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Okay, you've reached my own little place on ff, huh? Then I should give you some information.

I'm a fifteen-year-old German, I'm female (omg, who would've guessed?!) and my name is Miriam. That's to myself in reality.

I'm German, so have mercy with my English because I'm not that used to speak or write it (out of the English lessons); but I do my best to write well. It might also be that my punctuation tends to be more German than English, just ignore it if I don't write quotation "..." then; in German the first quotation mark has to be down and I forget that it's different in English sometimes.

Next thing, I'd like to make my stories as detailed as possible, but I often lose due to lack of vocabulary. And if I look something up, it might be that the word choice of mine is too formal, so don't think it was on purpose, I'm just a poor victim of the dictionary.

But I'm rambling too much, I should stop apologizing, more important I should tell you somethings about my likes and dislikes in pairings or so...

I'm a NARUTARD and proud. Live with it.

I don't like Tayuya or Temari, I'm just not made for liking them. It's fate.

I like Sakura very much because I can understand her way of thinking and I just can't stand it when someone goes to bash her. Hello guys, a) she was twelve years old, I bet you weren't more mature when you were twelve and b) there is no way it can really make yourself feel better if you diss some anime character, I mean, at least not as she isn't able to give her opinion. Oh, don't get me wrong here, I accept if people don't like her, but I hate it when people go and bash her because the ones who like Sakura are hurt by sayings like "Sasuke took a kunai and split Sakura's stomach with it. Sakura died from blood loss and they lived happily ever after." At least I am.

I also like Hinata and Tenten actually because their personalities clash. Hinata being shy and Tenten being a tomboy; I love it to see them in fictions, they just give the whole thing more fun. I still wonder what would happen if Hinata stops stuttering one day. I bet that's the day when Tenten starts wearing kimono's for mission's.

I can't say much about Ino, only that I like her, but without any good reason. She's just so direct.

I'm a die-hard SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaIno, NaruHina and KakaAnko-shipper, so don't you try to make me stop it. They will stay in my mind as the perfect couples and end. Live with it. I do read other pairings, some of them I'll explain after the reasons for me liking some Naruto-boys the most.

I'm an arrogant-spoiled-kinda emo-bishie-fan, that is the reason for me liking Sasuke, Neji, Gaara and Itachi. I have a heart for special guys like Shikamaru or Kakashi, I mean who could live without Shikamaru's troublesome? I like Deidara and Kisame. Deidara is too cute with his 'un' and Kisame is the big blue shark who made it into every- Narutard's heart. You just have to like Kisame. He's a fish, who doesn't like a big blue speaking fish?! I like Lee,Kiba and Shino because they've interesting facts to them. Lee as a youthist, Kiba as a dogwhisperer and Shino with... well... bugs living inside him.

Now about other pairings I read or write:

NaruSaku: Well, it is somewhat cute, but I think it doesn't really fit. They have a more familiar way in acting together.

AsuKure: I shipped it, but Asuma is kinda... dead and I don't like tragedy that much. Kurenai should look for someone.

Irukashi: I don't like shonen-ai so much... no offense to gays, I know enough of them and that may be the reason why I don't like yaoi; I just know how this is in reality. Kakairu is cute, but I like a straight Kakashi and a straight Iruka way better.

TemaShika: I read it, despite the fact that I hate it. It is funny sometimes.

NejiHina: Well, it's incest and so on, but I have to admit that little Hinata and little Neji just looked so damn cute together!

KakaKure: Well, okay, I just read it, I don't hate and I don't love it.

TsuJir: It has some hints in the anime I think, but I don't think it is possible.

LeeTen: Well, I actually allow it only in NejiSaku fics where Sasuke is dead and Tenten just found something in Lee.

NejiSaku: I like it, as long as both Tenten and Sasuke have someone else or are dead.

SasuTen: It is somehow cute, but it needs to have NejiSaku then.

Pairings I hate:

SasuHina: Who on earth came to think of that in the first place? I wonder if Sasuke even knows Hinata's name. This won't happen. If Kishimoto planned it, he would have made them at least talking for once.

LeeSaku: I don't think it's possible. Sakura likes Lee in the way she likes Naruto and that's it.

Orochimaru with anyone: Oh, just back off. The dirty old pervert shall burn in hell and doesn't deserve any love.

ShizuneKabuto: I can get your point, okay? But I see more future in GenShi.

NaruSasu: I can endure some shonenai, but that's cruel. My poor innocent shoujo-poled eyes! Even the thought of Sasuke having something with a female Naruto makes me want to run away and hide in between my collection of SasuSaku pictures! You saw the kiss between them, right? They made a disgusted expression! DISGUSTED!

Okay, I thnk that's it for now, if there are any questions ask me. I will help. I may add some other pairings the next time, so I'm finished and- oh, stop!

Join us, so we can follow and adore our awesome master Cia-danna together! The world shall get to know her beautiful art!

Okay, that's it for now,



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