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Author has written 7 stories for Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Marvel.

Name: David B. Jacobs is my real name. I'm a junior at Calhoun High School on Long Island, NY and an aspiring film-maker.

Interests: I'm bored. Let's skip this stuff and get right to the stories, OK?

My Stories:

Spider-Man: Season 6: The Clone Saga

This one is for us peoples who just loved that 1990s series! It is my personal continuation of the series in which Spider-Man and Madame Web search for Mary Jane. Meanwhile, back in New York, many things are going on, all leading right back to the name: The Clone Saga! As you may have guessed, some of my featured villains include Jackal, Shriek, Silvermane, Hydro-Man, the Insidious Six (any guesses on the Chameleon's replacement?), Kingpin, Venom, Cassidy (not sure if he's gonna be Carnage, though), Molten Man, Mordo, Dormammu, and more! Some featured heroes include Spider-Man (um, duh?), Madame Web (also duh?), Black Cat, Cloak&Dagger, White Tiger, and more! Of course, I'm also planning out a looot of clones! Canceled.
Here are the episodes:

Chapter 1: The Murder of Mary Jane Watson Upon arriving back home, Spider-Man is immediately captured and accused of killing Mary Jane! Published

Chapter 2: Seeing Double Spider-Man must fight his clone along with a new Spider-Slayer! Published

Chapter 3: Enter The Jackal Spider-Man and his clone must team up in order to stop a new villain who calls himself the "Jackal". Published

My thoughts: After some consideration, I decided that I had rushed into this a little too quickly. It wasn't really as good as I had initially thought and didn't feel true to the series. Oh, and it was crammed. Really, really crammed. I'm leaving it up for those of you who are curious - I finished the first arce - but again, it's not my best.

Spider-Man: The Darkness Within

Everything begins just like Amazing Fantasy #15, until Spidey gets a weird sensation and does stop Uncle Ben's killer! Watch as everything plays out differently, even though all of the character's minds are working in the same ways at the same times as they did in the original comics... On hiatus.
Here are the chapters:

1- Amazing Fantasy #15: Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and is given the exact abilities of one. But, when a thief runs by him, what will he do? (Published)

2- Amazing Spider-Man #1, Pt. 1: J. Jonah Jameson is giving Spidey a hard time. (Completed)

3- Amazing Spider-Man #1, Pt. 2: Spider-Man wishes to join the Fantastic Four, and is put to the test against a terrorist named the Chameleon! (Completed)

4- Amazing Spider-Man #2, Pt. 1: Peter gets a new job as a photographer, but when a man he's taking pictures of dumps him in a water tower, what's an angry spider to do?

5- Amazing Spider-Man #2, Pt. 2: Something strange is going on in a shop, but Peter doesn't bother. Now, aliens are attacking! Will Spider-Man save the world? And if so, will Jameson even care?

6- Amazing Spider-Man #3: When a mad scientist threatens all of New York, including the Parkers, Spidey seeks to put an end to it!

7- Amazing Spider-Man #4: It's an ordinary day at school, when the well-known "Sandman" enters! Will Peter stop him? Or he will he not even try?

8- Amazing Spider-Man #5: A psychopath named "Doctor Doom" kidnaps Spider-Man and attempts to make an alliance. But when Spidey refuses, without the slightest care for destroying the Fantastic Four, what will happen next?

9- Amazing Spider-Man #8: A robot called the "Living Brain" breaks loose in Peter's school. Who is to stop it but Spider-Man?

10- Amazing Spider-Man #9: When Jameson blames Spider-Man for a series of thefts, Spidey seeks out to find the true thief!

11- Amazing Spider-Man #13: Someone is out impersonating Spidey. But who could it be? Spider-Man wishes to find out!

12- Amazing Spider-Man #15: "Kraven the Hunter" has come to New York just to hunt Spider-Man. Who will prevail?

13- Amazing Spider-Man #18: When his Aunt May becomes sick, Spidey decides to temporarily stop being Spider-Man. And just in time for a certain someone to return...

14- Amazing Spider-Man #19: Aunt May is almost recovered, and for her to heal completely, Spidey must get back in action! But why is this so? And what will become of Aunt May?

15- Amazing Spider-Man #20: In an attempt to rid the world of Spider-Man, Jameson hires a Professor Farley Stillwell to turn Mac Gargan into the "Scorpion"!

My thoughts: Well, I thought it was good! Not many people got into it, thought (the beginning was kind of slow), but I may eventually pick it up again. Dont' get your hopes up though.

Ghost Rider 2

Movieverse. A sequel to Ghost Rider. Mephistopheles (the devil) hires a new Rider to take down Johnny Blaze. Meanwhile, Johnny seeks the courage to propose to Roxanne. Villains: Mephisto, New Ghost Rider, Varnae (only one scene; don't get your hopes up), Skinner, Lilith, Zarathos, Shelob (again, only briefly). Note: I made this before reading any GR comics, so it's all based on my knowledge from research and... er... Marvel TCG... Complete.

I don't quite know the break-down here... It's really just a continuous story...

My thoughts: Well, it got reviews, but I actually don't consider this to be my greatest work. I found that it was really too focused on Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch and barely represented his personal life - one of the most important features of Marvel comics. Yet, it was a nice concept and did get very interesting. Some of the reviews stated that an actual movie should be like this. In response, I feel that it would be nice, but should first be improved.

Ghost Rider 3 coming eventually.

Marvel High

A comedic telling of what happens when all the Marvel heroes go to high school. Who will get the higher physics grade - Reed Richards or Viktor Von Doom? How will Galactus manage to fit? And what will happen if Bruce Banner ever gets angry? Find out! Posted all 19 chapters at the same time since many of them are short and I didn't want to bore people with the wait. Complete.

Period 1, Day 1- Physics, Professor Xavier takes attendance and introduces the class.

Period 2, Day 1- Math with Ultron.

Period 3, Day 1- In gym, the class races up the side of a building while Reed Richards and Doctor Doom make a bet.

Period 4, Day 1- Wolverine teaches Health? Uh-oh.

Period 5, Day 1- During lunch, Richards and Doom both discuss methods to win that bet.

Period 6, Day 1- Uatu the Watcher, finally reveals the true reason behind his interference on Earth.

Period 7, Day 1- Doctor Strange senses a mysterious presence in Bruce Banner.

Period 8, Day 1- Cletus Kassidy... Why does that name sound so familiar...?

After School, Day 1- As Richards speaks with guidance counselor for help with his bet, Doom prepares his own methods.

Period 1, Day 2- Recap and the test is handed out as Inspector Robert Kelly comes to examine this new school.

Period 2, Day 2- Ultron teaches proofs.

Period 3, Day 2- What happens when Daredevil attempts to split up the class by gender?

Period 4, Day 2- Wolverine penalizes Sabretooth. 'Nuff said.

Period 5, Day 2- Galactus is fed Pluto. BUM BUM BUM!

Period 6, Day 2- The Watcher begins teaching Intergalactic History.

Period 7, Day 2- Doctor Strange has a warning for Banner...

Period 8, Day 2- Where's Carnage?

After School, Day 2- Inspector Kelly discusses the school with Professor Xavier.

HULK SMASH!- The Hulk rampages arround the school, the bet is decided, and Inspector Kelly makes his final decision.

My thoughts: Some parts were funny, some were pathetic. That's the basic review here. Of course, it really didn't get any reviews - only 2, and one of them seems to have disappeared. That's probably because I published 19 chapters in one day. When you see a 19 chapter story with no reviews (no one ever looks at the dates), it comes off all wrong. But anyway, it was great fun to make and I am considering a sequel of some sort.


With great power comes great responsibility. That's something that's been said from the beginning. But if I'm ready to accept the responsibility, can I seize the power? Rated T for drugs and violence. AU. Complete.

Question- He didn't quite get a job as high as he expected, and so Peter Parker stole Osborn's latest creation, a formula of some sort.

Research- Uncle Ben is dead. Shot. Murdered. And Peter Parker blames himself as well as everyone around him. Now, he goes home to try out that drug he stole on himself. And something strange occurs.

Hypothesis- Dealing with the aftermath of Uncle Ben's death and with the sudden emergence of superhumans Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Peter exchanges thoughts with Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Otto Octavius.

Procedure- Now realizing that he is Spider-Man, Peter Parker seeks more of the formula that transformed him the first time. Afterall, he wants to help.

Observations- The month passes and Spider-Man has saved countless lives from the Goblin. Octavius is still taking guesses at both identities, finally coming to the belief that Norman Osborn is involved. Meanwhile, the science fair is to be judged.

Analysis- After an ominous fight in Osborn's office, Peter Parker heads to his graduation ceremony. But second-place nerd and frequent target Herman Shultz has caved in to the torture around him, giving birth to the Shocker.

Conclusion- Final chapter. 'Nuff said.

My thoughts: I honestly believe this to be me at my best. I find that it has worked out excellently and is even well-written. I hope that this works out as well as I'm expecting, but only time will tell.

Justice v. Vengeance

Two very different words with very similar meanings. It reaches the point where the question must be raised: Where does one draw the line? At what point does such a noble cause being such a petty one?
A Spider-Man vs. Venom fight told through both perspectives. No specific universe. One-shot. Published.

My thoughts: I think it worked nicely. I really like how I ended it off, and I love all the parallels I made (if you didn't notice them, trying comparing each paragraph from the different perspectives). I'm pretty sure I got my point across, and so I'm fine with it.

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