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Author has written 3 stories for Rise of the Guardians, Merlin, and Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ.

ALOHA MY FELLOW FANFICTIONERS!! (I don't own profile pic)

"I felt - and feel - as if I've been handed a baton, like a particularly fine writer has given me her story and said, 'Go. Run with it. Make trouble.' So that's what I tried to do. And now it's time to hand the baton on to you. Stories don't end with the writers, however many started the race. Here's what [I] came up with.
So go. Run with it.
Make trouble."

Patrick Ness, Author's Note of A Monster Calls.

(I "apologize" for the insanely long profile. But hey, if it ain't insane dOn'T dO iT aT aLl!! But please do take time to read some of it! Pretty please! Pretty please with whipped cream, Hersey's choco syrup, caramel syrup, coco sprinkels, Oreos, and a real cherry on top?!)

*Current update at bottom of Profile


Name: TheWolfFaithChild, Wolfy or Faithy(for those of you who like nicknames)

Age: Wouldn't you like to know?

Gender: Need-to-know-basis, annnnd you don't need to know. (you can guess if you want, the slogan is "Unleash your imagination")

Fav Colour: Blue

Location: A world know as Inbetween

Home Fandom: Rise Of The Guardians!!!!!!! (Hands down, the votes are in, school's out [for a Snow Day!] , no más! RoTG will ALWAYS be my Heart-Fandom!)

My Center: Empathy

Guardian of: Empathy

Hobbies: Other than writing for your oh-so-wonderful entertainment, reading, sketching, painting, playing, listening to music, Daydreaming, talking, cracking puns(I am very punny), listening to music and it's deeper meaning, being crazy in general And a WHOLE lotta other stuff that you probably don't care about!

Superpower: Shape-shift in to any Animal/Person that I can touch&acquire(yes, Animorph reference, Disclaimer: IDNO Animorphs) and in-turn that creature's/person's ablities(with my own little twist to the form chosen, also able to cross-shift certain forms), Ability to communicate with Wolves, Owls, Tigers, and Dragons, Convey Feelings/Emotions/Memories through Music or song. This is all due to one Superpower anybody can have: It's called Empathy.

Weapons of Choice: Crystal Bow (that can split into two single-handed Khopesh swords)/Arrows(which can shoot any kind of Nature Element depending on emotional state), unmelting Ice Dagger (that when in use lights on Fire), Retractable Wolf claws on hands and feet.

Companions: Faolyn, a large silver she-wolf. She has wings, so flying is a given; also has a misty form that allows her to pass through solid objects and be near-invisible in the night sky or shadows.

Fav shows (and other stuff you'll most likely see me write about): At the moment I am really into Rise of the Guardians, Yona of the Dawn, and Merlin(BBC).

Other shows/movies I'm into include: A Monster Calls, Fairy Tail, WolfBloods, Miraculous Ladybug&Cat Noir, How To Train Your Dragon, Brave, Veggie Tales, Max Steel, Pocahontas, Spider-man(Pretty much any of them you name it, I've probably seen it), Batman(basically any TV series), Mulan, Transformers, Fruits Basket, When Marnie Was There, Lilo and Stitch, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Prince of Egypt, Yu-Gi-Oh(DM, 5Ds, Zexal, and Arc-v), Ancient Magus' Bride, Tokyo Ghoul, Teen Wolf, Trollhunters, Danny Phantom, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Jake Long, Ninjago, and Gargoyles.

OTP's: FrostFairy(JackxTooth), Jlaire/Clarim(JimxClaire), Hiccstird(HiccupxAstrid), LadyNoir/MariChat/Adriette/Ladrien(I think you can figure out who they are), GoliathxElisa(IDK ship name), Revolutionshipping/Peachshipping (Yami&YugixTea/Anzu), ZenoxKaya, YonaxHak, KanekixTouka.

Favorite Books(series): Animorphs, Guardians of Childhood, Eragon, I Am Number Four(series), Warrior Cats, Michael Vey, Maximum Ride, Wings of Fire, Wolves of the Beyond, Guardians of Ga'hoole, and sooooooooooooo many more.

And now for the little blurb half of you probably won't read but should because it ties into my writing, sometimes-to-ALOT of the time.

I am a strong-faithed Christian and I ain't afraid to say it! I hope to be a Missionary someday!
Oh, and BTDubs to anyone who trashes on Christians: It is a Relationship, not a "religion," "Brainwashing," OR "just a bunch of rules that are forced on people."

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may test and approve of God's will - His good, pleasing, and perfect will." - Romans 12:2

Also, I'll being doing a lot of song-fics; music is very important and meaningful to me.

I DO NOT do swear words. Period. We get enough swearing in public places and I really don't feel like sullying the air anymore than it already is. Besides made-up swear words are way more fun and hilarious, not to mention the look on people's faces are priceless whenever you end up screaming in public "WHAT THE WONKING JUICE?!"
Made-up swear words can also brighten up people's day by causing them to laugh. LET'S CLEAN THE FOUL-MOUTHED AIR WITH FUNNY WORDS!!!

I'm a stickler to pAiNfUl and eXcRuCiAtInG tRaNsFoRmAtIoNs. (Am I sadistic? Only to fictional characters. ;3)

I am into Wolfbloods (or werewolves whichever you prefer) not Vampires,(though they ain't bad ethier, as long as they, you know, don't try and take over the world and suck humans dry) sorry.

I like all things magical and miraculous(not necessarily Ladybug related, but actual Miracles from Heaven.) ;)

If you say anything nasty about me I will ignore you, and if you say anything cruel/mean to anyone who reviews my fics I will stand up for them. Don't mess with me, you will crash and burn!

I love all things wild, wonderful, frosty, and anything natural!

My motos are: Live Life up, Laugh all the Way, Take a risk once in awhile, Be Yourself and don't let Any negative Opinion stop you from Being You, Don't be scared to Dream, and most importantly . . . Love Unconditionally and Like It's Never going To Hurt!

Warning: Entering Highly Sarcastic Zone

Annnnnnd that's me in a nutshell! Keep the Wolf Faith! Bless Ya!

(Oh yeah, I'm also a big fan of anything Facepalm, Facedesk, Facefloor, Facefoot, You get the idea! [Cracks me up no matter how many times I see it!]XD)

I have copied and pasted these next section from other profiles, soooo Nothing here belongs to me but I Believe it with All. My. Heart!

If you believe in this too or felt like it touched your heart, Feel free to copy and Paste to your profile too!

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...

He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...

He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...

He had no army, yet kings feared him...

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the World...

He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...

He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

Feel honored to serve such a leader who loves us...

If you believe and God and Jesus Christ is His son...

Then copy and paste this into your profile

If you ignore him, in the Bible, Jesus says..

"If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my father in Heaven..."



When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not shouting "I am saved" I'm whispering "I was lost!" That is why I chose this way."

When I say..."I am a Christian" I don't speak of this with pride. I'm confessing that I stumble and need someone to be my guide.

When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not trying to be strong. I'm professing that I'm weak and pray for strength to carry on.

When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not bragging of success. I'm admitting I have failed and cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not claiming to be perfect, my flaws are too visible but God believes I'm worth it.

When I say..."I am a Christian" I still feel the sting of pain I have my share of heartaches which is why I seek His name.

When I say..."I am a Christian" I do not wish to judge. I have no authority. I only know I'm loved.


Why do we sleep through church,
but stay awake for a 3-hour-movie?

Why is it hard to Pray,
but easy to cuss?

Why is it hard to re-post a Godly bulletin,
but easy to re-post the mean ones?

Why can people worship a celebrity,
but not God?

Gonna ignore this?
Afraid to get laughed at?
The Lord said,

"If you deny Me if front of your friends,
I will deny you in front of my Father."

Re-post this if you don't deny Him.

FRIENDS: Never ask for food.
BEST FRIENDS: Are the reasons you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr/Mrs
BEST FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM

FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
BEST FRIENDS: Would sit next to you saying "Dang ... we messed up ... but man that was fun"

FRIENDS: Never seen you cry.
BEST FRIENDS: Have a wet shoulder from your tears

FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back
BEST FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget its yours.

FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
BEST FRIENDS: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
BEST FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowd that left you.

FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door.
BEST FRIENDS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!"

FRIENDS: Will talk meanly to the person who talks meanly about you.
BEST FRIENDS: Will knock them out.

FRIENDS: Will read this.
BEST FRIENDS: Will steal this, just like I did :3

See that boy doing his homework in home room? Last night he talked His friend out of suicide.

See that young boy you had made fun of for always being sick? He has to walk home in the snow cause his family is too poor.

The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills.

The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

That girl who's tapping her fingers and rocking back and forth in her chair? She has autism and those movements keep her from having a breakdown.

See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.

Put this in you're profile if you're against bullying.

I bet 95% of you wont put this on your profile, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will.

I am the kid that doesn't go to school dances, or games, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the kid that people look through when I say something. I am the kid that spends most of there free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the kid that people call weird and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the kid that doesn't spend all there time on MySpace, or talking to a friend nonstop on a cellphone or regular phone. I am the kid that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the kid that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain. BUT I am also the kid who knows and is proud to be who they are, doesn’t care if people call me weird (it's a compliment),who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with alot of things, who can express themself better with words than actions, who doesn't need a bf/gf to complete him/her, and knows the importance of the little things. Copy and paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the kids who are different and unique can know in their weakest time that they are unique but not alone- Bearhug946, EdwardCullenEqualsLife, Stephanie Deux,Randomenated-Cullen!, MiniBellaSwan, Jayleen-Cullen-Whitlock-Hale, Emmett or Edward, Volleyballgurl09, Radr180, Linzerj, Zakmaniac, Phantom Flickering Gundam-Ryuu, TheWolfFaithChild


1. You talk to yourself a lot.

2. You talk to yourself about talking to yourself.

3. When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else.

4. After uttering a profound piece of wisdom, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow, this stuff is great for sugar highs..."

5. You live off of sugar and caffeine.

6. People think you're insane.

7. You can write entire chapters of a story in your head.

8. You'll check your e-mail every day of the week one week, and then disappear off the face of the earth the next.

9. Your e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random.

10. When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it.

11. No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

12. The letters on your keyboard are wearing off.

13. Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

14. People think you have A.D.D.

15. You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D.

16. You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense.

17. You start thinking about making lists like this and start laughing for no "apparent" reason

18. Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago.

19. And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101.

(I most certainly did that last one. XD I'm actually not even joking, it legit happened IRL. i HaVe mEnTaL iSsUeS!!! )

To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

2. Page yourself over the intercom (Preferably singing a stupid song). Don't disguise your voice.

3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.

4. When caught sleeping at school/work/wherever you are not supposed to be sleeping, and you are woken up, shout, "AMEN!", or spout random whatevers about whatever you were dreaming about.

5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 Weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, Switch to Espresso.

6. Finish all your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy".

7. Skip down the hall rather than walk and see how many looks you get.

8. Order a diet water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

9. Specify that your Drive-Through order Is "To Go".

10. Sing along at the Opera.

11. Put mosquito netting around your work area and play tropical sounds all day.

12. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you have a headache.

13. When the money comes out The ATM, Scream: "I Won! I Won!"

14. When leaving the Zoo, Start running towards the parking lot, Yelling: "Run for your lives! They're loose!

15. And the final way to keep a healthy Level Of Insanity: Copy and Paste this To Make People who read bios Smile.

(Okay this little section is of my own writing, but feel free to Copy this too If you agree with it! Just don't plagiarize Ding-dong, IT'S iLliGaL!;))

I like being different, not because it makes me stand out OR blend in; I do it because I enjoy being Me!

I'd play tag in public places if I was allowed to, and I'd include anyone 5 years, 17 years, or even 78 years old if they'd like to, to join in.

I'm not "immature," I was just able to retain the best parts that only A Child-At-Heart can have. Better that than growing up to be a completely blind-to-the-truth-stubborn-as-a-mule Stiff-Wad who thinks people need to "act" their age!

What's wrong with singing while walking? (or in hallways that have GOOD acoustics I might add)

Status Quo isn't all its cracked up to be. Honestly, it's lame and boring and can go jump off a cliff.

If people were baked goods I'd be a Chocolate Fruitcake! (Heh, do you get it?)

Mercy is literally one of the best things out there. After all, nothing good ever came from holding a grudge. That only causes more pain, vengeance, and hatred. Besides, hold a grudge or prejudice only gets in the way of meeting new people and having Fun. I mean, how can you move forward when hatred at a single person holds you back? It's like trying to walk through a swamp and you are up to your knees in filth and gunk.

The "forgive and forget" thing? Well I think that is half-way true. Forgive the person, but don't Forget what they did to you because it helped you see everything that you would never want to do to another. So if anything you should thank them for making you that much smarter and a stronger person.

Grin like an idiot and love every second of it!

I'll live with the Heart of a Dragon since it's beats with warmth, and a fire burns within. As a Dragon-Hearted person I'm not afraid to show affection to those I love, along with the occasional play-fight. As a Dragon-Hearted person I live free and wild like the wind, unafraid to fly and Touch where Sky, Land, and Sea meet. As a Dragon-Hearted person I will protect the small, the young, the hurt, and the old with the firceness of blazing inferno.

We were given 2 ears and 1 mouth. Which should mean we listen twice as much as we speak. When you listen to someone, you don't pity them: You find a way to understand them. Some of the closest friendships possible are the ones where you don't have to speak but you know exactly what the other is trying to say.

No-one ever said being a Child-At-Heart was easy. In fact, it's probably the hardest job out there. 'Cause the world, and sometimes the people in it, will tell you to grow up. But that's why we have to stay Children-At-Heart, because if we don't, who will? Even if our bodies grow up, and our minds learn more about the cruelty and sin of the world, and our hearts are broken and shattered a hundredfold over, our souls cannot be changed. For in them we have our connection with God, and He is were our Child-Like Faith comes from. So don't worry in you feel too much like a "grown-up," cause we're all Children compared to God, even if we get to be 100 years old.


I listen to ALOT of Celtic music. Seriously, that stuff is the sound of Dreamers.

The Road Less Traveled is Hard to Walk but Imma gonna Walk it anyway, whether people, or even myself, think it's stupid or not.

Quotes I REALLY Like!

"Remember, God made you special, and He Loves You very much!" -Bob and Larry, VeggieTales.

"NOT TODAY, SATAN!" -Anonymous

"The Loneliest people, are the Kindest. The Saddest people, Smile the Brightest. The Most Damaged people, are the Wisest. All because they do not wish to see, anyone else suffer the way they do." -Anonymous

"I would rather stand with God, and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God." -Grace Wesley, God's Not Dead 2.

"You're here for a reason. Maybe you don't see the connections yet. But just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it's not there." -Queen Tara, Epic.

"You tell me you stop Believing in the moon when the sun comes up? Ok, well, do stop Believing in the sun when clouds block it out? We'll always be there, Jamie. And now, we'll always be here.*points at heart* Which, kinda makes you a Guardian too." -Jack Frost (to Jamie), Rise of the Guardians.

"Dance like no-one is watching, Love like its never gonna hurt, Sing as if no-one is listening, and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!" -William W. Purkey.

"Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone - except God." -Billy Graham

"So when the Moon tells you something, Believe It." -Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians.

“You know, a daydream properly utilized can be the most powerful force in the universe. One need only dream of freedom to begin to break the spell of enslavement.” -William Joyce.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein.

"People are mirrors. If you Smile, a Smile will be reflected." -Zeno, Yona of the Dawn.

"Pain is a teacher. Through Pain we Grow." -Hak, Yona of the Dawn(english dub version).

"It's not a matter of whether you can, or not. It's more than that, it's a matter of Will and Intention." -Zeno, Yona of the Dawn(english dub version).

"Pain has taught me to be kind, caring, and compassionate. Some people should give that a try instead of being heartless." -Anonymous

"Grit is that 'extra something' that separates the most successful people from the rest. It's the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality." -Travis Bradberry.

"Kill 'em with kindness." -Anonymous

"Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack." - Seneca.

"Nec Timeo, Nec Sperno: Neither Fear, Nor Despise." -Anonymous.

"Could a greater Miracle take place than for us to look through Each Other's Eyes for an instant?" -Henry David Thoreau.

"If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy, but don't Love . . . I'm nothing but the Creaking of a Rusty Gate. If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all of His mysteries and making everything as plain as Day . . . and if I have Faith to say to a mountain 'Jump!' and it jumps . . . but I don't Love, I'm nothing. If I give all I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr . . . But I don't Love, I've gotten nowhere. So. No Matter what I Say, No Matter what I Believe, No Matter what I Do . . . I'm bankrupt without Love." -For King & Country.

"Behind every Mask there is a Face, and behind that, a Story." -Marty Rubin.

"Loneliness is proof that your innate search for Connection is still intact." -Martha Beck.

"Being Positive in a Negative Situation is not Naive. It's Leadership." -Anonymous.

"When people show you who they are, Believe them." -Maya Angelou.

"There's not always a Good Guy. Nor is there always a Bad One. Most People are somewhere Inbetween." -The Monster, A Monster Calls.

"Man can live about forty days without food, three days without water, eight minutes without air . . . but only one secound without Hope." -Hal Lindsey.

"But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him I will also deny before my Father who is in heaven." -Matthew 10:33


Thank You to all those who have Fav'ed/Followed/Reviewed my stories, as few in number as they may be right now!

I'm planning on changing that. I have several stories/plot bunnies outlined out at the moment, and I want to give them full-fledged Story Wings. Fly free, my imagination!

So here we go. Most of these summaries aren't definite, this is just a rough outline(and a way for me to keep track of my stories, published and not.)



Rise of the Guardians

Lost Boy Found: Chapters 1/1

Wind can see that her Winter child is Lost. She's going to convince the Guardians to help him know that he is Found. Even if it means going behind her Frostling's back and hauling the Guardians butts to do it. SONG-FIC!


Fire Song: Chapters 1/1

Merlin is on the pyre. Will his end, the end of Destiny, be in Fire? SONG!FIC

Currently in Progress:

Original Stories:

Origin of Anima: One-shot(that may eventually turn into a multi-chapter depending on response and/or emotional state.)

Publish Date: Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Every hero has an origin, right? A beginning, in which they come into their abilities and gain a motive to fight evil. Face trials and gain strength, every day leading to the coming war. Every day, a new page in their stories. Stories we tell each other, and our Children, so that we may step out of our own painful realities and into the world of bravery, adventure, morals easily written but hard-lived, and our imagination. Well . . . This is not a story of a War.

Rise of the Guardians

To Let Go and Fly Free: One-Shot

Jack singing "Let It Go," BUT WHAT'S THIS?! Jack's not running away from the Guardians? He's running away from the other Spirits of the Seasons?! Ugh, it's always those stiff-rod-jerk-wads, isn't it? "And that's how I got my hoodie!"

Yona of the Dawn

Is It Just A Dream? Or the Future?: Chapters 2/?

Next Update: Undetermined, but in progress.

A "watching the series/reading the manga" story. TheWolfFaithChild drags AkaYona characters into a dream, where everyone meets everyone! Or do they? Dreams are strange after all. And showing the future is impossible. Right?

Future Stories:

Rise of the Guardians

Jack's Little Lullaby: One-Shot

Jack sings "Lullaby For A Stormy Night" and remembers a special little someone. Wait, why are a piano and xylophone involved with this?!

Snow Bird With a Broken Wing: Multi-Chapter

Jack has wings. But they're broken. Maybe beyond repair. The Guardians find out and try to help. Winged!Jack AU!! FAIRYFROST! (Not official summary.)


The Moon Shifts: Multi-Chapter

Merlin Dragon!Transformation AU. No, this is NOT a werewolf!Merlin thingy-majigger. I know that's what the title makes it sound like, but NOOOOOOOPE!! I, have something different in mind. ;) (i sAid i LiKe PaInFuL tRaNsFoRmAtiOnS, DiDn'T i? :) )

Lullaby For A Warlock: Two-Shot! (Possible Three-Shot!)

Something terrible happened. Arthur had to banish Merlin. No, not banish, seal away. For a thousand years. Or maybe more. Arthur doesn't know if his Warlock can hear him, but he'll try to sing him "Goodnight" anyway. (Will be a two-shot, maybe three-shot[might throw a Morgana-version in there] of an Arthur, and then Merlin-version of "Lullaby For A Princess.")

Yona of the Dawn

I Will Always Be Here: Multi-Chapter

"GUEN! ABI! SHUTEN! I don't want this! DON'T LEAVE ME!" That's what the First Generation wake up to. The first sound, the first step, of a never-ending journey. Every step from here on out will be filled with uncertainty, remembrance, loss, and love. How can they reach him through the separation of death? When will this immortal boy in agony find respite? The part of the story we know . . . between Then . . . and Now . . . What happened?


Merlin Reads Manga(Merlin&Akatsuki no Yona): Multi-Chapter

Merlin has lived for over 1,500 years. Waiting is the norm for him now. Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, for a certain Prat to come back. Merlin never thought he'd find a character so like himself, especially not in a manga of all things!. (Merlin read 18th volume of Yona of the Dawn).

Once again: PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY UNPUBLISHED STORY IDEAS!!(I know there are a lot of them, but please be honest and courteous and do not plagiarize. Even if it is FF)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Gift by 911ost at sea reviews
There's more to the cat's story than what they've been told. Kyo has a special gift, one that's both powerful and terrifying. And it might just be the key to saving not only himself, but all of the zodiac members. With spring just around the corner the clock is ticking for them all. *plenty of Kyo whump*
Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 21 - Words: 24,250 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 5/7 - Published: 5/14/2021 - Kazuma S., Kyo S., Tohru H.
Forgotten Family by Koala789 reviews
Harry had thought that the Dursleys and Sirius were his only family left. But Lily Potter had an older brother who had fallen through the ice to save her, years before. During Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, there's a new teacher, in charge of a new subject—elemental magic. But Harry doesn't understand. Why does Professor Evans act like he knows him? Rated T to be safe.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Family/Mystery - Chapters: 32 - Words: 97,860 - Reviews: 665 - Favs: 1,156 - Follows: 1,372 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 7/23/2016 - Harry P., Lily Evans P., Jack Frost, Jack's sister
The Gun, the Sword and the Vampires by YakFruit reviews
Niijima Makoto: Novice daughter of a famous vampire hunter. Amamiya Ren: a dhampir vampire hunter. As the city of Tock-Yo begins to simmer in dread under the rumors of disguised vampires and vanishing schoolgirls, Makoto and Ren cross paths. They circle one another, like stars linked by the gravity of fate, gradually entwining amidst passion and blood.
Crossover - Vampire Hunter D & Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 70 - Words: 200,478 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 4/14 - Published: 6/2/2019 - Makoto N., Akira K./Ren A.
Of Lost Swords and Shadow Magic by Vaasth reviews
In his efforts to find an edge over Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort seeks out a magic only known to Wizards in myth and lost to time. Now, as targets of a madman halfway across the globe, the bearers of the Millennium Items find themselves thrown into a foreign war as an ancient relic brings an unexpected third player to the table.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 51 - Words: 427,760 - Reviews: 347 - Favs: 447 - Follows: 505 - Updated: 3/30 - Published: 5/12/2017 - Harry P., Voldemort, Yūgi M., S. Kaiba
The Color of the World by Novirp13 reviews
Cheerful Nezuko has been living a peaceful life until she loses her family overnight/Her brother Tanjiro survives but has turned into a demon/ And Nezuko aims to turn him back to human/A dark journey begins when she joins the Demon Slaying Corps to save her brother and avenge her family/REVERSE-ROLE AU
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