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What is there to say about me? Hmmm not much I'm willing to divulge on the internet, unfortunately. So...ships it is then!!

Favorite Couples/Books/Movies/TV shows.

Harry Potter: Books 6 and 7, you say? No, I'm fairly sure it ended after book 5.

Harry/Hermione. I've shipped them since I first picked up HP novel numero uno when I was say seven or eight years of age. Crap, guess this means I'll have to admit my age...*sigh* I'm seventeen, if you must know. :D

Draco/Ginny (Because they're awesome/sexual tension ftw/ROMEO & JULIET - how did JKR miss this??)

Ron/Luna. They're pretty cool together and I've been a portkey follower since the early days and I'm loyal to their ships

Vampire Diaries: (the TV show because imo the books weren't that good...sorry :P)

Damon/Elena. Not just because "the bad/dark boy has his draw" kind of thing but because Damon lets Elena make her own decisions - he isn't a control freak like Stefan is. He loves her unconditionally as well as unselfishly which he shows over and over again through all the times he runs to rescue, not sparing a thought about his own safety. He compels her to forget him over and over again and WAAAH (sorry, fan girl moment here...) Anyway! She's good for him. She makes him want to feel things, want to be human - something he's never wanted since he actually was one, and most especially not with Katharine. Furthermore, he's good for her! He supports her and doesn't keep her on a leash like Stefan does - he lets her be herself and that's something Stefan can hardly claim. Silly, brooding, control-freak of a vampire.

Stefan/Katherine. Katharine has always loved him! Sure, she's an awful bitch sometimes but she's fun and exciting - not like Elena! You can't have two boring people in a relationship and expect the audience to "oooh" and "ahh" every time they share a "cute" - I use the term loosely - moment on screen. S/E is gross, boring, and physically tolling to watch on screen. Blech! Furthermore, Stefan *did* love Katharine, try as he may to deny it. He fell in love with her without compulsion needed - granted it was before he knew she was a vampire but he loved her none the less.

Tyler/Caroline. This couple is just awesome and adorable! What more can I say? Feel good couple of the TV show! :D

LOTR: Best. Series. Ever. This includes both the movie and book franchise.

Faramir/Eowyn and Aragorn/Arwen

And when will I get to see Faramir/Eowyn's wedding?? (ahem! Peter Jackson?!) They bloody filmed it but didn't even release it even on the Extended Edition! This makes me a mad FallenFairytale.

Game of Thrones (*A Song of Ice and Fire*): This series is amazing! Yes, it's totally creepy that an 80-ish-yr old man is writing descriptive, graphic sex scenes with 14-yr olds but the plot is amazing! The character development is spectacular and it's just down right brutally realistic. No graduation goggles on this medieval fantasy!

Dany/Khal Drogo. *sigh* I will ship you until the sad, bitter end. :( (Down with Mirri Maz Duur!! So glad she got burnt alive) And...DOWN WITH JORAH TOO, YOU PEDOPHILE.

Hmmm...Game of Thrones is a very hard series to ship considering there is character death every 4 pages. Heart. Breaking. Character. Death. (Storm of Swords brought me to tears at the Red Wedding and I even gave up on GoT for half a year in protest to their deaths)

Inheritance Cycle: I really would love this series if Murtagh where the main character...and there weren't so many blatant copies from LOTR. But still, the story can be pretty good. I haven't read the 4th book (despite its collecting dust in my book case for several months now...) so no spoilers!

Arya/Eragon. Who else can I ship him with? His foot?

Murtagh/hmm...ohh, that's right! THERE ARE LIKE NO GIRLS IN THIS SERIES. Yeah...I ship Murtagh/OC.

Pretty Little Liars: GUILTY PLEASURE SHOW n_

Arya/Ezra. They're just so dang cute together! Been shipping them since episode 1!

Hanna/Caleb. They are good for each other and they make the other one stronger. Plus...the cuteness is just undeniable. :D

Emily/Alison. Kind of...if Alison hadn't been so totally awful to her. :(

POTC: On Stranger Tides:


Philip/Syrena. The Mermaid and the Missionary

The Secret Circle: (TV Series, not the book) I cannot believe this show got cancelled!!! I am FURIOUS. Not only will I never be able to purchase that beautifully haunting melody (The theme) but I also cannot enjoy it's awesome witchiness! There are like no teen witch programs anymore! Grr.

Cassie/Jake. I don't care if she "is destined for" guyliner boy - ahem, oh..crap. well, I forgot his name! Jake challenges her more. And I always root for the feisty relationship when given the choice.

Fey/Grey Damon. idr the actual character's name, but Grey Damon played him and did an amazing job while doing so, if I may say so. Totally upset that they'll never be together, but I think that's because he wasn't up for being a series regular.

Teen Wolf: The new MTV one! Not the old basketball one that most people don't even know existed...this show is amazing! Styles is absolutely hilarious and the music renders me absolutely speechless in its perfection.

Scott/Alison. Call me a conformer, but those two belong together!

Lydia/Young Peter. I'm really hoping that he'll come back as his young self for season 3 (since I've heard tell the actor won't be in season 2 again). What they did was a total curve ball and extremely interesting. I can't wait to see what else they think up

Lydia/Styles. This is more of an end-game ship but I definitely want to see it happen. Jackson treats her like garbage. It's inexcusable.

Derek/...no one. But someone this beautiful should not be alone. Then again, I want him all for myself _

Firefly: I will never give up hope on you!! You will return to me some day!! *breaks down into sobs*

Nathan/Morena. Can we say sexual tension? ;)

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