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Author has written 2 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Star Fox.

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Myspace: Myspace.com/falkundude

Email: falkundude@yahoo.com

Favorite Shows: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Scrubs, CSI: Whatever, Gundam Wing.

Favorite Movies: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Star Wars Episode III, X-Men the Last Stand, V for Vendetta. 3oo, bitches! constantine, romeo must die

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Inheritence, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Deltora Quest.

Favorite Games: Final fantasy 7 and , Kingdom Hearts I and II, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Soul Calibur III, Dragon ball Z Boudokai Whatever, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. GHII

Favorite Male game Characters: Squall Leonhart (FFVIII) Cloud Strife (FFVII) Riku (KH) Seig (Chaos Legion) Sigfried (Soul Calibur) Hworang (Tekken).

favorite Female game charicters: Paine (FFX-2) Yuna (FFX) Sophitia (SC) Asuka Kazama (Tekken) Krystal (Starfox).

I use capitals in Places That they don't Really belong. I just can't Keep my finger Off of the shift Button. if you see this in any of my stories, please tell Me. Thanks!

Also, I don't like it when people use the terms; 'It sucked' or 'i really hated it' please use positve criticism and/or advice on haw to make it better.

And, it's probably not important, but...I GOT MY BLACK BELT!!!


1. Riku's Story: After long periods of time, i have finally uploaded the next chapter! Riku must resist the temptation of the darkness; but can he, since now the heartless obey him? ch 9 is now up! Riku has obtained his darkness powers, but can he save kairi?)

2. Corneria, the unified Eaarthsphere Allience: There's an attack on the Cornerian Armory, and General Pepper almost gets assassinated! we find some old enemies and a shocking surprise! Ch.3 is up

Coming Attractions:

1. The Chronicles of Riku: The Exiting Sequel to Riku's Story. Starts off where Chain of Memories ends. However, don't hold your breath, because i'm not even done with Riku's Story yet.

2. Naruto: Rise of the Flare Ninja: What happens when a child is born with bloodline from the Hyuuga and Uchiha Clans? What could be the Strongest Ninja in history.

3. Gundam Wing; After Coloney 210: Set 15 years after Endless Waltze (The year might be off by a couple years.) the gundam pilots have children, and the protectors must defeat the threat of neo-Oz. The fate of the Allience rests on one kid, and his mythical Gundam.

if they had a section, i was kinda thinkin' of maybe making a bridge to tarabethia fic. only time will tell. (did i spell it wrong?)

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Kingdom Hearts: Riku's Story reviews
This is what riku was doing while sora was off saving the worlds chapter 9 Halloween Town is up!
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