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Name: Darkon Arters Shadows

Gender: ...? usually referred as male.

Occupation: Professional 'supposedly' evil monster, badly written fan fiction author with very good concepts and ideas.

Race: Eye Monster.

Element: Dark and Psychic.

Relationship: Primell the Metroid??

Quote: Cupcakes are EVIL!

Appearance: A floating eye sticking out of a mass of gaseous substance called dark matter, without dark matter it is a eyestalk sticking out of two half circular eyelids with same eye, also is stuck bouncing around on the ground.

Eye color:Normally Red, in some situations blue and yellow.

Personality: Always wanting to be the center of attention, highly annoying, completely insane and somewhere among all these traits lies a great heart and genius mind.

Likes: Annoying people, defying the laws of physics, causing random things to happen, random harmless destruction, weaponized machinery, reading, information gathering, good videogames and Metroids.

Dislikes: Sharp pointy objects, bigger monsters, being in extreme ammounts of pain, dark and fire elemental fiends, things being too simple, easy or normal and most of all it hates cows.

Weaknesses: Thwarts self whenever attempting something evil, Coca-cola among other caffeine drinks, large bodies of water, army of killer cows, anti-matter, sharp objects, nearly defenseless without darkmatter and has poor offensive capability.

History: Not many people know of this monsters origins, however it must have been to a school of evil considering what it looks like, has gathered a few minions, most notable is Sir-Dies-Allot, who is a comic relief, running joke and Darkon's top minion, has fought evil cows and after drinking coca-cola or other unusual soft drinks becomes terribly drunk and end's up on a rampage.

List of known abilities...

Dark matter creation-Darkon's body developed the ability to generate dark matter at an early age, it is a natural part of his body functions.

Speed Reading-Able to read a known languages at an accelerated rate.

Fire Magic-Somehow the only magic that Darkon can perform half of the time correctly, creates small flames and fireballs.

Dark matter control-Uses the dark matter that keeps it floating in mid air, mainly used to form a offensive melee attack, defensive shield for both projectiles and melee attacks, a arm or two for manipulating stuff in surrounding area.

Dark matter healing-Hurts Darkon mildly as it heals any damage done to its main body using darkmatter, no matter what as long as it has dark matter it can heal from any injury given time and quantity of dark matter to heal .

Exploding dark matter-Hurts Darkon, because it uses up its darkmatter to cause a explosion, depending on amount of darkmatter used, can vary in power.

Random explosion-Unexplained occurences that happen near Darkon, where Darkon accidently makes even the most inert object explode violently.

Dark matter whip-Darkon's basic dark matter control attack, creating a thin but strong whip made out of darkmatter for quick attack, uses up no dark matter, can also be called "Dark matter tentacle".

Dark matter punch-Darkon's basic dark matter control attack, creating a huge fist in a instant creating massive impact, uses up no darkmatter.

Dark matter weapon forging-Makes a temporary, but powerful weapon from focused dark matter, uses a huge amount of dark matter to form a solid weapon, after a certain amount of time the weapon will vanish, Darkon can't reabsorb the dark matter used in this way, the weapon is always black and incredibly dense.

Weak mind control-Darkon has slight psychic power, it's not strong enough to control anyone directly and only then it still has a practical use at making a person think a little off balance.

Remote rememberance-A ability that is comparable to remote viewing, however it'll only show you what's in the room from when you were last in it and whats in there now, only works if you have prior knowledge of the room and when you see whats in there now it's usually outlined with a blob of certain colors meaning living, non living or other.

Fire matter- the ability to change dark matter into the element of fire, improves Darkon's lack of offensive strength with focused fire energy; however it is limited by the fact that he can't generate it directly without using dark matter.

Chaos pyre- creates circular marking on a flat surface which fires a pillar of dark energy that pushes away objects or people, this is a chaos magic spell that Darkon mastered however it will only work on flat surfaces, the offensive ability of this spell is great against flying or airborne targets. Since the pillar of dark energy is formed from a circle the regular angle is ninety degrees to the surface it is fired from meaning straight out, the minimum for changing the angle is to fourty five degrees in any direction from the circle. This spell has great applications in space and or for flying on top of objects, since Darkon can not naturally fly though grabbing a flat piece of cardboard would just do it. The downsides to this spell is the energy requirements for constant extended use past five minutes is dangerous, however if fire in small burst it's completely fine.

Real Name: Sir-Does-Allot.

Name changed to: Sir-Dies-Allot

Gender: Male

Occupation: Number one minion in Darkon's disorganization.

Race: Supposedly human...

Quote: Ow.

Appearance: A blob-like green humanoid shaped body, wears a green cone hat with a green ball connected to the tip, slanted backwards on his head, his hat is always there, despite his major problems.

Eye color: Black.

Personality: Dour, never seems to get out of his depression, but likes Darkon despite his immense ammount of problems and is used to being quiet and helpful.

Likes:Peaceful environments, Darkon for who knows what reason, nothing happening for an entire day, not feeling pain and cleaning up after darkons messes, but mostly keeping everything neat and tidy.

Dislikes:His curse, pain, getting killed, being a magnet for bad things to happen to him, atracting projectiles from atleast half a mile away or further, being a distraction for any one other then Darkon and being used as a living shield.

Weaknesses: Everything and having his bad luck quadrupled after getting cursed.

History (written haphazardly by Darkon): Sir has an unusual family history, his father was known as Mister for a first name, his fathers middle and last name are Eats and Allot, who met his mother Missy Cooks Cabbages, as far as we can tell his family has a thing for massive puns.

When his mother got married she had a son, she wanted to name him Sir and his father said for his middle name to be Does, just as well he became a knight who would do just about anything to finish a quest, usually he came back from those quest with more then his fair share of bruises and breaks from having a unlucky streak, his parents never stopped taking care of him and his father was never obese for some reason, though he ate more then a horses worth every night, his mother could cook allot of great foods and ran a restraunt.

Of course after the faithful day he came back unscratched and silent, but his skin and hat were a green color, his parents were worried about him, when he was suddenly killed before their eyes, only to pop back to life like a cartoon characters seconds later(Cartoons didn't exist back then), they were asking him how he managed to survive the axe that implanted into his skull only seconds before, he had to explain his curse "Mom, Dad, I've got a curse that makes my luck four times as horrible then it naturally is posed to be, but something went wrong and I became immortal." it was a shock to hear their son was immortal whats more the fact that immortality has a price it weakened his body, made him immune to poisons, curses and diseases, but he has so much bad luck that he has died about 150 times by now, only to be brought back to life to go through another horribly painful experience, he has no strength for fighting, he can't be a knight anymore and his parents were disturbed by the news, he then packed up everything and left "Sorry I don't think I can do allot anymore, I'm now and forever to be known as Sir-Dies-Allot."

He left his parents still wishing their son for a better life, after years of unending torture hearing his family had a few more kids, he was satisfied that atleast someone in his family would continue existing and have a better future, he was later saddened to hear that his parents had died while he never got older and so lived on for years, he was later found and used in World War II D-day operation mostly because he was forced into it because of his ability to draw enemy fire and he continues wandering around, untill one day, he accidentally stumbled upon a monster requesting for minion who could survive five minutes of extreme torture of having to listen to him go on about himself, Sir first thought it was stupid, then before he threw it away he thought about how he could never keep a friend because no one liked watching him die, so he decided to visit the monster and the unusual events that led up to him being Darkon's number one minion.

List of known abilities...

Spontaneous combustion-Not an ability more like horrible luck at the right time, but sometimes saves Darkon from heatseeking weapons as well as throwing Sir into something as an attack, it is rather funny watching him scream like a little girl though and running around flailing his arms.

Projectile Magnet-A ability brought on by Sirs incredibly horrible luck, makes any thing that is a inanimate projectile aim towards him almost as if it was a accident, atleast he come back to life with his body entirely without a scratch, he doesn't bleed at all either, the most biggest thing that he atracted to himself is a ballistic missle which only hit him and nothing else was destroyed in the explosion.

Living Shield-Holding him infront of you can protect you from any attack, at his expense and the funny way he looks afterwards stretched like taffy.

Stealth sneak-Sir has some ability to be a great spy, even if you capture him, there is no way you can keep a hold of him, he can be very sneaky and helps by gathering info for Darkon, it's impossible for some one to stop him from doing such, however he has no ambition to annoy the world as Darkon would put it.

Weakening Factor(rated T)-A weird, if not creepy ability of Sir to completely be useless in any attempt to steal his immortality, in fact the attempt itself makes other people weaker by assimilating Sir and ending up permanently dead, only evil people have tried and failed miserably, Darkon has yet to even mention immortality infront of Sir Allot, because of all the attempts led to disaster from assimilating his bad luck, but not his immortality.

Name: Trio Dackswell.

Gender: Male.

Occupation: Sub minion and resident explosive penguin. Also happens to be a fan fiction author.

Race: Prinny/ Happy exploding demon penguin.

Quote: Dude.

Appearance: Penguin-like with humanoid size, mostly red skin/feathers (can change color through reincarnation), white belly and has a triangular yellow beak, two peg legs that are actually natural despite wooden appearance and two small bat wings sticking out of the back, grey phanny pack that never leaves his person.

Eye Color: purple.

Personality: it's the personality of a competent minion, thought it could be said that he is both laid back and high strung at the same time.

Likes: Nekomata (a cute but mostly dangerous race of humanoid female foxcats that can somehow still have kids without males), throwing swords, anime, cartoons and being useful.

Dislikes: being useless, grossly stupid situations(it has to be a certain level of stupid before he reacts to it), being the leader, people pointing out he doesn't have any fingers while still using his flippers as if he did and overlords.

Weaknesses: when thrown even if it's a millimeter he explodes like a grenade, termites eating his legs, being seen as a cuddle toy for every female in the universe and having little combat diversity. (The weakness of being thrown and exploding is dented by the fact that Trio is a natural born Prinny)

History: Like all Prinny he was born without legs, then he would eventually grow peglegs and a phanny pack due to random process, then he would grow up working for many overlords and be reincarnated about one hundred and fifty two times, after all the stuff he's been through he's better off where he is now considering many penguin demons are put down as weak and lower demons mostly used as slaves. Otherwise he's made an excellent career in being a minion and has been sold to Sir as a sub minion at a cursed immortals convention by a non cursed immortal. Though he doesn't hate Darkon for his mild dislike of demons he questions his new bosses sanity. Fighter by wielding one or two swords and if he's feeling like a challenge or he's in a confined space he'll go bare flippered.

List of known abilities...

Sword throwing- many people have thrown shuriken, kunai, knives and exploding bowling pins, but no one can say they can throw a sword and take a fly's wings off from four hundred feet away without hurting the fly.

Fanny pack weapon generator- all Prinny have one of these, though it's a mystery to how they can call up so many swords from it and some even call up bombs from them (Trio however can't call bombs from his phanny pack yet or maybe he never will), usually the swords dissapear after a while and the bomb fragments just turn into whatever's environmentally friendly at the time.

Sacrificial Grenade-He gets someone to throw him at a target and then violently explodes, demon penguins have this unusual ability however it only activates when someone else grabs and lifts them off the ground otherwise they won't explode like this any other way, however if a prinny is thrown at another prinny they are both set off and create a chain reaction among other Prinny who happen to be close to the explosions. (Since Trio is a naturally ocurring Prinny, he has some ability to control whether he explodes or not)

Huggy Power- As if many people haven't noticed Darkon being inept at evil or Sir constantly being the red shirt, like them Trio has his own bad quirk which is always being hugged by any female who wanders close enough to him and most of the time its a painful can't breathe hug. So far only Primell seems to be able to resist the urge to hug for a short amount of time before she is overpowered.

Blade Barrage-Trio's signature attack, he usually leaps into the air(meaning it's not a requirement) and then pulls out and flings an undetermined amount of swords at all angles towards his targets, this is enough to displace his weight from gravity so he hovers as long as he continues the barrage.

Name: Metty R. Primell

Gender: Decidedly female/asexual.

Occupation: Seeking employment as a minion from Darkon, no joke this is actually what she does all day.

Race: Metroid/ Metroid Prime L variant/ human metroid.


Appearance: Looks vaguely like Gandrayda from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption except blue green. her face has no nose, a mouth full of sharp and mostly straight white teeth, she has three nuclei that are slightly spread apart into three solid eyes with lids. She has a long membrane hanging down from her head down past her shoulders to her back as hair. Her hand can be switched between dangerous white claws to harmless versatile fingers. She also can form a brown flexible crust armor that is slightly weaker then a Prime Metroids armor on any part of her body, she mostly covers her torso and legs.

Eye Color: Solid Red, glowing solid red when angry.

Personality: Primell is an expert at acting, not to mention she pretends to be a stalker quite often to irk Darkon and always tries to win his affections. Her personality could be called a ditz, but she's far more complicated then that and if you're not watching her she can turn wicked on you in a instant, unless you happen to be the object of desire which all metroids seem to have.

Likes: Darkon despite his constant avoidance, the infinite battery Sir Dies Allot, when Darkon acknowledges her every now and then, hot chocolate, exploration, speed running through any metroid game, draining the ever loving life out of everything close and living, ripping apart space pirates, draining cows (look up cow mutilations to learn more), her intelligence once she acquired it and anything or any one that generally promotes equality for 'most likely to kill you' races.

Dislikes: Cold stuff, Ridley's continuous god modification, spaces pirates, fricken Kriken's, Vhozon's in general, cold atmospheres, being kept away from resupplying energy to self and losing control of herself especially in front of Darkon.

Weaknesses: EXTREME COLD, going without a energy drain for to long and being kept out of reach of available sources of energy, will do anything to protect what she obsesses about, sometimes has a lapse in memory due to instincts overriding her nature at some time leaving her less capable to defend herself.

History: People would say Primell is evil for the life and energy sucking qualities, but it's a fact of life that all things need energy and the big exception is that primell can usually leave her energy drained targets alive if not highly weak; whereas humans need to eat something living be it plant or animal to gain energy from the consuming it to continue existence. It is a minor fact that primell can be more humane then humans themselves.

Primell came into existence as project Metroid Prime L which is where her name originates from, the previous projects to create more Prime Metroids were dead at this point and the space pirates were working to recreate chozo artifacts and they managed to recreate the morphball, but as luck would have it they could not copy it's creation untill it got back to their homeworld, they were transporting this morphball artifact and the project Prime L Metroid; of course leaving them both in the same room, back to continue the project using a fresh metroid test subject. Their stupidity knew no bounds when a meteor with unusual energy disabled the Simplistic Metroid's containment field and the Morphball artifacts as well which because of the energy it gave off was quickly consumed by the metroid thus Metty Roda Primell was born and was suddenly given more intelligence then drain the energy out of the nearest spot it could find and quickly learned one really good fact... Space Pirates are jerks.

Darkon loving sci-fi universes was planning on raiding said ship and ever since he did he's forever cursed himself for having ever entered the dead ship and finding Metty, she couldn't drain Darkon because he was protected by his darkness and since she couldn't drain him she figure it was something she was posed to love, thus making Darkon wholly confused about what she see's in him.

Eventually she learned to go beyond her natural instincts, but for some reason she still persues Darkon.

Meeting Sir Dies Allot was probably the most happiest moment of Metty's life and the most saddest of Sir's, because he is immortal and can't die Primell can indefinitely draw energy out of Sir like a rechargeable battery, however she doesn't have interest in Sir beyond this.

Trio Dackswell is confusing to Primell after he came along to become one of Darkons minions, because she doesn't understand why she feels like she has to hug him to death whenever he is nearby, it is a good thing he can be reincarnated with all his memories intact.

List of known abilities...

Bilingual alien voice replication- has the ability to speak multiple different alien tongues while humanoid, it also helps with learning other languages making her fluent in Metroid(her natural tongue), Japanese (anomylous oddity from the get go) and English (a given considering it's usually called BASIC).

Energy Drainer- Primell is like every other metroid in the ability to extract energy from almost anything, which means she'll drain the lively energy out of anything nearby if she gets hungry enough, the exception is if she were to try and drain cold energy it could kill her instantly.

Warning: Energy Drainer also means nuclear plants, power generators and fusion reactors are not very safe when she's around, but unlike other metroids she can control the cravings when well fed.

Reverse Morphball- A copied chozo artifact gone wrong, reversed what the morphball normally does because a metroid is technically already small enough to be concidered morphed. In short this is why primell resembles a human, she can revert to her old normal metroid form to fly around and fit into tight space, but she prefers stay in her humanoid form for no more reason that she prefers having arms and legs, as compared to have just four claws sticking out of her not to mention hugging the life out something is fun.

Death Hold- Primell watched a bit of wrestling and emulates a few moves that will hold you down till your drained of everything, while her grip gets stronger you'll get weaker from loss of energy a good idea would be to never allow her to wrap around you.

Super Shinespark!(special move)- emulating a powerful ability of famed bounty hunter Samus Aran, Primell can build up energy in her body and then can set off at blinding speeds either as a offensive maneuver or to travel a vast distances in seconds and unlike the Metroid games Primell can set off this move standing still as long as she has the energy for it otherwise she'd have to get a running start to absorb atmospheric energy to set off the ability.

Prime Armor- the brown crust generated by Primell gives her protection, some of the protection is against extremely cold situations, otherwise it's averagely good against everything else.

Energy Control- can fire blasts of focused energy and can form a grapple beam made of whatever energy primell happens to have.

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