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update: August 14th, 2014

ohhhh my god so i checked my super old email account and noticed a recent review and was absolutely gobsmacked that people are apparently still reading my fanfictions. man. i havent touched those in literal years. thanks for sticking around, i guess, those of you who still care. yknow i was expecting a lot more secondhand embarrassment from my past self on this profile but it wasn't actually that bad. thanks, me from four year ago.

i guess i'll just be real here. im probably not going to be continuing any of these. i think i only have warriors and ga'hoole stuff on here and ive all but completely fallen out of those fandoms. i cant remember if i got around to reading omen of the stars. i think i definitely finished gahoole though because i was in the bookstore with a friend a few days ago and i picked up the last one and skimmed the ending and was like "oh yeah, that happened". but yeah im not really invested in any of the series that my fanfictions were for. i still like the series and stuff but i havent done any fanwork for it since probably the last time i updated here. which was now four years ago.

basically just don't get your hopes up about any of the fics here. if i were to update anything, it would be a complete rewrite of forestclan, and it would most likely be a lot different from what it is now. actually, thats what i said last time (i quote, from myself from four years ago "You can expect actual character development now, less annoying angst, and a coherent plot. Also, forget the old prophecy."). so yeah, if something were to happen, that would be it, but seriously, don't count on it.

im also trying to get myself to work on original stories at the moment too and it would probably be best for me to work on that instead of fanfiction. one thing hasnt changed, and its that i want to make a living off my writing, which is something that i know is really, really, really hard, so i have to start putting more effort into it. im sure you guys can find a lot of great stuff on this site that is way better than any of my old fanfictions.

man i feel like such an old person okay like i didnt even remember my password for this account, i had to reset it. also, when i first made this account, setting an avatar wasn't even an option, it wasn't a thing that was possible yet. damn.

anyway, i hope you're all well!! like i said, i seriously doubt i'll be updating fanfics here again, but if i do, see you then!!

(ps im taking my ga'hoole fic down so im sorry if any of you are going to miss it (????why would you even). and second chance too i guess.)

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