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Author has written 11 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Guilty Crown/ギルティクラウン.

Hello friends, thanks for checking out my profile!

Did you know I am now on p a t r e o n? I am serious! Check it out:

www . p a t r e o n. com/GKOS

I have written down all my plans for future projects there. Might be worth a look, if you are interested :D

(it might be faster to just type it in manually, since is such a bitch about censoring everything to hell.)

TL;DR: I am a dedicated Guilty Crown author that specializes in Comedy, Romance, Drama and Tragedy. You will find a list of my most supported pairings below. If my stuff is to your liking, feel free to follow me to always get notified whenever I dish out dem stories for y'all. Peace.

Yo, what's up?

You have found your way over to my profile, which is somewhat embarrassing since I have nothing to really PUT here. I don't want to be THAT guy who copy/pastes all these annoying "Put this in your profile when..." chain messages. So annoying and unoriginal. No one ever reads those anyway.

So what to put here instead? Beats me...I will try to introduce myself at least, I guess. Might as well add info about my stories here, too.

The name's GuiltyKingOumaShu, or GKOS for short. (I pronounce it Gee-kos in my mind, dunno why I do that and dunno why you would care). The name's pretty unoriginal, too, but what can you do... I am not that bright a light when it comes down to naming stuff.

I have written fanfiction since I was...12 y/o I believe...which gives me 13 years of experience to look back on. I excel at Comedy, Drama, Tragedy and Romance. I especially like writing dialogue. I hate creating original characters since they always end up to be bland and uninteresting in my eyes. Especially frustrating is creating clothes for them to wear. I hate it with a passion.

I formerly used to write in German which turned out to be a huge waste of time since nobody would ever read it anyway. In 2012 I decided to abandon the German fanfic community for good and become an English writer instead. I have absolutely no regrets regarding that decision. English is a beautiful language that is incredibly fun to write in while also being the most used language in the world thus making stories written in it easily accessible, unlike German. (Plus, the German fanfic community basically only consists of mostly teenage girls that write their handful of unoriginal yaoi fics and then give up on it after a few years anyway, once their "phase" ends. Yeah, how about no.)

Sadly I am a one-trick pony, which means I can only write for one franchise at a time. I hardly ever change that and when I do, I seldom come back to the previous one. When I was younger, it used to be Kingdom Hearts. You wouldn't catch me dead writing for that one ever again, that's for sure.

Nowadays, my craze is Guilty Crown and I believe I will stick to it until I either die or retire from my fanfiction career...whichever happens first. I don't intent to quit in the near future, though, as it is the only hobby besides Gaming and Anime I actually have.

As I am a major shipper, you will likely never find a single story of mine without a single pairing in it. If you are curious about what you will likely find in my stories, here's a small list, sorted by my personal preference:

1. Shu/Inori - This one is undebatable and absolute. Anyone who disagrees with me on this one is a heathen and shall be executed. Period. This pairing is the law.

2. Shu/Ayase - Given how anything but Shu/Inori would normally be blasphemy, I am willing to overlook that rule under certain conditions. Meaning that Inori is dead and won't return and that Shu holds on to his love for her (though is willing to move on in order to live his life)

3. Hare/Shu, Hare/Inori - Usually onesided from Hare's point of view. She is more of the kind of character that would never get in the way of those two no matter how much (or maybe even because?) she loves those two

4. Gai/Mana - While I don't particularly care much for this pairing, I consider this one to be canon.

5. Souta/Arisa - Now I don't even know why I ship those two together in the first place. I just did it out of convenience once, thinking it would be in Souta's character to go for Arisa, only to realize I find it to be utterly adorable. It has that kind of "rich but coldhearted hime-sama adopting that poor, yet adorable street dog that manages to warm her frozen heart" feeling to it. :P

--The pairings below are ones I am considering for my stories. I haven't decided whether I will support them for sure yet--

6. Yahiro/Ayase - Those two are always bickering with each other like a married couple. I experimented with them a bit and thought that it sort of worked, but even so I believe it will forever be a side-thing, never a main couple.

7. Jun/Hare - This one is basically only a brain fart. It would (sort of) make sense in the future, if you assume Hare won't be chasing Shu and Inori's tails forever and eventually settle down with a consolation prize. That makes it sound somewhat harsh, though. While Jun would certainly be the second...or third choice for her, he is a nice guy who shares her mindset and gets along with her perfectly. Those two share a lot of similarities and would fit together quite well. I think they would match beautifully.

--The Pairings below this line are ones I loathe and will never put into my stories in all my life--

1. ANY form of crack or yaoi pairing - NO. Simple as that. Don't even ask.

2. Daryl/Tsugumi - If you ask me I don't even understand how this could have become a popular pairing in the first place. They have NOTHING in common and barely even meet in the anime. There are, at the topmost, two scenes in the whole anime that could be vaguely seen as a hint for them having feelings for each other and even those are kind of stretching it. In fact, I didn't even notice them after I had watched the anime for the first time, which was the reason this pairing struck me so much as a surprise. I considered this a crack pairing at first.

3. Gai/Ayase - I generally don't like Gai much as a character so any pairing with him would sort of already drain my interest. I especially can't stomach pairing a character I actually like with him so I will refuse to write him together with Ayase, since she is way too good for him anyway.

4. Gai/Arisa - Same as above. I don't like Arisa THAT much, but I have better alternatives for her, so I think it would be a waste. Gai should just take Mana and be happy he gets even that.

I think that's as far as pairings go. Next I will give you a quick summary of my version of the Guilty Crown universe as depicted in my fanfic: "Reclaiming the Throne". I will try to keep this short. Well, I guess it became longer than I had planned for it...awkward.

Basically, it is a direct sequel for Guilty Crown, happening five years after the fourth apocalypse. It gets revealed what the apocalypse virus really is, which is a means to force humanity to undergo evolution. An evolved human being is called a Genesis (plural is also Genesis).

About Genesis:

A Genesis is blessed to be better than a human in every aspect , be it in strength, agility, intelligence and even life span (They can live about three times longer than normal human beings). Genesis also gain a sixth sense which is the ability to detect and use crystals. Crystal usage includes the ability to merge with them, pass through them, use them to communicate with other Genesis via telepathy and even use them as quick transportation from A to B (provided there is a crystal connection form A to B in the first place). Genesis can also unleash and use their own voids, though it will always be limited to only their own. If a human didn't have a void before, they will get one after evolving through their "rebirth" as a Genesis.

Genesis are dependent on crystals created by their queen, which is Eve. Therefore, they tend to develop a mentality not unlike a bee swarm's, though while also upholding their individualistic traits as humans. They are fast to accept a queen as their ruler and follow her loyally as long as said queen is looking after them. Though that may make it sound like they all become mindless slaves, don't make the mistake to write them off as such. They are still highly intelligent people capable of being selfish and doing their own thing like humans normally would. All that really changed for them is the willingness to accept one absolute ruler to rule them all indefinitely instead of expressing the wish to vote for one regularly. They will still express their dissatisfaction if they start to get treated badly and will even revolt against their queen in extreme cases, so Eve, while having the upper hand, must be careful, too.

About the void realm:

The void realm is a parallel plane of existence made up entirely of crystals. Every human who dies to the effects of the apocalypse virus has their souls sent to the void realm to let them undergo evolution. Put inside a crystal cocoon, the humans start to be reborn into Genesis, however, the chances of survival depend on many factors such as age, strength of mind, strength of body, the presence of an Eve blessing and other factors such as genetics and, simply, luck. If one is to survive the process of evolution, they eventually emerge of the crystal cocoon as Genesis. If they fail, they die. Natural selection.
The void realm is meant to be a place for Adam and Eve to oversee the process of evolution while guarding and guiding the newly born Genesis until everyone has evolved and is ready to return to the real world. Once that is done, a Genesis will count as having successfully been reborn. Since Genesis aren't fully "born" until they leave the void realm, they cannot truly die, either, meaning that every time they die in the void realm, they are put into a cocoon again to revive (though since they already went though evolution, they will revive for sure. No more natural selection)

About Eve blessings:

Eve can craft crystals that serve as a guarantee for humans who hold them to not die during the process of evolution. It triggers once the carrier dies and follows them to the void realm. From there on out it will monitor the carrier's life signs and if they are about to fail, the blessing will "change" the carrier's fate by switching it with someone who would have made it (provided that person isn't blessed, too.) A blessing is thus basically a cheat given by Eve. Possessors will be guaranteed survival at the expense of someone else. If the blessing is not needed during evolution (when the owner doesn't die during evolution), the blessing will not trigger and simply shatter without getting used. The creation of blessings is really tiresome and slow for Eve, which means they shouldn't be mass produced. They are just a means for Eve to choose people she definitely wants to have around her in the new world/cannot afford losing during the process of evolution.
Fun fact 1: If Eve were to bless every human in existence, the blessings would all become useless since they would all negate each other.
Fun fact 2: Adam and Eve are always guaranteed by default. They don't need blessings.

The characters and factions: (Spoilers will be in BOLD)

Terrorists of Japan / Shu and Inori's kingdom -- (Spoiler: later to be known as the kingdom of Eden):

Yuzuriha Inori: Genesis. Fake Eve of the apocalypse, rival of Mana, known as the kind queen. Former Eve vessel. Former Da'ath test subject.
Absolute ruler of the Genesis that chose to follow her. Protects Shu and her kingdom with her life. Has an especially soft spot for children. Hurting them will seriously make her angry. Don't do that. Gentle and peace-loving woman, loved by her people. Despite being an incredibly skillful fighter due to her Eve powers, she would rather use her crystal creation abilities for art than killing. -- (Spoiler: Later becomes the true Eve, after defeating Mana)

Ouma Shu: Genesis. Adam of the apocalypse, Inori's king as appointed by her herself. Former tyrant. Former savior.
Considered to be Inori's equal by the Genesis that follow Inori. Determined to, now that he has managed to reunite with Inori once more, protect her with his life. His top priority is to defeat Da'ath as soon as possible to protect her and their friends from them, though there is also Mana and the Japanese self defense force to worry about...

(Ouma Hanae): Genesis. First princess. Shu and Inori's daughter.
Named with the Kanji of "flower" (Hana) and "blessing" (e). A pink haired whirlwind full of life and energy. Full of love for her parents and highly intelligent (though unwilling to put it to good use). She is carefree and kind and wishes for everyone to get along from the depths of her heart. Struggles with learning how to control her inherited Eve powers. So far she only exists in the AU version of Reclaiming the Throne called the "ceasefire universe" where she enjoys the fortune to be born during peaceful times to be raised with the innocence and naivete you wold expect of a child.

Samukawa Yahiro: Human. Royal strategist and tactician. Council Member. Former white-collar worker. Former drug dealer
Military operations are his forte. Capable man willing to do any task necessary for the kingdom. Can even fight in the front lines if necessary, though only when he has to. Regretting his former betrayals against Shu, he has decided to be a loyal and trusted friend this time around. The only thing he would ever put before Shu's interests is his little brother Jun, though that would be something the latter would never forgive him if it ever came to it.

Samukawa Jun: Genesis. Court adviser. Council member and little brother to Yahiro.
While not as versed in military operations, Jun is a gifted politician, able to talk himself into the hearts of any Genesis. This causes him to become a highly respected man in the Genesis society, knowing fully well what the Genesis want and how they think. It is believed he is the third highest member of their society, second only to Shu and Inori themselves. He values peace and order above all else and is a devoted follower of Inori and Shu. He considers serving the kingdom to be his calling. -- (Spoiler: His void turns out to be an old fashioned smartphone that is capable to hack and talk to every piece of machinery installed with a computer. It's power over machines is absolute, thus completely enslaving them to his will.)

Menjou Hare: Genesis. The queen's best friend which earns Hare her absolute trust. Head of the medical department with her own team of combat medics at her disposal.
While not a fighter, her ability to heal every injury and every sickness earned her the respect and love of the Genesis under Inori's leadership. While some of her youthful innocence might have been lost during the harsh war against Mana she had had to endure in the past, the majority of her kindness and innocence had managed to prevail, thus making her appear as the same girl that had died five years ago. She is positive and caring for her friends and allies. Her crush on Shu remains unchanged and she has grown incredibly close to Inori to the point of which she herself doesn't even know if it can still be considered friendship or more at this point. -- (Spoiler: Being the "good girl" all the time revealed itself to be tiring and stressful. Realizing that she is still young, she wants to let loose every once in a while, too, albeit in secret. She will do indecent things when she thinks nobody will catch her. She is especially prone to voyeurism and acts of minor exhibition, such as going commando. She would never harm anyone with that "fun" side of hers, though, and is making EXTRA sure nobody will ever find out. TL;DR: She is a pervert who doesn't want people to find out she is a pervert)

Shinomiya Ayase: Human. Combat Instructor (firearms/Endlaves). Quartermaster. Most skilled Endlave pilot. Council member.
Being a soldier at heart, Ayase was quick to realize that the peace she had brought together with Shu and the other Undertakers 5 years ago felt somewhat empty to her. While she is happy to have freed Japan from the tyranny that was GHQ, little did it do for her when she could no longer do that in which she was best at. Fight in an Endlave. The SDF wouldn't want her broken body and so she was left with finding a mundane job in the peaceful society. During the 5 years of peace she thought she might at least try herself in the battlefield of love by courting Shu who she had developed a huge crush on, only to realize that her battle-worn heart was still a maiden's one in the end. Instead of confessing, she repeatedly chickened out and beat around the bush until Inori eventually returned and left her no room to compete anymore. Saddened by this, she now chooses to let out her frustration on her enemies. Happy to, once again, being able to ride her Endlave again. Even if it means being called a terrorist once more.

Sendo Tsugumi: Human. Head Engineer / Comms. Officer. Former teacher. Council member.
Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker. That's what you would think when it comes to Tsugumi. Having spent almost all her life as a terrorist before, living to show resistance and breaking rules wherever you go, it had always remained question worthy whether Tsugumi was ever even meant to be a member of a peaceful and orderly society. Her way of thinking that rules only existed to be broken had earned her a lot of flak from other teachers in the schools she had chosen to teach at, though her students sure as hell had loved her for it. Getting known as the notorious "rebel teacher of Tokyo" brought her in enough renown to be scouted by the best of private schools who thought they could tame her. She proved them all wrong. And left a bunch of A-students wherever she went as well to add salt to injury.
Her successful career was cut short by the reappearance of the apocalypse virus, though. All the hype and renown she had gained in the meantime had quickly turned against her when the government hadn't hesitated to use it to prove that she had never stopped being a terrorist. Now, having returned to her roots, she is back to spread a little bit of anarchy wherever she walks. One step at a time. Oh, and robots, 'cause who doesn't like robots?

Tsukishima Argo: Human. Combat Instructor (hand to hand combat). Former SDF soldier. Skilled fighter. Council member.
Like Ayase, Argo always knew that he was a fighter, so he didn't hesitate to join the SDF soon after the Undertakers had dispersed. Unlike Ayase, however, he was accepted since he was healthy and skillful. Climbing the ranks rather quickly, he was soon trusted enough to be the leader of his own squad in the SDF. However, when the news reached him that Shu was being blamed for the return of the apocalypse virus and thus declared a terrorist, he hadn't hesitated to rally his squad and a couple of former Undertakers to steal weapons, ammunition and even an Endlave and desert the SDF to join Shu and his revival of the Undertakers. He is very dutiful and values discipline and honor. He is ready to give his life to save his home country and humanity from the apocalypse and expects the same devotion from everyone else. This earns him a lot of respect from the human portion of the Undertakers, thus making him the human equivalent to what Jun is to the Genesis. A representative. -- (Spoiler: While being a devoted fighter for humanity, he has quick to realize that that doesn't involve the Genesis. With their increased strength, intelligence and abilities to use crystals, he cannot help but feel inferior. And like with all beings that feel inferior to somebody, they eventually either grow jealous or afraid. These feelings lead to a growing divide between humans and Genesis that further escalates when Inori becomes Eve, who is believed to be humanity's nemesis. In order to protect humanity, Argo soon sees himself forced to act as he organizes a coup d'etat against Inori, betraying her and his friends' trust in the process.)

Ouma Haruka: Human. King's (step)mother. Scientist. Former senior researcher at Saphirah Genomics. Council member.
When the apocalypse virus returned and her son got blamed for it by the government, she was visibly worried. However, when she learned of the fact that he had regained his sight in the progress while also reuniting with his lost love Inori, she was quick to cheer in happiness for them both. Turns out she doesn't even mind being a terrorist as long as her son is alive and well. Of course, she IS worried he might get hurt in the battles, but she's afraid she might have as much power over Shu left as a leaf had control in a storm. Her son was an adult now and was doing his own things and all she could do was support him from the side lines like a good mother would. She is also incredibly thankful for him bringing back her brother. Despite their differences in the past, she has to admit that she had still missed him. Family is family after all.

Keido Shuichiro: Genesis. King's (step)uncle. Scientist. Former Head of the Antibodies. Former Da'ath executive. Council member
After getting reborn as a Genesis, Shuichiro has a lot of time pondering his past actions, ultimately realizing how futile it all had been. He had spent countless years of his life working for an organization that had promised him success and assistance, yet had let him do all the hard work in the end. They hadn't come to save him from the void realm, either. When it was Shu, the son of his best friend he had killed in cold blood, of all people, that had come and said he would save him, he had immediately realized and admitted his failure. To have abandoned friendship and family in the pursuit of success and recognition...he had been an utter fool all along. He swiftly decides to put his second chance and newly attained youth to good use, choosing to redeem himself for his past actions by assisting his sister and her stepson in whatever way he possibly can. He is still a grumpy and cynical old man at heart, despite the younger body. He can't help it. The fact that the majority of Shu's friends hate him and are just waiting for the first opportunity to put a knife at his throat isn't helping, either. But he is determined to at least try. For Haruka...and for Kurosu.

Jim "Jimmy" Adams: Genesis. Queensguard. Former U.S. Army soldier.
A soldier that was taken by the apocalypse virus during the events of the fourth apocalypse. After dying, he evolved and was reborn as a Genesis in the void realm where, after the fallout between Mana and Inori, he decided to follow the latter. He serves his queen loyally and takes orders and duty seriously. Though he seems to be a bit rude and unapproachable guy to strangers at times, he is actually a big softy inside. He and Juan share a mentor/junior like relationship, despite Juan officially having been a higher rank than him before in the enemy army. His void is a jet pack with two twin cannons mounted on his shoulders which, after charging up, unload a barrage of deadly lasers.

Juan Diaz: Genesis. Queensguard. Former Mananite Captain.
Like Jimmy, Juan, too found himself getting consumed by the cancer of the apocalypse virus on the day of the fourth apocalypse. Unlike Jimmy, however, he stayed with Mana where he got familiar with his void and eventually got drafted into the Air force by Gai. Due to his powerful void, he was quick to climb the ranks of the Mananite army and was promoted to the ranks of Captain, leading his very own squad of airborne void users. When he received the order to attack Inori's camp for the first time, though, to see that it was mainly inhabited by helpless civilians, he began getting first doubts about his queen's rightfulness. In his moment of hesitation, he gets betrayed by a member of his squad who was eager to claim his position. He gets shoved off his void and falls into the enemy camp. Despite all odds, he survives just well enough to be able to stand trail in front of the hostile queen, Inori. He was already mentally prepared for his execution, when she shocked him by pardoning him instead. He immediately realized that Inori was the queen he wanted to serve, so he asked her to kindly grant him citizenship, which she did. From that moment on, Juan would devote his life to his new queen, never even once looking back to his days of being a Mananite Captain. His void is a hoverboard capable of shooting highly explosive rockets from its sides. -- (Spoilers: After Inori becomes Eve and snaps for the very first time once the human Undertakers step out of line and hurt Shu, Juan begins seeing signs of cruelty in her he only knew from his former queen, Mana. Though he is aware that it could have been a one time thing due to Inori's high stress level, he begins to fear the transfer of the Eve title over from Mana might as well have transferred her cruelty. Afraid of going back to serving a monstrous tyrant like Mana that would send him to go slaughter innocent and helpless civilians, he thus gives in to his paranoia and decides to help Argo in his coup against her. If the alternative was to serve a tyrant, he would rather serve no queen at all.)

(THE FOLLOWING CHARACTER IS A SPOILER UP TO CHAPTER 33:) Malena Aguado: Genesis. Former Captain of Inori's army. Leader of the Queenbreaker-faction, a rebellious Genesis-group.
Malena used to be a devoted follower of Inori until she fell in battle in the void realm and was forced to undergo resurrection. During that time, Shu arrived from the real world in order to save his queen and bring her back into the world of the living. Inori expressed the wish to wait and save her resurrecting soldiers, but was forced to give in and go with Shu as Mana's revival threatened to claim even more soldiers of her own. While Shu, Inori and the entirety of her living followers escaped the void realm, Malena eventually revived only to see her queen and allies gone. When Mana's soldiers arrived soon after, they captured and tortured her in hope of finding out where Inori escaped to. A question she herself would have liked some answers to most of all. After what seemed to be an eternity of painful abuse and humiliation by the Mananites, Yuu eventually appeared to end the madness...but at that point it was already too late. Malena was dead set on revenge against her former queen who had decided to betray her trust and abandon her, saving her skin while Malena had been forced to endure hell. She rallied all like-minded people from Mana's and Inori's former faction to form the Queenbreakers, a group that loathed royalty and was dedicated to free the Genesis from all queens. Her attempt to kill Inori later fails horribly and ends in her and her followers' capture by Shu and Inori. Shu later offers Malena a second chance by serving under him in order to gain her void and status back (the alternative being getting exiled and being voidless) to which she eventually agrees. He thus shatters the Queenbreaker faction and its remains scatter all over Tokyo.

Followers of Eve / Mana's kingdom

Ouma Mana: Genesis. Eve of the Apocalypse. Known as the mad queen. Absolute and rightful ruler of all the Genesis.
After dying for the first time during Lost Christmas, she underwent Evolution and became a Genesis in the void realm. From there on out, she had decided to accept her fate and lead, protect and guide the Genesis as the young queen she had turned out to be. It was hard due to the absence of Adam, but she eventually managed, getting praised and loved by the Genesis population of the void realm. For many years, she ruled them fairly and justly, until Da'ath manages to summon her soul from the void realm to plant it into a vessel that would later be known as Yuzuriha Inori. Mana's real body, now soulless, was left behind in the void realm, having suddenly and without warning fallen into a comatose state. Mana's subjects were shocked and sad to see their queen fall ill so suddenly and hoped from the bottom of their hearts that she would soon recover. She wouldn't wake for a couple of years until the fourth apocalypse happened in the real world. Shu defeated her and sent her soul back into the void realm, where it eventually returned to her real body, causing it to wake again. Her followers rejoiced and while Mana was a bit bitter her Adam had rejected her once more, she still smiled at her vassals happiness and found solace in that.
That was until Inori, of all people, appeared in the void realm as well. Blaming her for stealing her sweet and innocent little brother that had been meant to be HER Adam, Mana mercilessly tries to lash at Inori, only to realize that Inori had the same control over crystals she herself had. Seeing as to how she was still recovering from her comatose state and thus far too weak to deal with her, she sends her into exile and orders her people to kill her should she ever return. The majority of Mana's soldiers dutifully comply without question, believing in their beloved queen blindly, while some are shocked about their queen's sudden change in character. Most of the newcomers from the fourth apocalypse decide to join Inori instead of Mana and follow her into exile while some of the former Mananites tag along, feeling slightly uncomfortable with their queen's outburst earlier. After Inori founds her own camp away from Mana's, the conflict soon escalates into a full-blown war that would last 5 years until Shu would eventually come and end it to Inori's favor. While that was meant to be the end, Yuu ends up appearing shortly after, offering Mana to lead her and her followers into freedom at last. An offer the mad queen wouldn't let slip through her hands. -- (Spoilers: After being freed, Mana will eventually come to realize that nothing she will ever do will be able to change Shu's mind about her, thus letting her fall into depression. When Gai finally seizes that chance to confess, Mana is quick to accept him as her new Adam, hungry for the acceptance and love he was willing to offer her. Now, finally having an Adam at her side willing to love and support her, Mana eventually starts to wonder why she had been so focused on Shu all these years in the first place when she could have been this happy with Gai form the start. However, it turns out that Mana, by then, already long since had lost the favor of Da'ath who had already decided to dispose of her in favor of making Inori her successor. Enraged, she decides to rebel against Da'ath which ens up in a failure. After struggling verx hard, she eventually succumbs to Da'ath and dies, crowning Inori the new Eve in the process.)

Tsutsugami Gai: Genesis. Trusted Adviser of Eve. General and Strategist of Eve's Army. Has all the authority he needs and is second to none but Mana.
After the failure that was the fourth apocalypse he joins Mana in the void realm. He had already been evolved from the first time he had died to the virus back during the second coming of Lost Christmas. Like Mana, his soul was summoned, leaving his real body comatose. Disappointed with his failure he seeks out Mana only to realize Inori had appeared in the void realm as well. He reluctantly decides to use that in order to drive Mana forward, figuring that giving her a target to direct all her frustration, sadness and disappointment about Shu's refusal at would benefit her greatly rather than her moping around on her throne. He couldn't bear looking at her like that. So he puts the gears into motion to start a war between Mana and Inori. His plan succeeds in giving his queen purpose and raising her spirits, but has the unfortunate side effect that many civilians and especially Inori herself were suffering the consequence for it. When Shu finally arrives after 5 years, Gai sees his chance to get his Adam's crown in order to free Mana. When that fails as well, he is already determined to stay with Mana in the void realm forever...that is until Yuu shows up and frees them all anyway. -- (Spoilers: He confesses to Mana shortly afterwards after Mana falls into a depression. When she accepts his feelings, he becomes Adam of the apocalypse, taking Shu's title. However, Da'ath ends up betraying them and despite their best efforts to stand their ground, they both fall right before finally achieving their goals.)

Hirohide Nanba: Genesis. Leader of the Shadow Blades Clan. Leader of the Pack (Consisting of Sudou, Ritsu and Miyabi). Former member of Inori's kingdom. Former Tennozu High delinquent and A-rank of President Shu's secret service.
A cruel and power hungry young man who stops at nothing to get what he believes is rightfully his. He is even fine with rape and torture. After betraying Shu in Loop seven and getting killed by Gai, he woke up in the void realm and joined Inori's kingdom in hope of getting his lost status back. However, he and his friends failed to fit in and after various offenses were eventually exiled by Inori, thus being forced to become Mananites. Their lives were hell as they were forced to fend for their lives in that dog eat dog world that was the void realm where being strong meant everything. After a harsh struggle, he and his pack eventually managed to earn their spot in Mana's kingdom and served her ever since. Each member of the pack became strong and respected enough to form and lead their own clan in the kingdom, with Nanba unofficially leading them all through them since he was the boss of the pack anyway. Still, being the ambitious man he was, he wasn't satisfied with that. As there is always room for more, he had his eyes always open for new opportunities to rise even higher. -- (Spoilers: Eventually he found what he was looking for in Yuu with whose help he managed to climb even higher in the food chain by becoming a Da'ath member. He uses this to get back on Gai who he had always resented for having killed him by beating him to death in front of Mana's eyes. When the true Eve eventually snaps and threatens to destroy everything around her, he barely manages to get out alive. Still, having not learned his lesson, he is most likely still out for a way to become even more powerful, if not even a king himself.)

Takaomi Sudou: Genesis. Leader of the Fatal Tusk Clan. Nanba's right hand man. Former member of Inori's kingdom. Former Tennozu High delinquent and A-rank of President Shu's secret service.
Nanba's loyal follower and friend from back in high school. They go way back with Nanba always having been the brains and him being the muscle. He isn't as ambitious or cruel as Nanba, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. He doesn't care about power as much as he cares about women. His biggest dream is to have his own harem of girls drooling over him. He will not torture, but he will rape, though he prefers consent. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what he lacks in terms of brain tissue, he balances out by being full of vigor. He used to wish to play in a band and become popular with the ladies before the Loop Seven incident, a dream he has long since lost his sights on.

Takarada Ritsu: Genesis. Leader of the Electro-Cute Clan. Member of Nanba's pack. Former member of Inori's kingdom. Former Tennozu High student and A-rank of President Shu's secret service.
Surprisingly enough, Ritsu actually never liked Nanba back in the Tennozu days. He was a jerk and a creep and just being near him used to give her the shivers. However, being professional, she still worked with him on missions together which was about as much as she had ever wanted to do with him. When things escalated and people started turning against Shu, she was too scared to do anything and went with the flow until the vast majority turned out to be followers of the anti-Shu camp, at which point there was no turning back anymore if you wanted to survive. Unlike Miyabi, she didn't quite idolize Shu so she wouldn't stick out her neck for him anytime soon. As far as she was concerned, she and Miyabi would be out of this whole mess as soon as Arisa's followers would overthrow Shu. Surely no one would notice two girls missing after the mess that was surely about to happen. Well, turned out she was wrong as Arisa ended up betraying the students at the same time she had betrayed Shu, calling in GHQ forces to prevent anyone from getting away. Ritsu had been had and to top it all off, she died soon afterward by having that prick of a guy named Gai abuse her void. This marked the end of her humanity and the beginning of her life as a Genesis. Life wasn't easy over there in the void realm and to her disdain, Miyabi kept following around Nanba, probably having crushed on him or something stupid like that, which kind of forced her to tag along since she didn't want to be alone and helpless in this world. The good thing about it was that Nanba kept her safe with the help of Sudou. With those two tanking on the front lines, Ritsu was able to support them from the sidelines. It worked well and gave her a sense of security. Before she had known it, she had become dependent on Nanba, which was a very frustrating realization to make. Things became worse when they got kicked out of Inori's kingdom and were forced to enter Mana's. They went through hell together and died a couple times but whenever she thought of giving up, she remembered slaver's avenue, a road back in Mana's camp in which the weak would get sold off as slaves to the strong. Just a look at those empty eyes of these fallen and broken individuals was enough to make her find new resolve to not end up like that. She always knew deep down that if she allowed herself to show weakness, she would end up being a slave. And if she were to become a slave, she could basically kiss her human rights good-bye. In that world it was eat or be eaten and so she would choose to eat instead.
Of course it cost her greatly. Nanba's "friendship" wasn't free, after all. But in the end it was to be either his bitch or everybody else's, so she swallowed the bitter pill and threw away her pride. She only hated it in the beginning as with time, it started to feel less and less dirty and the power she gained from Nanba allowed her to stand above others rather than her being the one trampled on. Nowadays she was respected enough by the pack that she didn't even have to share her bed with Nanba and Sudou anymore unless she wanted it. Even better, she could now order people to please HER instead. It felt good to finally be at the receiving end after all this time. And eventually she even forgot how much she had hated Nanba and how he did things back in the day. Before she knew it, she had already become like him. And the worst part was, she didn't even want to go back to how she was before. Things were better now as they were. It was always better to be the one in control rather than being controlled. She used to want to become a vet before Loop Seven happened. Now she is more concerned with things getting her wet instead.

Herikawa Miyabi:Genesis. Leader of the Crimson Scythe Clan. Member of Nanba's pack. Former member of Inori's kingdom. Former Tennozu High student and A-rank of President Shu's secret service.
Originally an ambitious A-student, Miyabi held high respect for those that took charge and got things done. Due to this, it came to no surprise that she immediately got swooned by Shu back when he had become the tyrant of Tennozu High. Being a slight masochist might have added to that as well, as being stared down by his cold eyes as he mercilessly shoved his hand into her chest to draw her void out ended up exciting her as well. Unfortunately for her, her fascination for alpha-males led her down the wrong path when she was assigned to Nanba's squad, since Nanba was everything Shu was, only worse. Like with everything that gets exposed to Nanba for too long, it eventually corrupted her as well and while originally sticking out for her idol Shu, she eventually got overthrown by Nanba's strength, which in return totally excited her masochistic side. Joining Nanba's camp, she then proceeded to betray Shu, which got Ritsu killed. Infuriated by the murder of her best friend, she attempted to strike Gai down, only to get bested instead. What should have been the end never came, as she instead woke up as a Genesis in the void realm. To her misfortune (or not?) with Nanba, again. Unable (and partially unwilling) to escape Nanba's dominance, she followed his every wish and thus unknowingly dragged Ritsu down with her, who wasn't willing to leave her best friend's side.
Thanks to he time in the void realm and at the side of Nanba, she became incredibly strong and eventually started leading her own clan of Mananites. Since she is smart and a hard-worker, she is able to excel at most tasks given to her, even able to lead larger groups effortlessly and efficiently. However, despite being strong and able, she does not seek to be at the top. All she really wants is to be dominated by a stronger man. However, since she is growing stronger and she won't allow herself getting pushed around by someone weaker as her, finding such individuals has become even harder. Nanba is still stronger than her and as long as that is the case, she would continue to serve him. However, should she come to the point in which she were to best him, her interest in him would soon vanish, with her looking for a new, better alpha-male. There are a few options, after all...
Having been a dutiful and studious person in the past, she had always striven to enforce the rules back in school. This desire of hers would have originally led her to the path of becoming a policewoman. Unfortunately, Loop Seven had different plans for her...

Ryouko: Genesis. Leader of the Redemption Clan. Supporter of Gai and Mana's candidacy for kingship. Candidate for nobility. Former Undertaker-member.
One of Gai's allies from the Undertakers that stuck with him even after his betrayal. They died and evolved on the day of the fourth apocalypse and reunited with Gai again. After learning of his reasoning for betraying the Undertakers, they forgive him and pledge their loyalty anew. Due to being one of the few people Gai can truly trust, she was given leadership of the Redemption clan. She fancies Gai and is pretty loyal to him. Her loyalty, however, ends as soon as her own survival is at stake. While she may like Gai and wants to see him succeed, her wish of self-preservation is stronger. Her void consists of two curved twin glaives. It's blades are covered in poison even strong enough to kill Genesis who have a stronger immunity to poison than humans. -- (Spoilers: After Gai and Mana's rebellion against Da'ath fails, she decides to leave Gai behind in order to survive. She vanished into the streets of Tokyo in the middle of the night with no one knowing where she might have run off to.)

Arima: Genesis. Leader of the Judgment Clan. Supporter of Gai and Mana's candidacy for kingship. Candidate for nobility. Former Undertaker-member.
One of Gai's allies from the Undertakers that stuck with him even after his betrayal. They died and evolved on the day of the fourth apocalypse and reunited with Gai again. After learning of his reasoning for betraying the Undertakers, they forgive him and pledge their loyalty anew. Due to being one of the few people Gai can truly trust, he was given leadership of the Judgment clan. He is a true warrior, believing in honor and valor, never backing down from a fight no matter how bad the odds are. He is a loyal follower of Gai until the bitter end and condemns cowardice. His void is a harpoon with a beautiful red gem embedded into its pike, capable of either immediately calling back the void (and anything stuck to it) into the user's hand after being thrown, or transport the void user to the void's current position instead. -- (Spoiler: After Gai's and Mana's rebellion against Da'ath fails, he reluctantly follows Ryokou as she escapes into the night after Gai convinces him that it was the best for them all. Like Ryouko, his current whereabouts are unknown.)

Sasaki: Genesis. Leader of the Retribution Clan. Supporter of Gai and Mana's candidacy for kingship. Candidate for nobility. Former Undertaker-member.
One of Gai's allies from the Undertakers that stuck with him even after his betrayal. They died and evolved on the day of the fourth apocalypse and reunited with Gai again. After learning of his reasoning for betraying the Undertakers, they forgive him and pledge their loyalty anew. Due to being one of the few people Gai can truly trust, he was given leadership of the Retribution clan. A pretty laid back dude that knows what he is doing and has absolute confidence in his abilities. -- (Spoilers: Unfortunately, that doesn't help him when he gets ambushed by Nanba and tortured mercilessly for information regarding the rebellion. He does not survive the interrogation.)

The will of humanity / Da'ath

Yuu: Genesis. Envoy of Da'ath. Envoyslayer. Former Da'ath test subject. Former candidate for the Da'ath super soldier program, called "human guided evolution".
The life of an envoy isn't an easy one. That's what Yuu learned the hard way. Climbing his way up from the bottom, he underwent countless genetic experiments and a training so harsh it brought him to his physical and mental limits. When he saw his fellow comrades die left and right of him, he just knew that doing anything but his very best was simply not an option. Pushing himself to his limits, he eventually aced his training and was about to be used as one of Da'ath's agents. People who acted in the shadows to do Da'ath's dirty work. Abducting, killing and manipulating people while never being seen. However, Yuu realized that this was not his destiny. He knew he could be more, so he approached his instructors with the wish to become even more. The previous envoy noticed his wish and signed him up for the highly experimental genetic augmentation that was meant to grant people eternal youth. Yuu underwent the experiment and actually survived it, but it turned out to be a failure. The gene rejected him, thus having the effect that while remaining young until he would reach his 50th birthday, his body's cells would simultaneously age rapidly afterwards, killing him in the process. The envoy was about to discard him like the failure he regarded him to be, but that's when Yuu decided he would have none of that.
"Failure? Who are you calling a failure? Me? I will show you failure."
With these words he started to oppose the envoy, resulting in a fight that ended in his favor, due to his superior training as a Da'ath agent/assassin. His hatred for Da'ath was immense at that point, but he quickly realized he would never be able to oppose them, so instead he thought: "If you can't beat them. Join them." and volunteered to become the new envoy. He got the job, thus being the one to decide Da'ath's course from there on out with the intention to restructure the organization from within. If Da'ath wanted human guided evolution, he would make sure they made it right this time around.

Kuhouin Arisa: Human. Head of the Kuhouin Group. Supporter of Gai's candidacy for kingship. Former Tennozu High student council president and A-rank.
Arisa joined Da'ath immediately after Gai contacted her during Shu's tyranny of Tennozu High during the Loop Seven incident. Having always obsessed over the blond man, she was willing to do anything to get in his favor, even selling her body in order to become able to stage a coup against Shu, whom she had come to loathe. Her status as the heir of the Kuhouin group let her skip a few stations of her initiation, making her a higher than average member of the secret organization only to climb even higher once she inherited her grandfather's wealth as a whole and offering Da'ath to hide behind the name of her family name while operating in Japan. She is a devoted follower of Gai and desperately wants to see him succeed, thus condemning everything that could stand in his way, such as Shu and Inori. She gets frustrated when not everyone in Da'ath seems to share her views. -- (Spoilers: It gets later revealed that she, actually, is one of many Da'ath executives, thus, effectively, actually being Yuu's boss. However, being still the youngest and newest addition to the Da'ath executives, she has yet to gain enough respect from her peers to really get treated as an equal. After Gai's death, she gets tricked into believing Shu was the killer, thus fueling her resentment enough to actively seek revenge against Shu in Gai's name.)

Tamedate Souta: Human. Double Agent. Arisa's assistant. Salary-man. Former Tennozu High F-rank
After the fourth apocalypse, Souta found himself in need for a job to make a living. However, with his chaotic high school live having caused him to end his school career with not-quite-as-ideal marks and with no real honor to claim in the prevention of the fourth apocalypse, he was stuck with meager chances of getting hired. When he applied for a job at Arisa's company, he had already expected her to turn him down, getting surprised when she, in fact, hadn't. Being grateful to her, he had worked for her dutifully for five years...until he started getting dragged into this whole apocalypse virus and Da'ath business by accident. Caught between the lines of Shu and Arisa, he is told to make a choice. Would he support his old pal Shu or his benefactor and boss Arisa? When he finds himself unable to pick a side, he offers Shu a different deal. He would stay with Arisa and spy out Da'ath for him, revealing all the information on them he could get. In return, Shu is to leave Arisa alone. The deal gets accepted, but what should have brought Souta relief ends up bringing him nothing but stress as he realizes that playing the role of a double agent was a dangerous one to play. And the more he finds himself getting dragged into the shadowy organization, the more he finds his loyalty for Shu wavering as Arisa keeps showing him a side of her, he had never seen her show him before... -- (Spoiler: He later decides to side with Arisa solely, thus becoming her knight. He does not care as much about Da'ath as he does care about Arisa. He will do anything in his might to keep her safe, as he had vowed to her, thus reluctantly betraying Shu's and Inori's trust in him.)

Abeline Durrand: Genesis. Angel of Life. Self-appointed "Right wing of Yuu-nii". Da'ath initiate.
Driving together with their parents, Abeline and her twin sister Zoe were on the way to their uncle's place to celebrate Christmas together on the day of the fourth apocalypse when the inevitable tragedy happened. The sky turned pink and a spike of genomic resonance caused their father to lose control of his vehicle as his hands suddenly started to crystallize from one moment to the next. To make matters worse, the car crossed the opposing lane and crashed with an incoming vehicle, killing their father on the spot and launching both girls through the windshield in front of them where they landed in the cold snow outside. Being severely injured, they started to bleed out while crying for help that would never come as everything around them fell into chaos. As the snow turned red from their blood and they began freezing to death, both girls used the last of their strength to reach out to one another despite the pain, not wanting to be alone during these scary time. However, being quite lucky under these circumstances, they managed to be claimed by the cancerous crystals of the apocalypse virus before succumbing to the blood loss or hypothermia.

When they next opened their eyes, they had already become Genesis and had entered the void realm. Not really understanding much of the conflict between Inori and Mana, they just ended up doing what the grown ups asked of them, figuring they would know what to do. Getting deployed by Mana's side as "medics" they were to make use of their voids, which were matching gloves for each of them. Abeline carrying the right one, emitting blue sparks, while Zoe's wore the left one, emitting red ones. Turned out those gloves could be used to call in any previously touched and non-living object with slight delay, as well as sending off anything they touched to a place they had previously visited, given the place still existed in the same way they remembered it to be. In addition, Zoe's void could take someone's life force and transfer it over to Abeline's void, who could then give it to someone else to heal them. Unfortunately, though, that also meant the other one would get hurt or even die. This caused Abeline to get praised and loved, getting referred to as the Angel of Life, while her sister was feared and avoided like the pest, getting called the Angel of Death instead.

This difference in treatment was eventually the reason both of them fled Mana's camp and hid away in the barren crystal wastes of the void realm, avoiding both, Man's as well as Inori's by hiding in the crystals or teleporting somewhere else when anyone got too near to them. They lived a life of utter solitude for many years, having nothing but eahc other for comfort and company. When Yuu appears one day, offering the Mananites freedom, they eventually reappeared again, being unwilling to stay behind in the void realm all alone any longer. Yuu didn't think much of it and took them with him, unbeknownst that this decision would cause their fates to be intertwined far deeper than he had originally bargained for. When they continued to stick to him even after he had brought them back, he had made it an effort to get rid of them by bringing them back to their home, only to realize it no longer existed. He learned that their father had died the day they had ascended into Genesis, yet their mother somehow survived. Glad as he was, he proceeded to take them to her, only to realize she was stuck in a hospital for mentally unstable people. It turned out that Abeline and Zoe's mother had received a fatal brain injury during the accident. What had happened next was that Shu's void had absorbed the virus that had already been consuming her and while that had been meant to be the woman's salvation, it had ended up messing up her head instead as the void wasn't able to figure out how to reassemble the damaged brain correctly. This caused her head to see every person as twisted and wicked crystal abominations due to the remnants of the virus inside her head and eyes. Yuu, having already gotten a bad feeling about this, still decided to try letting the girls meet their mother, only for his suspicions to come true in the end. Their mother, unable to recognize her own daughters, pushed them away in a panicked fashion, calling them monsters that shouldn't exist before turning around and storming off into the opposite direction.

Heartbroken, the twins leave the building with Yuu who takes them to a park to sit on a bench and gather their thoughts and feelings that had, undoubtedly, been thrown into quite the disarray. He had meant to leave them like that, figuring his job to be done, but just as he was about to walk away on them, he suddenly felt them both grabbing his coat, silently begging him to not leave them behind like this, being utterly helpless and clueless of what they were supposed to do now and what was to become of them since they had nowhere to go and no one who wanted them. He was forced to sigh at them, turning around and kneeling to face them on eye-level he put his hands on each of their heads and asked if they, by chance, would like to join Da'ath. They immediately agreed by hugging him, making him feel somewhat troubled.
They generally are very close to each other, seldom even being seen without the other. They are cheerful and slightly mischievous, liking to play harmless pranks on others for shit and giggles. Despite their saddening past, they have managed to keep most of their childish innocence, thus making it hard for people to be angry with them. They are typically kind to everyone, not really having a friend or foe mentality like other Mananites, but are highly protective of each other and Yuu, who they view as a cool big brother and respect him a lot. Abeline is a bit more kindhearted and open than Zoe who can sometimes be distrustful of people she doesn't know and may appear shy or grumpy towards them. If they warm up to someone, they are the same cheerful and happy girls without giving people the chance to really tell them apart since they are identical.

However, due to their near death experience when they died, they have developed a severe trauma and disliking of the cold, losing almost all of their cheerfulness and making a 180 degree turn as soon as the temperature around them drops to a certain threshold. Then they become cold and emotionless, feeling numb to their surroundings and only reply with monotonous and short sentences. If it gets too cold, they completely cease to function, cramping up and starting to panic, thus they always must wear very warm clothes in winter. Abeline dislikes hurting people, while Zoe has gotten used to it, having killed many people in the past. Both of them don't give a damn about Da'ath and are only in for Yuu, whom they adore.

Zoe Durrand: Genesis. Angel of Death. Self-appointed "Left wing of Yuu-nii". Da'ath initiate.
See "Abeline Durrand" for more details.

(THE FOLLOWING CHARACTER IS A SPOILER UP TO CHAPTER 31:) Kanzaki Harune: Human. The envoy's assistant. Supporter of Shu's candidacy for kingship. Da'ath initiate. Former shop clerk.
Like many Japanese, Harune hasn't had it easy during the last 15 years. When Lost Christmas struck, she lost the majority of her family and friends, including her mother. During the second coming of it, her grandparents and younger sister bit the dust, leaving her with only her father, who, by the time of the fourth apocalypse had already been highly cancerous and at the verge of dying. Shu ended up saving him when he chose to absorb the virus in its entirety that day, earning him Harune's and her father's eternal gratitude. As far as Harune was concerned, there might have even been a bit more mixed in with the gratitude she felt towards Shu as she had always hoped she could somehow fix that broken look of his that had clung to him for five years after his heroic deeds. Unfortunately, she never managed to achieve a breakthrough in her attempts, but even though she had been determined to not give up, her attempts were forced to come to a sudden stop when more pressing matters threatened to ruin her life yet again...just as she had finally managed to get it working after all this time. With the return of the apocalypse virus, the appearance of the void freaks in Loop Seven and the riots that broke out soon after the military raised the quarantine walls surrounding Tokyo, the poor shop attendee and her father didn't stand a chance at all. When a group of rioters and looters entered their store to steal their supplies, it was her father that placed himself in front of her, trying to reason with the hostile people that had entered his store. Sadly, he failed to calm the situation down with words and was forced to fend off the assailants with his bare hands. Harune was helpless as she had to witness her father repeatedly getting stabbed with a knife with the attackers completely ignoring her pleas to stop. When it was her turn to follow her father's example, Harune, eyeing the robbers with a mixture of fear and hatred, grabbed some scissors lying next to her on the table and prepared herself for what was to come with tears streaming down her eyes. Luckily for her, it was none other than Yuu who had casually entered her store right then and there with two small girls trotting behind him. Ignoring the robbers in their entirety, he simply turned towards Harune and started asking her questions regarding Shu who he knew had been a regular costumer of this store. Harune was far too perplexed at the situation to answer him, only able to alternate eyeing him and the robbers repeatedly. When Yuu noticed that, he finally acknowledged the villains' presence and sighed. By merely lifting a finger for each attacker present, one thug after the other began levitating, followed by getting thrown out of the store by an invisible force. All with the mere wave of the envoy's hand.
Watching the thugs lie unconsciously in the snow outside with mouth wide open from shock, Harune immediately runs to her father's side as soon as the threat had been neutralized. Though it was fairly obvious from the sheer amount of blood all around him, she still refused to accept his death, crying while trying to get a response out of him, it was the envoy who knelt next to her and checked his pulse, confirming his death to her and making it thus, final. Processing those words, Harune froze up with apparently all life leaving her body as if wanting to follow her father in death. Seeing as she was unresponsive, the envoy sighed in frustration and merely lifted a finger once more, making the broken girl levitate into the air and follow him together with the twins as the envoy left the store. When Harune eventually snapped out of it and came back to her senses, she was in a warm room, lying in a bed with the two girls from earlier lying next to her while snugging up to her in their sleep. Yuu was sitting at his desk, reading some document when he noticed her finally having woken up from her trance. What followed afterwards were many explanations regarding the apocalypse, the Genesis and Adam and Eve. By the end of their discussion, Harune only knew one thing. She absolutely loathed the apocalypse and wanted it gone. When Yuu had told her that he knew of a way to make it stop for good, it had been all she needed to hear to join his team. She was sick of losing that which was dear to her times again and again, going through the same cycle of destruction and reconstruction repeatedly. If Adam and Eve would bring an end to this, she would help them do it in however way she could, and if Shu was to be said Adam, that was all the more reason to be of assistance. It didn't matter whether the apocalypse would kill her in the end as well. She already had lost all of her family to the virus, so it could have her as well. All she wanted was for it to stop for good. Her fate in of all this was irrelevant.
Harune is a kindhearted girl who tries to fight the crawling darkness of her heart that had been growing ever since she had lost her mother during Lost Christmas. Every time her old wounds heal, a new tragedy befalls her, tearing the wounds right up again. As a result, she has long since given up trying to fix her broken self and instead focuses her efforts on fixing and keeping other people close to her intact. She especially seems to care for Abeline and Zoe a lot since they remind her a bit of her late sister. In an attempt to escape the darkness inside her that is trying to pull her down, she, like a moth, seems to seek out the light of others, namely Shu and Yuu, who, in her eyes, are heroes with each of them engulfed in their own personal aura of light. In a sense, those two are her hope and she thinks that, if anyone would ever get to fix this broken world, it would be them. For that reason, she will do anything in her might to be of service, even if she were to break in the process. That would be fine.


I am the bone of my keyboard

My blood is of ink

And my heart of voids

I have overcome countless chapters

Never once grasping the complete story

Yet never failing to push onward

The author lies here alone

Forging fanfics on a hill of letters

Thus this life needs no meaning

This body has been forged from infinite words

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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 32,573 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 70 - Follows: 93 - Updated: 12/18/2015 - Published: 2/1/2014 - Vanitas, Aqua
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Reclaiming the Throne reviews
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A spin-off series of episodic chapters regarding the GC cast. Some chapters will be funny, others will be cute and some will even be downright crazy. Having knowledge of the Reclaiming the Throne universe would be helpful, though probably not all that necessary. This fic will be a place for me to put in all the crazy stuff I come up with but has no place anywhere in my stories.
Guilty Crown/ギルティクラウン - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 23,339 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 9/26/2016 - Published: 3/15/2016 - [Shu O., Inori Y.] [Mana O., Gai T.]
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"Did you ever wonder how far you would be willing to go to get your loved ones back? What would be the price you would be willing to pay to fill the void in your heart?" She heard him ask with a sad smile as he raised his arms to make her look at their surroundings. Nothing but burning ruins. "This was my answer." She shook her head in denial. She couldn't let this happen to him.
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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,874 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/15/2015 - [Vanitas, Aqua] Roxas, Ventus/Ven - Complete
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Calming down, he grabbed Inori's hand and held it firmly. "You are the embodiment of perfection in my eyes, Inori." She offered him a happy smile as she leaned back on the bed and stretched out her arms for him. "Then come, Shu. Make me yours forever." [LEMON, Shu/Inori, plays in the "Reclaiming the Throne" universe]
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An outtake from the Da'ath initiate/advanced manual some less careful Da'ath member happened to leave behind for you to read. Might be worth checking out. (This will summarize the lore and rules set by me for my Guilty Crown fanfic: "Reclaiming the Throne". If you have troubles understanding parts of the stuff in there, this little guide might help you out with understanding.)
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When the world was offered to Shu, he had refused the offer. But have you ever wondered what would have happened, had he actually chosen to accept? This is a story of how Ouma Shu became god. And all the problems that came along with it. If you thought being a god would be a lot of fun, you were mistaken. Oneshot. ShuInori, rather onesided ManaShu
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Roxas wünscht sich nichts sehnlicheres als endlich ein Jemand zu werden um dann für immer mit Namine zusammen sein zu können, als er die Chance dafür kriegt hat er aber keine ein Jemand zu werden muss Sora verschwinden! SoraKairi RoxasNamine [Abandoned]
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - German - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 238,246 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 1/29/2012 - Published: 8/15/2008 - Sora, Roxas