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To wonder is the first step all pioneers must take. But wonder is only a step in the entire journey, and once it's taken, turning back will cost more than it took to go forward. Beware and brave the unknown, for fear keeps us from the treasures hidden about life.

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Not dead! Sorry, I'm just barely making it through college midterms, and one of my classes is starting up the final. So I'm looking to make time for finishing up the last book as well as rewrite the first. Ah, so much to DO!


Hello! Guess what, I finished it! I've re-edited and rewritten the first five chapters of Eureka Seven: Corrupted Hopes, and I have to say, I'm starting to feel much happier about it. As I've ready through, I've noticed snippets or portions that had great opportunity to add in some cool little scenes, but I often enough just skipped over it or explained it a few words. Hopefully you guys will like it too. I think I'll do a little more revision to the first chapter and then reread through all five. Once I've done that I'll submit it, hopefully this week!

Curious thought, though. I had been thinking and considering some stuff and almost considered re-submitting the news chapters and titling it "Eureka Seven: Corrupted Hopes (Revision)". Reason being is because some people may not like how my writing style has changed. I'm not making huge edits, but there really are points where I read a paragraph, delete it, and then rewrite it with my voice. Back when I wrote E7CH three years ago, I didn't have a voice, I wrote plainly. Now while my voice still needs a lot of work, I have progressed greatly. Secondly, I thought it might be fun for some people to look back and forth to compare how much the style has changed.

If anyone is interested in the idea, let me know and I think I'll just re-submit the chapters instead of having them replace the old ones. What do you guys think? Sent me a message if you like the idea, if not, send me a message in that case too.

Thanks for your time guys!


I've been working on the chapters and so far I'm practically done with the first five! The re-edit wont be massive, though I've gone far enough to add a thousand words to one chapter. Then again, I suppose that's to expected. Hopefully when I pop these up they'll make the story far more clear and active in voice.


Ah cracker snacks, I've did it again... So I've rewatched part of the series (skipping about half of season one and going from there, just after the incident with the miner in the mountain with Gekko-State in constant repairs.) After doing this, I kind of had a guilty wish of rewriting my characters just a little differently from the beginning. It's a little impossible now, but because I'm a little lost in my own story, I figured I ought reread the entire book, and in that I made a mistake. You see, it also gave me the idea of reproofing and editing the first book and whatever there is of the second so far... And I've decided to do it, and I've already reedited chapter one. Strangely enough, I'm a bit happier with it. I'm going to reread and add detail that ought to be there I didn't think of before. I'll update the books in five chapter increments, and it shouldn't take me more than a month to get through the first book (that's probably really pushing it, but we'll see.) I think by the end, the book will be a little better structured as well as easier to read. Also, I'll definitely have an idea of where I'll want to take this series. Thanks for those who are still reading.


After making the post bellow today, I had a curious thought. I'm going to right five more chapters before I submit the one that I have now. I need to get a good grip on where I'm taking this story. So it may be just a little while more, but I promise I'll try to go as safely and as fast as we can.


I finished the chapter a few days ago. It was shorter than I expected. Soon as I proof read I'll send it off... I know where this story ends, but there are some things I forgotten on where I've been going. That's what I get for slacking off like I have. Well, we'll get things back on track.

Eh... This'll take a bit.


Y'know, it's strange when a single comment can get you writing on a book again. I had almost teetered on not writing this book and simply discontinuing it permanently. But my family encouraged me that I should, and I've never liked the idea of starting a project and not finishing it... It's not really my style. So yeah, I'm going to finish this book even though I'm most likely lost most if not all my readers.

To the person who sent me that message, I thank you. Strange, I know, but that last comment pushed me to finish the book finally and stop procrastinating as often as I do.

So here I, the next chapter will be up this week before the weekend.

Till next time.


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The book is finished, but the story has yet to be complete. For those who are confused on Eureka Seven: The Sting of Silence, I suggest you read this book. It explains many things.

((((( Please review people. Its easier to know whether I did something right or wrong when there is some one else to give me an opinion. I'm learning here, so please help me along.

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