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PLEASE READ before reading my fan fictions:

I don’t own any of the characters I use, unless I state otherwise. As far as the Naruto Fan fiction goes, I’ve seen every anime out and read every manga. I may unknowingly put spoilers in my stories, but I try to limit them, or at least not state them directly. You are reading at your own risk. I warned you. Please do not send me complaints that i didn't warn you before hand.

Constructive criticism is always accepted, as long as you’re polite about it. I’m trying to work on the pace of my plots, because I tend to either move too fast, or too slow. Sometimes i think i also leave out some information that is needed to fully understand the situation. I can see it in my head, i just have trouble putting it all down into words. I’m also working on my imagery and detail use. I tend to put them where I don’t need them, or I think I use too much flowery language. Another thing that i'm striving for is to add/display a lot of personality to the characters (mine or copyrighted ones). I really want to be able to put a lot of expression, feeling, and emotion into my stories, which i'm not too good at. Please share any of your ideas. They would be greatly appreciated.

In your reviews, you can put any thoughts or questions on what you think happened, or questions on what happened. This will give me idea's on what to put in later chapters, to try and explain or clear up and answer some of the things in the story. Usually I have an idea where i'm going, but there are many times in which i'm just writing the chapters as i go, not really thinking about what is going to happen in the end, so they are almost all open ended.

I will update as often as i can find time to write between school and everything. I have a big family and lots of babysitting and studying to do.

Name: Karis Langdon

Age: 17

Birthday: May 1, lol, same day as Chouji’s

Grade: omg...I'm a Senior?

Sign: Taurus

AIM: Lykoria

Likes/hobbies: vampires, fantasy,wolves, horses, falcons, Ospreys, potatoes, ramen, rice, bread, climbing, writing, reading, some anime and manga, drawing, art, painting, music, I play the violin and the sort of the piano, archery, fencing, running, creating animations, I want wings so I can fly, things that are different and out of the ordinary, the colors emerald green, silver, black, blood red, and dark indigo blue, and i love the feeling of free falling. There's more but i can't keep going on and on and on...

Dislikes: stereotypes, abusive people, being around a lot of people at one time, HW, mustard, tomatoes, and pineapples, cleaning, being ordered around, people who are not loyal to the people they love.

Personality: Quiet, shy, nice, artistic and creative, EXTREMELY loyal, I can’t state that enough. I’m an excellent secret keeper, unsure and indecisive, not really offended by anything, open, introvert, random and quirky and….weird, stubborn when it comes to my views, somewhat protective, not easily angered but when pushed to a certain point, explodes in a fury of angry black flames and suddenly I’m your worst enemy.

Some of my favorite characters in anime, manga, and books: Kakashi, Shino, Sai, Gaara, Alucard, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Kenshin, Sesshomaru, Phantom Dark, Satoshi, R. J. Lupin, Ron Weasley, Tonks, and Armand.

P.S. who else here thinks that Kakashi might like Ayame the Ramen girl in the actual anime/manga..or maybe just the manga? i think he does...but maybe i'm crazy...

Favorite Couples( So far...)

1.) Kakashi and Itachi

2.) Daisuke and Satoshi

3.) Kakashi and Anko

Update July 15: I'm still here! the story isn't dead! thank you to all of you who have added this story to their fav. or alerts. I am back to writing!!

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