wishful thinking. It really makes me sad to see comments of hating OCs, truly. I guess you can say you hate 'Fan' Characters, but... I don't know. I'm fully aware of fangirl/boyness, especially with the whole Official-CharacterxFan-Original-Character, but c'mon, who doesn't have those moments? (I know I do.) Besides, this site is called FAN fiction. You can't expect the story to be completely based off of whatever series it came from. That's why it's freakin' called FAN fiction.

I love OCs, in case you haven't figured it out. But please write them in a proper way. It's because of the way people are typing their OCs up that they have such a bad reputation on the internet now.


My stories will be updated, but right now I am admittedly in hiatus on 'Patches and Stitches'. I kind of don't like where it is going and there is a possibility I might rewrite it in the near future. I will not give up on it since I like the idea, so chances are I will do a rewrite.

Due to a recent event - which consists of my sister's computer catching some sort of virus - I now have a fear of inserting my jump drive on her computer in the case something happens to my saved stories. Therefore, 'Guardian, Intangible' and 'It Matters' will not be updated this summer. My apologies. My sister and I are trying to do everything in our power to take care of Piko (the laptop's name) without virus protection (smart, huh?) but bugs will inevitably get caught, I suppose. Already my previous plans on going game shopping come September went down the drain as I'll probably be investing on some type of virus protection for the computers in our home. As for myself, I won't be getting a new laptop until next year, when most of the hype in my house dies down.

How is the former note relevant to FF? Because it probably won't be until next year that I'll be able to dedicate more time in typing. Nevertheless, Piko still works so I will be typing on him other story ideas in the meantime. When school starts back up this semester, I will try to handle a schedule of work so I can type at school when I have the time, as well.

I'm currently in the middle of writing up a whole deal of new fanfics. However, on-going stories (actually all of my stories) will temporarily be on hold as I am in the middle of drawing up covers for them. I'll probably be doing the same for my future projects so they probably won't be published until I am satisfied with their cover.

Also currently in the middle of OC-fanfiction projects. I want to get my hands around OC/FCs. (OC - Original Characters ; FC - Fan Characters) That includes (but is not limited to) Official CharacterxOriginal Character fanfics.


I've recently watched a playthrough of Yume Nikki to satisfy my curiosity over why people like the game, and I must say...

I'm impressed.

So impressed that I received a mild case of motivation from the game, despite how depressing many of the fans seem to translate it as.

My fanfic Guardian, Intangible, which was inspired by a One Piece fanfic, shares a few elements with Yume Nikki that I couldn't help but notice. So I decided that maybe, just maybe, I could pursue a series of my own based on a set of characters who are whisked away by their dreams to an alternate universe [read, game/book/anime/cartoon world].

The series is currently dubbed the 'Yume Nikki' series just like the game it was inspired by, though I'm thinking of ultimately calling it 'Yume Bouken'. As of right now, the current ideas for 'Yume Bouken' I have outside of my Pokemon fanfic is Naruto, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy (the first game and/or the ninth game); I probably will update a prototype fanfic of the series just to see where I can go with it.

Creative Writing Prompt Challenge - I'm (slowly) taking the challenge.>D (If anyone else decides to do this, please message me with a link to the story. I'd love to read it.:D )

1. Close your eyes briefly. Think of one object that's in the room and focus on it. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After 3 minutes or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it. (Home website with the prompt and more: )

-- Rest Well - Pokemon fanfic, about Emmet and Ingo.

Fandoms - When it comes to the pairings I ship, I am usually old-school about them. However, I tolerate and am fond of a number of boy- and girl-love pairings as well. (You can look in my favorites for proof.) Series mentioned here will most likely get a fanfic or fanart out of me.



Fav Characters: Inoue Orihime, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kon, Lirin, Cloud, Nova, Coyote Starrk, Lilynette Gingerback

Pairings: IchiHime, RukiHime, StarrHime, StarrOC, IshiCiru, ChadKarin, ByaKia, RenUru, ToshiMomo



Fav Characters (Vocaloids): Hatsune Miku, KAITO, VY2 Yuuma (Roro), Nekomura Iroha, Leon, CUL, Mew

Pairings: KaitoMiku, LenMiku, Yuuma/RoroMiku, Yuuma/RoroOC, KiyoteruMeiko, GakupoGumi, PikoRin, BigAlSweetAnn, BigAlLuka, TonioLily, LeonClara, BrunoLola, OliverSeeU



Fav Characters: Monkey D. Luffy, Boa Hancock, Nami, Sanji, Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Law, Nico Robin

Pairings: LuffyHancock, SanjiNami, KiddNami



Fav Characters: Kurumu, Tsukune, Gin, Rose

Pairings: TsukuneKurumu, GinKurumu, TsukuneRose



Fav Characters: Hyuuga Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Karin, Yamanaka Ino, Tenten, Temari, Tayuya, Shizune, Tsunade, Konan

Pairings: NaruHina, SasuHina, SasuSaku, LeeSaku, SaiIno, KankuTen, MinaKushi



Fav Characters: Pokey/Porky Minch, Lucas, Claus, Ness, Poo, Jeff

Pairings: DusterKumatora, PooKumatora, TeddyKumatora, FlintHinawa, JeffPaula, NintenAna, NintenPippi, LloydAna, PorkyNess (Say what?), PorkyPippi (...),ClausOCLucas



Fav Characters: Ganondorf (especially Toon Ganon!), Link, The Skull Kid, Din, Nayru

Pairings: GanondorfZelda, (Toon)LinkMedli, LinkMidna, LinkRomani(sp?)



Fav Characters: Lucas, Sonic, King Dedede, Peach, Olimar, Luigi

Pairings: MarthPeach, FalconSamus, GanondorfZelda, IkeZelda, RedZelda, LucasNana



Fav Characters: Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh

Pairings: ZukoKatara, SokkaTyLee, SokkaYuki, SokkaToph, AangAzula, Kataang



Fav Character: HARIMA KENJI, Tsukamoto Tenma, Tsukamoto Yakumo

Pairings: HarimaTenma, HarimaYakumo (SCHOOL RUMBLE)



Fav Characters: Isabella Swan, Jacob Black

Pairing: JacobBella



Fav Characters: Gary, Hilda, Bianca, Ingo, Emmet, Lance, Sabrina, Gardenia, Riley

Fav Pokémon: Of the 'Normal' variety. :)

Pairings: IngoHilda, EmmetBianca, GaryMisty, BurghFennel, JamesGardenia



Fav Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Maria Robotnik, Tikal, Princess Elise

Pairings: KnucklesRouge, KnucklesTikal, TailsCosmo, TailsCream, CharmyCream, VectorVanilla, SonicElise, SonicOC, ShadowMaria



Fav Characters: Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Timpani/Tippi, Blumeire/Count Bleck, Goombario, Goombella

Pairings: BowserPeach, LuigiDaisy, MarioVivian, DimentioMimi



Fav Characters: America, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Spain, China

Pairings: AmericaJapan, RussiaAmerica, RussiaFrance, FranceEnglandSpain, FranceMonaco, FranceSeychellesEngland, EnglandChina, GermanyPrussiaHungary, SpainRomanoVeneziano, SpainBelgium, SwitzerlandAustria, GermanyAustria, SwedenFinland, CanadaUkraine, EstoniaUkraine, LithuaniaBelarus, AmericaBelarus

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Vocaloid - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,167 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 11 - Published: 6/22/2012 - [SeeU, VY2 Yūma/66 (Roro)] - Complete
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