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About me:

You'll notice I've changed my pen name. It was either that or take the stories down, as my twelve year old is at that curious stage. I'm well aware that this means people will have a harder time finding my stories, but it seems the lesser of two evils.

I have been on hiatus for the past couple of years, as life has crowded in. I've been dealing with the extended illnesses of both of my parents. My father is now well, but my mom continues to battle a newly developed auto immune disease.

Things are more settled down now, so I am hoping to get back into writing soon. Thank you for your kind thoughts!

Other info about me:

Not much to say, except that I love all things Japanese in general, and manga and anime in particular. That probably describes about half of the people that frequent this site, however, so I'm just one in the crowd. That's fine with me. After dealing with a couple of obnoxious flamers, I'd rather keep most of the personal details to myself. Certainly there are some things I will share:

I am older than you, probabilistically speaking.

I have one son and one husband, several cats and a dog.

I am very shy in real life, although I am an accomplished public speaker.

I wish I had studied writing in college.

Like Kakashi, I have many hobbies.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation (and if anyone is taking orders), I would like to come back as a feudal-era Japanese princess. Or maybe a floating world era maiko. Or a kunoichi. Or a Claymore. In any case, I would like to carry the knowledge of indoor plumbing back with me, as this is the one modern convenience I cannot live without. Dream big, I always say.

My writing is fifty percent for you, and fifty percent for me. I post here because I'm trying to improve, and because your reviews encourage me to keep at it. In return, I hope I'm connecting with people who love KakaSaku and Miyazaki, and bringing you some enjoyment. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to leave a review-- positive or negative-- especially those of you who point out things that could help me improve. I truly appreciate it. Even "Update soon!" makes me smile. It's nice not to know that I'm not writing in isolation.

Link to my live journal page.

KakaSaku Fan Club's "Classy" Fan Art contest:

A while back, the KakaSaku Fan Club (over on the NarutoFan forums) organized a fan art contest for the artists among us. The challenge was to take an existing piece of classical art and transform it into a KakaSaku themed piece. My friend Modernday Portia organized the whole thing (apparently she does not need sleep!) and the contest was a brilliant success.

You can see the contest entries and the original paintings upon which they were based here:

The winner of the contest was Leona 101. Her painting was a transformation of Edmund Blair Leighton's famous "Alain Chatier," and it is amazing. As a prize for first place, I've written a piece to go with this painting, to serve as its backstory: Seijin no Hi. (Coming of Age) I hope it lives up to Leona's work!

Fan Art:

Thank you to sayurinomoe and eldr-fire who have drawn several fanarts related to BOFR. In these, Tsuki is much cuter than I imagined! I am blown away that you think enough of the story to illustrate it.

Tsuki and Susuwatari

Go Rin No Sho

Kendo Girl


Hot Springs


Father and Son

Generations of Hatake

Thank you to sayurinomoe for drawing even more amazing art, these for Fourteen Dates:

Fourteen Dates Study 1

Fourteen Dates Study 2

Fourteen Dates Study 3

Fourteen Dates Study 4

Fourteen Dates Ch 44

Fourteen Dates (wedding)

And these for BOFR. You overwhelm me! I wish I had a sliver of your drawing talent.

Sakura Study

Simply Tsuki

And sayurinomoe has created a kakasaku doujin, based on a chapter from BOFR. God, I love it!


Here is the link to the first page. You can click on it to see the rest.

Also sayurinomoe is working on an original kakasaku doujin that I hope will be posted soon. I have seen some of the drawings and they are amazing. Go MOE!


Yanny88 has created a drawing of Kakashi-sensei on his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle from To Sensei, with Love. Damn, I wish I owned one of those bikes! You drew him just the way I imagined. Thank you for the beautiful art!



The talented kimeko-28 has created a couple of amazing drawings for BOFR and Kaidan. I am so pleased with these!

Kakashi and Tsuki


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