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Yo, welcome to this little bit about me, catchan2006! (Don't own the avi!)

I'm English, in high school and i love anime/manga and video games! My dad calls me an escapist because of it. I've write fanfics but I can't help but write more than one at the same time! -sweat drop-

I like things that make me laugh so comedy rocks. My fav animes/manga include Getbackers, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Busou Renkin, Venus Versus Virus, Fullmetal Alchemist, Law of Ueki, Bleach, Zombie Powder and, my main fav, D. Gray-man. My fav colour is red and I like Asian-styled things and little crappy things like gift-shop pens.

Couples I support:

AllenxLinalee - D. Gray-man (so kawaii!)

Sun CexDa Qiao - Dynasty Warriors (I wrote a one shot about them, which I think turned out badly so there's no more of it. Sorry hakkai12!)

SoraxKairi - Kingdom Hearts series

LloydxColette - Tales of Symphonia

KratosxAnna - Tales of Symphonia (Sorry if you're a Kraine fan but I used to be one but it just got boring after, like, a few minutes)

ShuichixYuki - Gravitation (I only support gay couples if they are meant to be gay. It just feels right then, dunno why though!)

NekuxShiki - The World Ends With You (Such a cute pairing! They really deserve each other!)

YurixEstelle - Tales of Versperia (I can't help but fangirl!)

TadashixSaya - Onidere (The main couple but so sugar sweet!)

TomeoxYuna - Onidere (Tomeo is the idiot student council president and Yuna's the yankee who normally beats the crap outta him but they really suit each other!!)

I set up a DA account and have put up all chapters of the story that are viewable now here. I am . There used to be a picture of Cate, my OC in my fanfic D. Gray-man: Black Parade, but I removed it just felt pointless to know that there's only just one picture. I'll work on putting more pictures though.

Most heroines in my fanfics wear glasses. There is a reason for this. Girls with glasses rarely appear as romantic interests! It's annoying! So...yeah...that's why. Not a very good reason, is it?

Fanfiction Details follow:


D. Gray-man: The Black Parade - Fifteen year-old Cate joins the Order and so begins her life as an Exorcist! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED THEIR CHARACTERS FOR THIS STORY!

Buso Renkin: Another Tale - Fifteen year-old Amimiya Syusuke and his family return to their hometown after the tragic death of his mother. But with all these mysterious disappearances, Syusuke's more worried than pleased to be back. One day, a monster attacks Syusuke on his way home from school and a girl with an eye patch saves his life. Her name is Watsuki Nobuko and she's an Alchemist Warrior... OCOC

Final Fantasy X-3 - Best friends Iwahara Chitose and Fukuyama Kasumi are suddenly transported to Spira! Rather confused and lost, Chitose is rescued by Vidina and adjusts to life on Besaid while waiting to hear any news about Kasumi. However, suddenly, darkness is about to appear upon Spira once again and only Chitose and Vidina (along with their allies, of course) can stop it. OCVidinaOC OCOC

OZ - Fifteen year-old China and her pet rat Toto are suddenly sent to the world of Oz. Along with a boy with no memory, a woman with no heart and a beast-man with no fear, they set off to the Emerald City. But the Witch of the West isn't too far behind... OCOC

The World Ends With You: Time After Time - A year after the events of the game, the Reaper's Game is back and this time, things are serious. A young girl named Oguri Anzu is now forced to play the game in order to get back to life... OCOC BeatOC Hints of other OCOC

Beyond - Fourteen year-old Alex Tennant is pretty relaxed with his life, wanting to spend each day nice and easy. Then, one day, a young girl named Katsura appears from a magical portal and declares Alex her master-OOPS! That's not right!! Alex just REMINDS Katsura of HER MASTER!! (Think Beyond the Beyond manga). Of course, things get worse when a "demension witch" turns up and tries to kill Katsura! Without much thought, Alex grabs Katsura's hand and jumps through a portal to another world! Joining him in his mission to find Katsura's master are certain people from each world, with their own missions and reasons for traveling with them. Can Alex find the innocent Katsura's master before the demension witches find them?? OCOC And other pairings...

D. Gray-man: Yuji and the Beanstalk - Yuji lives in an orphange on the other side of town. A chance encounter with the princess leaves his life shattered...until a Noah "buys" the orphanage's cow... OCOC Features Black Parade characters!

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De: Further Away - Fatima, a gardening fan from England, is suddenly transported to another world resembling old Kyoto. Her situation appears to get worse when she is annouced to be someone called the "Hakuryu no Miko"... OCOC


Stories completed:

The Love of a Swordsman - FINISHED! I hated the ending though...I mean, it could have been better!

The New Recruits - FINISHED! I also hated the ending of this. Seriously, it could be much better!

Tears of Blood - FINISHED! I REALLY hated the ending of this; I rushed it!

Revenge Gone Wrong - FINISHED! I sucked badly at this one...

NiGHTS: The Second Dream - FINISHED! There's a sequel planned in the future...

D. Gray-man: Tist the Season to be Jolly - FINISHED! I actually liked this one! MY GOD! A FIRST!

Allen-kun -FINISHED! I am on a mission to promote my favourite D. Gray-man pairing!

Linali's Heart - FINISHED! See above!

Allen's Heart - FINISHED! See Allen-kun!


Stories that I'm thinking about:

Devil May Cry: Devil's Sonata - The Devil Slayer Dante is invited to a concert of Michelle, a new teenage up-and-coming idol, by Michelle's manager who is concerned about a cult prophercy that states that the "blood of the siren will stir misgivings". During the concert, demons attack and Michelle is snatched from the stage. Much to his dislike, Dante is now being followed by Jude, Michelle's childhood friend, who claims that Dante can't even do his job right! What a pain in the ass! (I got the idea to this story from the song "Calling" from The World Ends With You"! XD)

Wonderland - Eightteen year-old Laura is not your normal teenaged girl; an event in her past got her pregnant at seventeen and now she's working hard to support herself and her son, Alice. Despite this, Laura is perfectly happy. One day, her past returns to haunt her when Alice is kidnapped and returned to the world of her horrors...Wonderland. OCOC (Sounds a lot darker than my normal stories, don't it?)

Legend of Zelda: The Kingdom of Hyrule - Set on modern day Earth, the Legend of Zelda series is just a series of games...based off the legends of a kingdom in the sky. When Professor Daniel Layton of Oxford University unlocks a mysterious door found on a small island off the coast of Australia, all kinds of creatures appear and a mysterious man kidnaps Professor Layton's daughter Zelda! Who will save us now?! Simple; a young boy named Hiyama Akira is branded with a strange mark and sets off to rescue Zelda. (Does this classify as LinkZelda when it's set on Earth and based off a game..?)

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Another Side - Ogawa Yoshiko is suddenly dragged to another world with her best friend, Orihime, after the later finds a strange scroll in her family temple. It turns out that either Yoshiko or Orihime is a sort of holy priestess! But...which one? Yoshiko's life becomes shattered when Orihime becomes corrupted by the yokai and now the girl must find a way to get her friend back and return home. OCOC (Uh...working on it...)

The Tower of Druaga: Real Life - Set on modern day Earth. Dreamer and supposedly suicidal sixteen year-old Jill is as shocked as anyone when a tower spits out of the ground somewhere in the East. Then, he discovers that his deceased mother is the descendant of the one who destroyed the tower and as a result, Jill and several others must venture to the top and destroy the evil forces that control it. Technical GilgameshKi(OCOC) and GilgameshKi (ORIGINAL) (WORKING ON IT DAMMIT!! Will bear similarities to the anime, which is awesome!)

Final Fantasy Unlimited: Another Story - Sawa Rihito is your average sixteen-nearly seventeen year-old boy at a school for idiots (seriously, even the teachers say that) and finds himself unable to interact with his classmates expect for the active Amemiya Kazuki and Ichihara Miyako. But during a trial of courage, Miyako disappears. All that remains is her phone with a single recording: "Wonderland". Desperate to rescue her, Rihito and Kazuki learn about the other world of Wonderland and make their way to rescue their friend. OCOC (Shonen-ai) (THIS SHALL BE MY FIRST SHONEN-AI FANFIC! BWHAHAHAHA!!)

Sengoku Basara: I will never be a bride! - Akihime is the most boyish tomboy you'd ever meet; determined to protect and serve her adoptive father Otani Yoshitsugu, Akihime has even sworn never to get married. While on an errand, the girl gets into an argument with Sanada Yukimura, a young man serving the Takeda clan, and punches him. Then things start to go freaky when he suddenly declares that he's going to marry Akihime! What's a girl going to do now?? YukimuraOC ('s not really OC when Akihime actually existed. But, there's not character for her...ugh, my brain hurts...)

Sengoku Basara: His Dog - Megohime is devoted to her husband, Date Masamune. However, members of the Date army are worried that Masamune does not feel the same way towards her; she is, after all, his "dog". When a childhood friend of Megohime's arrives, he is horrified by Masamune's behaviour towards his wife and vows to take her away from the One-Eyed Dragon! What will Masamune do?? MasamuneOC (It's technically MegohimeMasamune CAUSE SHE EXISTED...right..?)

Samurai Warriors: Scarier than War - While on a visit to the home of Otani Yoshitsugu, Sanada Yukimura meets Akihime, the adopted daughter of Yoshitsugu. Akihime is very sweet and Yukimura falls in love with her. But, how's a guy supposed to tell a girl that he loves her? Man, confessing love is scarier than war! YukimuraOC (Again, not really OC cause Akihime was real...that and I must work on the plot more...)

One Piece: Communication - Portgas D. Ace is having a rather "normal" day when he spies a very young boy trying to escape a ship where he is held hostage. He rescues him and decides to return the boy to his home. But young deaf Hugo reminds Ace of someone he hasn't seen in years... AceOC (This idea came around because of some crappy kids show I watched in my boredom; there was a little deaf girl on it and it made me think how a deaf character would be something interesting to write. That and I'm a HUGE Ace fangirl! -squeels-)

So, yeah, that's all folks! Read and review plz!

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