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Name: Well the turth is my name real name is...Jasmine XXXXXX. I was taught to never say you name on the internet (That's why my last name is XXXXXX) but since their are so many Jasmines in the world I really don't think it matters. But you're probaly wondering how I got BleedingSoulKimea from Jasmine. Well I wrote this poem that I titled BleedingSoul and my friend totally went crazy about it and made like a whole story about the poem which she titled as "BleedingSoul." And she made up the main characters name too. Can you guess what that was? Yep it was Kimea. So now that like my nickname from her.

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Fav Color: Purple! Ok I don't know why I added this I just did ok. Purple Purple Purple Purple

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Well I really need to go but I put some more next time ok . Bye!

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