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my new and improved profile!

actually, it's not new and improved, because that's impossible. if it's new, then there was never anything to improve on, and if it's improved, then it's not new!

anyways... i'm lauren. i live in nowheresville, california. i spend most of my time in front of a computer/tv/notebook, considering there is just short of nothing to do here. i have a love of short, awkward sentences that my english teacher hates. i sometimes come off as mean, but i'm really not. not usually. i just happen to have a very sarcastic, biting sense of humor that gets me into trouble at times. i always have music playing, whether it's on my ipod, on the radio, a cd, or just stuck in my head. it's always there. my ipod is the love of my life. i really love jane austen. i can be really random, but even behind my randomness there's usually a common thread, even if it's really obscure.

these are really random quotes/lyrics. some of them are inspirational, some are just random, and one's pretty depressing.

live believing dreams are for weaving

-yes, it's from the land before time, but i love it. it's also some of the best advice i've ever heard.

but there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot weather

-les miserables. quite possibly my favorite lyric ever, even though it's totally depressing

got nothing to give you but a prayer/ God's gonna see you through/ to part with you more than i can bear/ but somebody gonna love you/ sweet baby, sweet/ this much i know is true/ sleep, baby, sleep/ cuz somebody gonna love you/ oh i'm always gonna love you

-"somebody gonna love you" from the color purple. one of my absolute favorite songs, and completely soothing and comforting. really great to listen to when you're trying to go to sleep.

no, it won't all go the way it should/ but i know the heart of life is good.

-"the heart of life" by john mayer. this is the quote i repeat over and over when i feel crappy. you should try it. it works, at least for me

when you're worried and you can't sleep/ count your blessings instead of sheep

-"count your blessings" from white christmas. if you haven't seen this movie, i STRONGLY suggest that you go watch it before you talk to me. this is also some really good advice.

either do or do not. there is no try.

-yoda. some of my words to live by

a person's a person, no matter how small

-dr. seuss. let's try to remember this one, shall we?

If you think that those stupid kids should just give that God-forsaken Trix rabbit some Trix, copy this into your profile. i meant that dumb Lucky Charms dude always gets away... why can't the poor rabbit have the dang Trix?? or why does he have to steal it?? can't he just go the store and buy some like a normal person? not that he's a person... but those dang kids seem to have no problem running away from a rabbit of all things...

THE SURVEY OF GREYS!- should you decide you like this, put this on your site but replace my answers

Fav Episode: What I Am... i think. i mean come on, meredith on morphine, pretty funny!
Fav Season: probably 3

Fav Character: Addison, but she's not really on the show anymore now is she? noo, because kate walsh just has to be such a phenomenal actress that she goes and gets her own spin off..

Least Fav Character: derek when he's an ass

Fav Elevator Moment: the one where derek calls addison satan and she says that she prefers the ruler of all that is evil
Fav Moment overall: Meredith on morphine talking to addison
Mer's Worst Decision: sleeping with george
Der's Worst Decision: Choosing Addie when he wanted meredith, it made everyone completely miserable
Fav Coupling: ADDEX (hottest couple EVER)
Least Fav Coupling: Addi and Mark
Fav Odd Pairing (ie AlexMeredith): Burke and Addison
Fav Random Pairing: Burke and Addison... wait can I put them in 2 categories?
Is McDreamy exactly what his name says: when he's not being an asshole
Is McSteamy exactly what his name says: most of the time... can't hold a candle to mcdreamy though. and none of them are even close to alex karev. i've decided he needs a mcname. any ideas?

Can George impersonate Cristina well?: not really
Can Meredith impersonate Izzie well?: No.

DerMer: eh. i like 'em. don't love 'em. they're funner to write as friends cuz they have the whole bantering thing going on that they kinda lose as a couple but you know, they're cute.
FinnMer: eh.

Addek: eh
ChiefEllis: i suppose
MerGeorge: nope
Lexzie: it works
Dizzie: cute together
IzzieGeorge: undecided
O'Callie: jury's out on that one
GeorgeOlivia: i dunno
Maddison: absolutely not

MarkCallie: nope
Burktina: i like 'em, but they're really hard to write
Addisex: the only ship i ship strongly and the only one i write (well)
MarkIzzie: sometimes. not when i'm writing it, i suck at writing them
Merex: never really thought about it. but they work well as friends, so i dont know. plus i'm like the biggest addisex shipper ever and that might make it a little hard for me to like them

Check x in the box if you qualify

You have named a baby/pet/something after a character/actor
You have delivered/have considered delivering an "I am Preston Burke" speech or a "Pick me, Choose me, Love me" speech
xYou have season 1 on DVD, but not season 2
You have season 2 on DVD, but not season 1
You have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD
You often find yourself thinking "If only my boyfriend was more like Derek..." (no, but only because i think he's an ass) (now, you put in alex karev and we have a whole different story) (not that he's not a total ass at times too) (but like the whole 'i'd notice' thing... he's sweet in his own asslike way)
You own the 2007 Grey's Calendar (i wish)
x You ship (strongly support) any ship on Grey's (MerDer, Addisex, Burktina, etc.)
x You ship a fanon (non-canon) ship on Grey's (Mer/Alex, Callie/Derek, etc.)
x You write Grey's fanfiction
x You read Grey's fanfiction
x You call your friends during commercials to gab about what just happened
x You have given someone a McNickname
x You sometimes find yourself wishing you were at Seattle Grace
xYou have seen every episode to date
x You relate everything to Grey's
x You have learned at least one word from Grey's
x You have learned at least one medical term from Grey's
x You use this word/medical term in everyday life
x You have at least three songs on your iPod/mp3 that were featured on Grey's (How to Save a Life and Chasing Cars count)
You have the Grey's theme song on your iPod/mp3
You own the season 1 soundtrack, but not season 2
xYou own the season 2 soundtrack, but not season 1
You own both soundtracks
You have bought magazine(s) just becuase Grey's Anatomy was featured
xYou have bought magazine(s) just becuase an actor/actress from Grey's was featured
Your ringtone is the Grey's Anatomy theme
Your ringtone is a song that has been featured on Grey's
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You have changed profession becuase of Grey's Anatomy
x When Grey's is on you silence your phone
You're subscribed to the Official Grey's magazine
You bought the first issue of the Official Grey's magazine

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