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Author has written 10 stories for Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance, Golden Sun, Final Fantasy I-VI, Final Fantasy XII, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Land Before Time, and Sailor Moon.

News concerning me or my stories:

Monday 11th of july 2011: I have, for some reason, started working on "Dancing through Seasons" again. No promises on if I'll finish it now or not, I'm just working on it and wish for the best.

My interests: Reading, writing, gaming, making games, visit friends, play DOOM, make DOOM maps.
My favourite music: Power Metal all the way. I'm a big fan of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius and Heavenly. I'm open to some other genres too.
My favourite fanfic genres: Adventure, romance, friendship or general.

Quotes I like:

"Good Kardas. Nice devastating monster. Are you my favourite engine of destruction? Yes you are." Vezon - Bionicle Legends 5 'Inferno'

"Carapar, you're an ignorant spawn of Braskas monkey, and you always were. You couldn't even snap your fingers without help. If you had fingers." Maxilos - Bionicle Legends 8 'Downfall'

"Who I am is my business, staying out of my way is yours." Hydraxon - Bionicle Legends 8 'Downfall'

"The silent sort, eh? Well, if you can't speak, I'm sure you can scream... And what sweet music that will be, if too short a tune." Icarax - Bionicle Legends 9 'Shadows in the Sky'

"Take to the shadows. They are, after all, the prison we have made for ourselves." Krika - Bionicle Legends 10 'Swamp of Secrets'

"I will do what must be done. Then I will be like Matoro. I will be a hero." Toa Ignika - Bionicle Legends 11 'The Final Battle'

My stories:

Path to Forgiving: A lot of people complained FFTA was too kiddy, so here's my take on how to make it darker and more serious. I always thought Marche was a bit too forgiving and this fanfic was kind of the result of that. It's a bit of my view on FFTA's universe. And I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Some dark things happening in here too, things you just won't find in FFTA. Marche harbours great hatred against Ritz after the Sienna Gorge battle, and a shocking revalation about himself and his home in St. Ivalice only make things worse. Sinking away into your own grieving and despair is never a good thing, as this fanfic proves. Can Marche's friends save him from himself before it's too late?


A One Wiged Angel: Fleeing from your problems is never a good thing. You should stand up to them and face them like a man. But sometimes, too much has happened to you in your world, making it so that you can't move on. What do you do then? You seek refuge in another world and start anew. This is what the protagonist of this story has done. After too much loss and pain, he is gifted with another chance at life. Waking up in the world of Weyard, our hero takes on the name of his 'brother' and strives to never again repeat the mistakes he made in his former life. Trying his best to be of aid to his newfound friends, Sephiroth nonetheless learns that even a new life can't get rid of the memories of his greatest sin. Faced with the truth that he can never be free of his past mistakes, Sephiroth comes to the realization that his newfound powers might actually enable him to correct his past mistakes and repent for his sins. How far will he go for that, however?

And before you ask, no, I'm not a Sephiroth fanboy and FF VII is NOT my favorite FF. (FF IX is.) The mythology surrounding Sephiroth just lend itself perfectly for the story I wanted to create.
And as of 7 april 2009, I've given up on this story. I just can't go on anymore. So yes, I broke my promise that I'd finish this. Sorry.


Aria, Maiden of Water: A fanfic I decided to write in honour of Aria from Final Fantasy III DS. She has always been one of my favourite characters in Final Fantasy III, even in the Famicom version. The rather unfortunate events in the Cave of Tides kind saddened me and prompted me to write this story. I think this is the first fanfic that focusses on Aria. Almost everything in it is thought up, but in the end it will tie in with the official FF III story. Against my personal tastes, this one is more a Luneth x Aria instead of Luneth x Refia, but I don't really mind, as they seem like a good couple, too.


Death of an Undying: Just a little oneshot about Venat from FF XII. How does an immortal being look towards death? How does an immortal being feel when his friends die and he doesn't?


Dancing through Seasons: Work on this has been restarted since 11th of july 2011. Still a novelization of Oracle of Seasons, only upated now to my current skill of writing.

Status: In progress.

Final Fantasy III: A novelization of FF III DS, written to give another III DS story (and one with no slash pairings for a change) and also to give FF III DS' story the attention it deserves. An earthquake has shaken the world, pulling in the sacred Crystals that guard the elements. With the fragile balance broken, darkness threatens to engulf all. Then the Wind Crystal calls upon four young warriors to strike back and restore light and hope to the world. This is the story of their journey full of hardships, losses, sadness and fights. Yet no matter how hard their quest is, friendship and love can always be found by those who look for it, as the four will learn as their journey goes on.

Progress on this is slow, make that: has stopped, but I still hope to finish this someday. Just don't know when.

Status: In progress.

To Live and Feel: A LotR fanfic with some small Bionicle elements. A very weird cross, I know. This focuses on the Ignika, Mask of Life, creating a body for itself to discover and learn what it means to live, to have friends and family. Written for a few reasons: I like the Ignika is Bionicle's story, especially in Bionicle Legends 9 "Shadows in the Sky". The idea of an object creating a body for itself to learn to live struck me as amazing. Unfortunately, the Ignika doesn't have enough screentime in the Bionicle Storyline. I wanted to do something alike to that. The result is this story. But why the heck insert it in Middle Earth? To be honest I'm not sure myself. I am a fan of LotR (seen the movies, read the book) and I admire Tolkien for the fact that he created Middle Earth alone. Thinking up your own world, with many languages, geographical charts, races and so much more, that's not something everybody could do. Middle Earth, from how I've read it in the book, is a beautiful place. It somehow felt right to let the Ignika learn how to live in Middle Earth. And also, I wanted to write a LotR fanfic with an Original Female Character that's not a Mary Sue. That's hard, yes, but I think I did fine with this fanfic.


Hunger: A Land Before Time fanfic focussing on Chomper, the friendly Tyrannosaur. Seeing those adorable movies again made me feel young again (haha) and learning of the tv-series with my favourite sharptooth as a main character in it only helped rekindle my love for this great (if sometimes cheesy) series. That's why I wrote this little oneshot. Dinosaurs become big someday, even carnivores, no matter how friendly. Chomper faces this problem as well, and he will have to find a solution to it quickly. Otherwise he might just have to leave the Great Valley in order to protect his friends from himself and his hunger...


Kill the Soul or the World: A Sailor Moon one-shot. One night, Michiru and Haruka get a strange dream, or is it a nightmare? In it, they are confronted with a painful memory, felings of guilt and shame, and a horrible choice. What option will they chose and will their choice be the right one? It just didn't sit right with me what Haruka and Michiru did at the end of Season 5 of the Sailor Moon anime. Yeah, I've heard it all befoe, they did it to save the word and stuff, but for me saving the world is not the most important thing in life. I guess I wrote this story to make them see things my way. Oh, and this might serve as a prequel to another story that's coming together in my head, but you know me and updating and finishing my fics.


Mistakes of the Great Beings: The 'sequel' of sorts to "Kill the Soul or the World". A strange child of a race called Saurians arives in Tokyo, and is discovered by Hotaru, Chibiusa and Setsuna. The Child reveals himself to be Ignika, with the power to control the element of Life. Ignika brings with him new enemies that the Sailor Senshi will have to face if they hope to keep the world safe this time. But the battle ahead will be hard, and they can use every help they can get! Luckily, Ignika and his family join in the fight, while a horrifying creature recognized by Michiru and Haruka aids them from the shadows.

Status: In progress.

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