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Update: Okay i know i've been a while since my last update on Without You, but crazy stuff has been goin on. I am working as fast as humanly possible on the chapter and unfortunately i had it finished, but my computer screwed up and lost all my files. Which include all my ideas for future fics (dont worry those are still somewhat in my brain). I should update soon, so hang tight for a bit longer!

'ello!! i am NOT linsey lohan!


that 'bout sums up my life right there! Gerard Butler/Erik phan, could a girl ask for anything else??

uh... wat to say... well... i guess i'll start with that fact that i have either insanely awesome talents or you can just call them insanely weird ones. yea, yea i do all the normal piano, reading, fanfic, and i play alto saxaphone. i have some pretty weird talents (if you consider tham talents) like touching my tounge to my nose and blowing up my face to morphing it to look like a monkey (yea im that insane). I LOVE PIANO!! i sing, but i do it rather horribly and i "dance like a cow in a field" (from POTO book GL version), yeah...

once there was a very drunk woman who said, "you may be wondering wat a place like me is going in a girl like this." well im here to share my insanely awesome stories and worship everyone who stands above me in the writing food chain. i couldn't spell to save my soul, i hate proof reading and as you can see i will leave out every possible thing when writing a un-formal thingy... wait i take that back anything to do with writing is fun! including the proof reading, im just really bad at that.

if you were to anyone who knew me about what im like they would say, "insane wacko, thats obsessed with the phantom of the opera." if you where to ask one of my friends they would say something like, "she's a totaly insane wacko, thats obesessed with the phantom of the opera, this weird guy named gerard butler, but she really is a nice person and there is more to her than you would expect." well thats at least wat i hope they would say! that means you blondestangel1266 aka Brennaka my best pahntom buddy!!

im a total E/C shipper! raoul should die!! hahahahahhahaa! fop hunter and I will hunt you down raoul and burn you where you stand!! ahahhahahaha.. cha..cugh... ha...aha!! ALL BOW DOWN TO ALL MIGHTY ERIK!! hahahhahahhaha... more insane laughter

here's is my evil plot to get rid of raoul!

1. get him to believe he loves me (ewww)

2. take him out on a date (ugg kill me, but it will all be worth it!)

3. get him drunk! (see where im takin it!)

4.tell him we're going bowling and going to play a smashing round of bingo (his favorite game!! loser!)

5.take him a to a barber shop and give him a buzz cut (hahahahaha! cut off his prissy stupid FOP hair!) him out of state saying all the while, "oh the retirement home cancelled their bingo night, so we're going to a better one!" (gullable)

7.Light him on fire!!

8. throw him off a cliff at the grand canyon and watch him die!! (hahahahhahahahaha!!) off inot the sunset laughing!

one day i will put my plan into action and raoul will be dead!! hahahhahahahahhahahahaha!! if christine still rejects erik, well that leaves him open for me!! hahhahahahahaha!

okay i think you get the idea... just another phsyco phantom phan phreak (hey look 4 ph's in a row!!) and dang proud of it!!

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