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Author has written 33 stories for Power Rangers, Naruto, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Codename: White Avalanche Ranger

My name is Bill. I've been a fan of Power Rangers since the very beginning. and I've pretty much liked all of the Power Rangers seasons. My favorites are

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dinothunder, and Mystic Force.

Some awesome spirte art done by my good friend PhinalPhantasy and his Deviantart page Paladin Artea. These were done as tributes to the following stories I had written. Check em out!

from Revelations of Silver.

from Rise of the Dark Rangers

Naruto/Power Rangers team

Favorite Rangers:




Tommy (Green Ranger rulez!)







In Space



Lost Galaxy



Lightspeed Rescue


Time Force


Wild Force



Ninja Storm

Dustin Brooks. (He's so funny. He had an awesome weapon and zord, and his powers were the coolest!

Cam Watanobi (he had the best costume and even better zord)


Trent. (Best costume, weapon and zord)


Bridge (He's awesome. Makes me laugh)

Doggie Cruger (c'mon you know he rocks! Killer costume)

Sam (see above, second half)

Mystic Force

Chip (Chip is my favorite Ranger in Mystic Force. Because he's a great friend and more importantly I see a lot of potential in him as a Ranger. Fights with passion and determination. To me he has the best weapon, helmet, and zord. The fact that he's Yellow Ranger is a plus and he has the first ever Thunderbird zord. He is hands down my favorite MF Ranger.)

Korragg (Kicks ass!)

Phineas. (He's awesome! Have you seen this guy battle? His skills are off the chain!)

Favorite Ranger pairings

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers



Power Rangers: Dinothunder


Trent/Kira. They cared about each other when they first met. I believe they really like each other.

Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta

Doggie/Kat . It seemed obvious to me, it was the only one they seemed to show at the start of the season.

Bridge/Sophie. He really cares about her.

Sam/Z. She cares about him.



Power Rangers: Mystic Force


Chip/Vida. Thier best friends, always been there for each other. Vida always stood up for him when they were kids. And Chip risked his life to rescue her when she was a vampire.

Phineas/LeeLee. So out there and yet so cool.

Operation Overdrive






Jungle Fury


Naruto pairings-- Naruto/Sakura, Lee/Sakura, Neji/Tenten, Kiba/Hinata, Jiraiya/Tsunade

Be sure to read my Power Rangers/Naruto crossover Shinobi Sentai NaruRanger. Its a great story and appeals to both Naruto and Power Ranger fans. The story is inspired by Ninja Storm and has its own storyline that's developing quite a following on the Naruto fanfic page. So scroll down and check it out.

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Child of Hate reviews
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