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the names Kitsune67, but you can call me anything ud like (jus not anything too mean :( )

Well... anyways... I guess there're some things u need to kno about me so here they go:

1st: I can be really stupid at times (like how i didn't kno that i could make a profile here on fanfiction = stupid, stupid me!)

2nd: Big whoops to my bestest friend EVER! I mean for real, she introduced me to this amazingly awesome cooliest website ever! I mean, i love to read... I really love it. And now I get to go and read wat other fans of the same thing i like, scratch that, LOVE, and i get to read what other ppl are thinking! It jus makes me so happy! So a big happy YEAH AND HUG to Kit turned Mighty! YEAA!! SHES THE BEST!

3rd: I can be wickedly random at times as well...Like how i love the anime Naruto with all of my heart and soul (Kit turned Mighty introduced me to this as well. Thank God for that kid) But i also am in LOVE with my soap operas...My favs General Hospital. ( i will one day soon write many many stories, so jus letting you kno now that it will be hopping all over the place) :)


Wow.. to think i wrote all that stuff about 4 yrs ago.. so young and naive. Yet, I don't want to erase it.. so instead I'll jus tweak up my profile a bit.. quite a few things have changed.

For the awesome show Naruto some of my favorite pairings are...:

SasukexHinata (Ohmuhfriggingosh this is the best pairing ever!! its my favorite!!)>> they still are!! i luv sasuhina!!

InoxNaruto (Omgosh... i love this one... absolutely love it! its my second favorite pairing)>> this use to be my favorite pairing actually.. i still love it and it's still my second favorite..

After this I can't say I have anymore FAVORITE pairings for naruto.. I mean I enjoy reading a lot of other pairings but those two are my absolute FAVORITES

Some pairings I enjoy are..

InoxNeji (This one's definitely in my favorites top 5 cuz it's jus so cute imagining them together. Plus, TenTen's too boring and i don't really like seeing Neji put together with the obvious TenTen)>> use to consider them a favorite but I can only remember 2 really good fanfics of them..

InoxShikamaru>> use to be my #1 favorite pairing EVER.. but got a little bored.. but I still do enjoy reading them

InoxSasuke>> I like Sasuke better with Ino than Sakura, but I LOVE him with Hinata..

InoxAbout any other guy on the show there is. Except... teachers. That's jus gross. I don't kno why ppl do that.

I'm also starting to like Itachi... pairings...

it's just starting to get to my lil heart...

i love HinataxItachi pairings and ItachixSakura pairings...

even though i don't like Sakura too much, the only guy i like her with is Itachi

Pairing I absolutely despise are:

NarutoxSasuke (Not that I have a problem with gay ppl, but hey, i am in love with naruto and sasuke, and seeing them with each other jus makes me so sadd!)

ShikamaruxTemari (I really use to hate this pairing, but its not that bad... jus not as a main pairing, maybe as a side pairing)

NarutoxSakura (Sorry, but i jus hate the bitch... Sakura doesn't deserve Naruto, with the way how she treats Naruto...hmpft...!)

SasukexSakura (For real, Sakura needs to get over herself. Sasuke is not hers and he never will be...hmpft...!)


Favorite characters of the show are:

Kakashi... I jus love that guy

Sasuke... That sexy kid, though i really feel bad for him, i believe he will turn good again. He was influenced i tell u, influenced!

Ino... That chick is kick ass! She is a motivation for young women everywhere, at least for me, because she's so strong and determined.

Shikamaru... I love that lazy ass bum, for he is truely an inspiration to lazy people everywhere! He proves that lazy people can be sexy and brilliant!

Gaara... Come on now, everyone loves Gaara. He's such a sexy bad ass boy! Whew, it's making me sweat jus thinking about it.

And of course, Naruto... Who couldn't love cute little Naruto. It's like impossible. He's so determined, and he motivates me to be the best i can be!


Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino in that order.. Although I like Gaara, he's not really a fav..

Characters I HATE in the show:

There's really only one...

Sakura... I hate her. I really do. I especially hate her for the way she dised Ino by telling her that she didn't want to be her friend anymore. After everything Ino did for Sakura ( that big foreheaded bit) And the way she's so mean to Naruto... Hmpft... I jus can't stand her!

The only character i don't think is quite sexy is Kankuro...

he's jus madd ugly... I don't like him at all!





Favorite characters:

Harry Potter, duh

Draco Malfoy (omgosh, he's such a smexy beast)

I use to despise Snape, like i really hated him, but i've had a change of heart... Snape's awesome

Fred Weasley (my favorite twin... i kinda feel bad about having a favorite, but i do and its Fred)


Yes what can I say, I've become obsessed.. but it's really hard to find enjoyable bleach romance fanfics.. well, with my fav pairings at least..






Now I'm becoming lazy so that's it for the update.. but I've been inspired recently and I just have to spread the word.. As you all know I have written one fanfic and haven't updated in forever, and there's no excuse that will be pleasing, but I've been in a writing funk.. a creative funk actually, and haven't been inspired by much. Plus I couldn't find any decent fanfics to read. So, I decided to search for a sasuhina romance fic (my fav kind) and searched for stories that haven't been updated in ages. And I came across one of the BEST sasuhina fics I've ever read. It's called The Little Things in Life and it's great i'm telling you. So, I check out the author's profile and she had something about how to become a better writer. And it really touched me. She said the number one way to become a better writer is by reading. And you know what, she's so right. Everything and anything, from fanfics to novels, to magazines to newspapers. So I was inspired, and decided to reread Everworld by K.A. Applegate, which is an AMAZING BOOK!! And I was inspired yet again. So I had all this inspiration and didn't know what to do with it. I was taking english composition at the time, and my amazing professor made us write in a daybook. I thought mine was terrible, till the end of the semester and he gave me an A in the class. I couldn't believe it! So I realized I have to have more confidence in my writing and my ideas. And I just got a review for my story today, I couldn't believe that either! It was an anonymous review and they told me to FINISH THE STORY. So you know what, I think I will.. Wish me luck everyone..

well thats all there is to me really...

and now i'm gonna recommend some stories to the few of you who have been wasting ur time reading my crappy profile..


well for the naruto fics:

my favorite one out at this moment is "I think I"

its a sasuhina fic (fantastic by the way, its my favorite fic so far)

there's this other fic called "You Owe Me"

its madd good... but it hasn't been updated in a min. and i'm really sad about that

there's a whole bunch more i'd like to recommend u but my hands hurt now and i'm getting tired and lazy so jus go look under my favorite stories and u'll find one..

wait, there's this really funny one i gots to tell u all about..

"Your Mom" its madd funny, and i usually only read romance fics so u kno this ones good

and i got one Harry Potter one to recommend

its called "Basketcase" its a Draco Hermione fic and i absolutely love it

thats the only way to love u kno (absolutely... teeheehee)

now i'm finished, so u could check out my favorites if u'd like to and i strongly recommend that u do..

those authors are awesome...

and i wrote one naruto fic... i don't kno if its exactly great... i've got 2 reviews so far...

well thanks for stopping by... bye now!!

wait i can't leave you without some famous quotes..

well some of them may not be so famous...

"Build a bridge and get over it." -Hannah Montana

"How rude!" -Stephanie Tanner

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." -Albert Einstein

"Who are you calling a cootie queen you lint licker?" -Lady from some gum commercial

"Life without friends is like a broken pencil... completely pointless" -some guy's icon

"When you assume you make an ass out of u and me." -Gossip Girls

"Go ahead and talk about me but I have some advice. Click your heals together and say: I NEED A LIFE" -my sister's icon

kay, now i'm done... thanks for stopping by.


Profile Update: 10/24/09

I AM SOOO SORRY EVERYONE!! I'M SUCH A LAZY BUTT FACE!! There's no excuse for me not updating my one story which isn't even that good btw. I don't kno... I'm thinking about just discontinuing the story. I'm gonna put a poll up. I'll put one more chapter up and then you all can decide if I should continue the story or not. I feel like I owe you all an explanation.. well the thing is when I posted chapter one of my story, I was halfway finished with chapter two, and then my computer got a virus. I wasn't able to use the internet, yet alone the computer, for like one whole year. So when my computer finally got fixed, and I was able to check my mail, I had a whole bunch of updates to fanfics that I was previously reading. And me being the lazy person I am decided to read rather than write. But then I was noticing the stories were getting worse and worse here on fanfiction because little kids keep writing fics and I couldn't find any good ones. So I just got fed up with fanfiction all together, and now I'm bac because I know how it feels to want an author to update a story and they just abandon it all together. So even though I don't remember what I originally wrote for chapter two of The Date, I will attempt to write another and post it up. But after that the choice is yours, should I discontinue the story or not.

Another Thing:

I'm too lazy to update my profile all together. When I get a chance I'll jump right on that.

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,311 - Reviews: 386 - Favs: 182 - Follows: 169 - Updated: 10/18/2007 - Published: 4/15/2007 - Gaara, Hinata H.
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