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If there is anything you wanna know about me email me at! Hey everyone I've uploaded a new story check it out. And remeber send your review, thoughs, questions, suggestions, etc. . Disclaimer: My stories are based on the creations of others and I do not own the rights, so I will not take credit for them. However I do own all of the orginal characters and concepts I have created. (ex: Cloud Strife= Not mine; His son Alex Strife=Mine, etc.) I love FINAL FANTASY!

Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I've been working on a couple of things and so I wanted to post a sample of a story I'm currently working on. It is a sequel to my Final Fantasy The Omega Legacy story. Hopefully it will lead to a new series of stories, but just tell me what you all think of it so far. This story is a sample and so there are parts of it that won't make the finalized story and are just there to help you all understand better what the story will be about. So I introduce you all to my latest story: Final Fantasy Omega Legacy II: The Index

An age ago the Gods created all reality.

Then they left to watch and debate the nature of good and evil.

What remained was a doorway linking all worlds together, the NEXUS.

At the heart of the Void, the NEXUS was abused by a once faithful servant.

The Servant, The doorway, now dust, returned to the Void to be reborn.

All that returns from the Void is knowledge.

Final Fantasy

Omega Legacy II

The Index


Unending darkness covered the sky. No stars, just a single silver orb, the moon, hanging over head casting a radiant glow on the land. Beneath the skyline laid a land of lush and wonder. Buildings made of ancient marble constructed into various styles of architecture, no two buildings alike, formed a large city surrounded by green fields. A figure, back to the moon, appeared in the sky. The light on his back bathed him in shadows, keeping his identity unknown.

The figure descended from the sky landing gracefully in a small courtyard. The Figure’s eyes fell upon a single tree in the middle. Walking over to it the Figure outstretched its hand to pluck a single apple from the tree. Looking around the figure noticed that the town was silent, everyone retreating from the darkness to the safety of their homes.

The figure took a bite of the apple then looked down the street to see the largest building of the city. A grand structure, encompassing a great area of the city, inside where millions of selves, filled with millions of leather bound books. The only people still around at this hour where three men wearing the same long, black cloaks with strange blank eyes, white as snow. One man had shoulder length brown hair with a goatee and wore a knee length white vest over his robes. Another had spiky blue hair and wore a smaller red vest. The youngest of the three had blonde wavy hair and wore black eye patch around his right eye.

“It’s about time to close up.” Spoke the brown haired man.

“Is the big book in its case, Ryko?” the red haired man replied.

“Yes, Zera make sure Blossom is done with her inventory before we head out.” Ryko asked the blonde haired man.

“Yes sir.” Zera replied.

Zera sped off out of sight past the massive bookshelves. Ryko and the red haired man turned their attention to a large gold case near the entrance. Walking up to it the red haired man placed his hands on the glass and looked down at the case’s contents. It was a rather large silver bound book with the words: Omega Legacy, engraved on it in violet letters.

“Kalut, you’re smudging the case of the most important book ever.” Laughed Ryko.

Kalut pulled his fingers up leaving behind a faint set of finger prints. He smiled at the elder man before him.

“Sorry, sometimes I just get so wrapped up in my work.” Kalut replied.

“I understand. This library is filled with the knowledge of all the worlds. But that book has it all in one place. Life is short but knowledge is infinite.”

“Especially ours. I’m sad that you’ll be leaving us soon.”

“We all must go sometime. Our peoples’ lives our short for good reason.”

Kalut looked down at the book once more his eyes focusing in.

“Yes, so that great power, such as we guard can never be abused again.”

Ryko put a hand on Kalut’s shoulder.

“Forget about that. I promise you that I will be around tomorrow and tomorrow will be a new day.” Ryko smiled.

“Let’s head out.” Came a female voice behind the two men.

They turned around to find a pink haired young woman accompanying Zera.

“Blossom, did you finish the inventory?” Ryko asked.

Blossom shied away from Ryko’s gaze.

“I meant to….but I only got half way through.” She replied.

Ryko sighed.

“I just got caught up in this one story. It was about a woman who was half Esper and half human and she……..” Ryko cut her off.

“I know that one. You just finish up tomorrow. Got it.” Ryko stated.

“Yes sir.” She sheepishly replied.

“Good. Blossom, Kalut, lock up please.” Ryko ordered.

They all left the room with Blossom and Kalut shutting closed the massive doors, shutting them tight. Together they walked down a long hallway littered with white stones near the top. Soon they reached a large grey desk. Behind the desk sat a woman with violet hair wrapped up in a bun, wearing silver framed glasses.

“You staying much longer Sonya.” Kalut asked the woman.

“Just a bit, the council’s been asking for that inventory.” She replied.

Ryko looked back at Blossom for a second before answering Sonya.

“It’ll be finished soon….Goodnight.” Ryko waved and headed off with the others following.

Sonya watched the four say their goodbyes and leave in separate directions. Two minutes later she was finally done with her paperwork. She turned off her desk lamp, when suddenly an alarm began sounding. Above her head the stones that covered the walls began flashing red. Quickly she ran toward the source of the alarm, the library.

When she arrived Sonya found Ryko, Kalut and Blossom huddled around the open doors of the grand library. Pushing past them she looked down to find a horrifying sight. Zera dead on the floor, lying in a pool of his own blood. Blossom knelt down beside him trembling. Ryko looked past the body of his comrade to see the case holding the Omega Legacy shattered and the book missing.

“It’s gone isn’t?” Kalut asked.

“Yes.” Ryko swallowed down a lump in his throat.

Ryko turned his attention to the window just outside the doors. He heard footsteps looking out he spied a figure running down the street clutching something in his hand.

“The killer…” Ryko called out.

“Back away!” Kalut grabbed the nearest chair and sent it flying through the glass. “I’ll follow the thief; we have to know who he is.”

Kalut leapt out the window and took off down the street after the figure. He chased the figure down the darkened alleyways of the city before losing sight. Taking stock of his surroundings he spotted a bright light coming from the nearby courtyard. Kalut entered the courtyard just in time to see the figure step into a portal made of blinding light. In a flash the figure was gone. Kalut looked at the ground where the portal had appeared. On the ground was a discarded apple core.

Kalut took a deep breath and looked up at the night sky. A single cloud crept in front of the moon, casting a shadow on the city.

Kalut returned to the library. Ryko had covered up Zera’s body with a table cloth that Sonya had fetched from another room. Blossom sat on a chair huddled in the corner with Sonya comforting her. Ryko pulled Kalut aside and handed him a cloth to wipe the sweat from his brow.

“What happened?” Ryko asked

“He got away. I think he used the power of the book.” Kalut replied

Ryko leaned against a table unable to remain standing.

“That book holds all known knowledge. With it who knows what damage the thief can do?” Ryko lamented.

Sonya looked up at the two men.

“Is there anything we can do to stop the thief?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not.” Ryko shook his head.

Kalut stood up and walked over to the shattered book case. His eyes then trailed to the side until they landed up another untouched bookcase.

“There is something we can do.” Kault walked over to the unbroken case and opened it.

“What are you doing? That is the Index the companion book to the Omega Legacy.” Ryko stated.

“Exactly, with it we will be able to follow the thief wherever he takes the book. And with the rest of the books in the library we can recruit a team of heroes.” Kalut sprinted over the one of the bookshelves with the Index in hand.

“You’re crazy. The head council will never approve that plan. Besides how do you know who to summon?” Sonya chided him.

“I’ve read every book here. I have a few ideas on some useful people. If we wait too long on the council who knows what damage could be done?” Kalut replied.

“Kalut you must be cautious.” Ryko warned.

“I know exactly what I am doing.” Kalut smiled then reached up and plucked a bright red book from the shelf. “I think I’ll start here.”

Kalut ran his thumb over the binding of the book feeling the indented lettering spelling out the word, Cornelia.

To Be continued……..

I hope you all enjoyed this preview. In this story Six heroes from all over the various Final Fantasy worlds will form a team to investigate a mysterious murder and search through the worlds for the book of ultimate knowledge, The Omega Legacy. Message me and let me know if you want to see the story, if you have any suggestions, questions, etc. Just let me know what you think. If there is enough response I post this as an actual story, Thank you.

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