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Name: Nicole or Nikki.

Favorite Wrestlers and divas:

John Cena: He's got great talent and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Torrie Wilson: She should'nt be just a face, she should be our next womans champ! You saw her fighting Beth Pheonix..

Randy Orton: I love the legend killer to death. He is my all time fave. I was upset about the John Cena incedent and I still love him.

Batista: Hottest guy on earth. Hope he wins back his title from donkey faced Edge. Lol

Matt Hardy: Great highflyer like his younger bro. Hot too.

Rey: He's awesome when it comes to flying from the top rope!


Shawn frickin' Micheals. HE COST BATISTA THE TITLE. Need i say more?

Ashley. She's a tramp. Ppl may call Torrie that. Well let's just say she shouldn't be women's champ. I will disagree with u till the cows come home. She doesn't deserve it like other diva's do.

XXXXJorrie and Jash.XXXX

I really don't have anything against Jash writers just the paring. I'm not really a fan of Jash but I can't say anything bad about the writers.

Jorrie in my opinon is better than Jash... I'm sorry if i upset anyone about that but it's my opinon and nobody can change it! I don't have anything against Ashley herself. Well maybe i do. Kelly knows it too. Don't ya Kel?

Other Major pairings for me!

BatistaxOC I pair myself up with Batista. I'm an Animal lover ;)

Jorrie Cute couple. It could happen in real life. Hell it could've already happened. Lol

RandyxOC I like pairing myself with hot guys. I'm shallow i know. Lol.

RandyxOCxBatista. 'Everything she wanted' is a triangle story. Well kinda...

Ok this is so i wont get sued! I own no charecters except Nikki (that's me!!) I do not own WWE or Batista or Randy Orton!! BUt i really wish i did!

One other thing: I dont give a damn if u wanna email me. I get mad when ppl spam my inbox... I WILL BlOCK U!! Missgirly14@yahoo.com is my email

Hair colour; blonde brunette.

Eye color; hazel.

Fave thing to eat; chocolate defintely lol.

Fave things to do; write, txt my bestest friends, watch matches that i missed on youtube. I have a imvu to keep in touch with my friends. Regular iming bores me to death. So if u have a imvu add me. Nikkibautista. Thx!

Here's a little note about my mondays. I am not watching Raw anymore. Nobody I like is on there anymore. Well except for Randy Orton and John Cena. And maybe Mickie James and Beth Pheonix(only cause she pinned Ashley).

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