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Author has written 10 stories for Labyrinth, La Femme Nikita, Beetlejuice, Metalocalypse, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Farscape.

Oh dear, you've found your way here. I currently seem to be the queen of unfinished stories. How embarrassing. I've been working on that- honest.

HEY! DID YOU KNOW?? ミ* I do beta readings! *ミ Need a beta? Especially if you're in the Xena fandom (because I've been lurking there a lot lately- Metalocalypse, too)? LOOK ME UP! Because I'd love to help you out.

I am all over the map these days with my writing- movies, shows, cartoons. All of it is awesome. I do my best to avoid cliché. I love cannon stories- the closer you can get to the real thing and the more you can make your story work inside the actual cannon, the more creative you have to be and the more convincing it is. Because of that love for making something I can proudly call potentially production-worthy, you'll find all my stories playing and/or pushing at the boundaries while still adhering closely to the originals. Convince me your story could actually work in that show/movie/cartoon. I'll love you forever. (I do really enjoy a good parody, though)

I'm cursed to only write when Calliope herself is sitting on my chest, pinning me to the ground, and forcing a pen in my hand. Although it isn't often, I find it's almost always pretty good, so if you're interested in following me, I thank you and really do appreciate your patience with me.

"On the question of advice to creative people. My writer friend Floyd Salas said to me years ago, "Go where the pain is." I found that fabulous advice. But I added a second line: "Go where the pleasure is." Those two lines guide my writing to this day." –From the Facebook page of Anne Rice on 6/8/11

Current updates: So it's taken me 17 years, but I've finally published a Xena fanfic piece. Xena and Ares have been enticingly circling each other in my skull giving each other intimidating/seductive glares for literally ages now- it's nice to finally put something up that's worthy of all that. Even so, I keep thinking of when I was in early middle school, trying to write dumb Xena stories in spiral notebooks that never went anywhere because even I knew they weren't interesting enough ("a stolen necklace"? is that the best you could come up with? please.). I kept thinking, "Will I ever be good enough to write down what I see in my head??" Ohhh, little me- you will. You'll get there. And it will be glorious.

"Mandatory Refusal" is a title name I jacked from an episode of 'La Femme Nikita' of the same name because it wasn't cliche and it worked. Just like Nikita, when Michael goes into mandatory refusal (must complete the mission no matter what in case base is compromised) to complete a mission at the expense of his life and she feels she has no choice but to try and reach him, Ares can't let Xena go again- not again- and feels he has no choice but to get her out of that last battle in AFIN:2. This story is a spur of the moment prequel to a massive piece I have in the works. That massive piece...truly my magnum opus. Only thing is I wrote it on notebook paper, toying with the idea of physical writing vs. computer typing and how that creatively affects the brain, and that notebook...has gone missing. I'll find it, though. I *must* find it. It is literally one of the most important things in my house right now. So please, look forward to it!!

Newer Updates
Oh god, I wrote a Metalocalypse one-shot. What have I done. I just freaking love Charles so much- he better be in season 5 is all I have to say about it. Story's called 'Succession'. I was extremely tired writing it, so somehow a couple of very, very obscure Xena references got thrown in there. Whoops. I promise they're entirely appropriate and that you won't even notice unless you're seriously into Xena. This one-shot is extremely faithful to the story, and even the format, of Metalocalypse, so please enjoy. (bless you, Charles) (5-3/4-14)


"yer breakin' my heart, hunny...now flash 'em." (1-25-14)

There really isn't enough La Femme Nikita fan fiction on this site...when I get chapter four finished, I'm at least writing a short story. That show's too good to be neglected. If you've never seen "La Femme Nikita" (and I don't mean that retarded 'Nikita' show that's on CW now, or whatever channel it's on), look it up- pretty sure you can find all the episodes online. (11/13/11)

Chapter four is half written- forgive the extreme delay! I'm on overload status for my final year of university, so half my time has been dedicated to writing essays. When you've got three to do in one day, you don't want to even look at a keyboard productively for awhile. However, the bug is biting at me once again so things have begun to progress once more. Thank you to those still reading, and thanks to my readers for their patience!! Can't wait to put up 4!! :D (10/13/11)

"Choices, choices" ch. 3 UP! "Eden Denied". Again, sorry for the delay in getting chapter three out- when things happen unexpectedly, everything seems like hell and mayhem for awhile. But, for the most part, it's quieted down again, and I'm hoping to pick up regular weekly updates again. :) I hope you guys enjoy chapter three- I'm quite proud of this one! Don't forget to let me know what you think with a review! (6/20/11)

Moving! Hey guys. I'm currently in the process of shifting around and moving to another part of town, so please be patient for chapter three. I promise it's coming! As soon as things settle down again (I've already found the place- just waiting for everything else to calm down), I'll get it up ASAP, so please hang on and wait a little longer. For the past six years, I've not been able to live in one place for more than a year, and I was really hoping to avoid that this year, but things are what they are and what they must be (hey, that's a good line. I might use that). Thanks a ton for understanding and forgive me for my strange life!! (6/6/2011)

"Choices, choices" ch. 2 UP! "The first day of the end of your life." Oddly enough this is also the name of a song. I wasn't aware until I was compelled to google it. I only read through the lyrics. They're not too bad, so I suppose it could relate to what's going on in the story for those of you who like to meta-read, haha. This wasn't an easy chapter to write. I happily distracted myself with video games before finishing it. I did, however, watch some select scenes from fantastic television shows with superior, multifaceted villains to help me get the feel I wanted for Jareth (along with rewatching labyrinth itself, of course). I don't think it did me much good since we only get small snippets of him right now, but perhaps it will pay off later. Also, huge thanks once again to jinx1764 for being my medical consort! I really appreciate it. :) Don't forget to review, and thanks for reading, guys! (5/23/11)

"Choices, choices" Debut! (5/14/2011)

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Countless times he'd watched her calmly walk into the arms of Death. And countless times he'd watched her thwart it all the same. Even when she chose to take her own life, he'd respected her, respected her decision enough, to let her go through with it. But not this time- not after everything they'd been through since then. She wasn't getting a choice this time. Set during AFIN:2
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