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Second Chance: Naruto Story. Pairings: Sakura/Itachi (30 Chapters so far) 27/50 chapters complete.

Stay Forever: Fire Emblem 6 Story. Main Pairings: Clarine/Rutger (13 Chapters so far) Come Back's sequel. 12/15 chapters complete.

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So, even though it has been over 2 years since I've updated, this is not a notice of me quitting fanfiction or even that I'm discontinuing my stories. Because I'm not. However, I'm not making any promises that an update will be soon. I'm in my final year (or years; I'm apply to grad school now) of university and that legitimately takes up all my time/ takes away any inspiration to write. Another large problem in updating my stories is my overall inspiration for Naruto. The ending absolutely destroyed any inspiration I had for the series, as well as destroyed my love for the series. The ending was god awful, and even though it has been a year since the manga ended, I am still not over it (it doesn't help when shit like Gaiden gets published-- any love I had for Naruto was crushed after that trainwreck of a side-series). I cannot even read Naruto fanfiction anymore because of the rage I still have for how awful the series turned out. For funsies, though, I'll explain exactly why I despised the ending and why it ruined the entire series (fanworks included) for me. This may explain why I won't be updating my Naruto stories any time in the near future. This list is in no real order.

1. The villains/pacing: Granted, Naruto turned to crap after the Pain arc, at least in terms of storyline. But there were times in the 4th war arc I was genuinely excited. I usually eagerly awaited the next chapter, week after week. And then towards the end, everything just went to hell and back. Obito and Madara, the two villains that the manga had been leading up to, were just shit on. I'm not even as angry about Obito's turn to the good side (despite most fans, I actually liked Obito, even though his entire character and motivations were extremely problematic). I am livid about how Madara was just cast aside, though. He was stabbed by some random somewhat villain and then bam, dead. Now this new rabbit goddess thing is going to be the actual really real main villain that was there from the very beginning and is somehow going to be impactful in the whole, what, 10 chapters she's featured in? Then, after this villain that no one cared about is finally defeated, the entire battle that all Naruto fans had been eagerly awaiting for the entire manga-- the Sasuke vs. Naruto fight-- is given less than 10 chapters to talk, fight, and resolve itself. The most important fight that the manga was leading up to is given about 5 chapters!! It was ridiculous. I didn't want Kaguya. I wanted Madara to be the final villain. I wanted Obito to get back at Madara, along with Kakashi, and Naruto, and Sasuke, and everyone else. Not some stupid goddess thing. And then once Madara was killed, I wanted like 20 chapters, or at least 10, of Sasuke and Naruto fighting. Their battle was the important one. And even now, it was treated so insignificantly that I can't remember anything about it besides they lose their arms. (Just for comparison, I can remember every major DBZ fight-- Goku vs. Freiza, Cell vs. Gohan, Kid Buu vs. Goku, and remember how epic those were. I can't remember a thing about the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight, though)

2. Orochimaru: this little shit gets his own rant. I was unbelievably livid in Gaiden when they show Orochimaru is living happily in a cave, no repercussions and Naruto, the freaking Hokage, is cool with talking to him. Like, did everyone forget this was the same man that got the 3rd Hokage killed, waged a war against their village, killed Gaara's dad, experimented on children, and performed very illegal jutsus and experiments? But, noooo, it's all cool. This S-class villain is cool to live out his days and send his son to Konoha to become besties with the Hokage's kid. Whatevs. Like seriously, this is the worst.

3. Themes: okay so Orochimaru leads into this entire theme of where all the villains can be redeemed? I know it's been a whole big thing in the entire manga starting with Zabuza and Gaara-- and that was cool. Then it got to Itachi, Nagato, and Obito and it was... okay. Nagato was cool cause he revived the whole village. Itachi's crimes were pretty much ignored in the text and he was portrayed as a hero because he was ordered to do this. I can even get that type of redemption, though it is problematic. Obito was a struggle. He really shouldn't have been redeemed. This man was behind the Kyuubi attack, he caused the 4th Hokage and Kushina's death, he was partly behind the Uchiha Massacre, his organization was the reason that all the jinchuuriki's will attacked and killed, and his entire goal was to put the world into a dream state. Like, Obito killed A LOT of people, and like Itachi, it was completely ignored. He changed his pathway and got a hero's ending (while also showing suicidal self-sacrifice in a good way, even though it was likely that Obito could have saved himself along with Kakashi, but whatever, I'll ignore that). But this theme isn't really a good theme? It's taking out the justice for everyone else-- all those people Obito/Nagato/Itachi killed; their families never get justice. Bad actions deserve punishment. I'm not saying the three deserved to die, but the narrative never gave them enough time to truly face the consequences of their actions and to really prove themselves to those they had wronged. But even this theme isn't as bad as the theme of "endure". Sasuke had some legit problems and issues with the village. His entire family was massacred for political reasons. Yet, at the end, none of this was resolved. The old council wasn't punished. Sasuke was kinda just told to "endure". Naruto kept telling his son to "endure". But to endure injustice is a HORRIBLE theme. Sasuke and Naruto should have worked together in the end to overhaul the broken shinobi system, to fix the injustice. But they didn't. Instead, everyone was told to "endure". That's crap.

4. Naruto and Sasuke's god powers: okay, so when Sasuke and Naruto were told they were reincarnations, they get these special powers, blah blah blah-- well, it was crap, too. Another main theme in the manga was the value of hardwork. Neither of them worked hard for those powers. Then to more-or-less say that this was the reason they were special. Naruto wasn't special because he worked hard, Naruto was special because of reincarnation that was out of his control. Thus, it was his fate. The same message that he had fought Neji about in the Chuunin exams turns out to be true. It was hypocritical and went against every core value of the original Naruto manga. Naruto and Sasuke should have beat Madara (no Kaguya) with their own abilities and by using their friends and everyone else's abilities. Not some special god powers.

5. The Final Chapter: this chapter should have been the beginning of Gaiden. I would have been fine with that. I was not fine, however, with it being the ending of Naruto. It answered nothing. I don't care about Naruto's kids. I care about Naruto. I don't care about Sarada. I care about Sakura. I want to see these characters that I've watched grow up, that I've grown up with, succeed in their dreams and goals and careers. I want to see Hinata leading her clan and then telling Neji how much she's changed the clan for him. I want to see Lee and Tenten telling Neji how their training others and protecting the village for him. I want them to be in ANBU and leaders in their village, raising new kids to strong too. I want to see Sakura as a medic saving lives and being the new Tsunade-- being better than Tsunade. I want to see Naruto walking around the village and watching over his people, loved and working hard. I want him to visit the Academy students and show them how to throw shuriken, showing that he still remembers where he came from. I want Sasuke to be Naruto's best friend and aid, that the two of them, along with Sakura, are still friends and hang out a lot and work together to raise the village into a better place. I didn't want to see children and two panels of Sasuke and Sakura, not doing their ninja stuff. I wanted a resolution showing how these characters grew and became strong. Not Tenten being bored in a store. Not Kiba laughing on a porch. I wanted ANBU, leaders, and that these characters had grown up together and stuck together. And most of all, I wanted Team Seven together again as a team. I wanted to see the three of them laugh and joke as all three of them are leaders in their own field-- Naruto is Hokage, Sasuke is an ANBU captain, and Sakura is the head medic in the village. Why couldn't we have that?

6. Sakura: all character development was crapped on in the ending. But I have a special hurt for Sakura. She was the character in this manga with the most potential for greatness. That's why I always wrote stories focusing around her on fanfiction-- because she was a character that had so much room to grow and become great. I wanted that for her, just like all Sakura fans. And the manga shit on that. Gaiden could be renamed "Shit on Sakura because she sucks" because that is all it did for her. First off, the fact that she got married to Sasuke is so unbelievably problematic that I don't know where to begin. Sasuke never made her character stronger; he only brought out the worst in her. I'm not saying she should have ended up with Naruto (because I honestly always like Hinata with Naruto more, though how they ended up was crappy too) but Sakura under no circumstance should have ended up with Sasuke. Literally any person would have been better. She and Sasuke had a toxic and abusive relationship. One lousy apology from Sasuke to her does not fix (SHOULD NOT FIX) years and years of psychological abuse and physical abuse. Sakura is to blame, too. Her entire ideal of Sasuke was selfish and needy-- she never once cared about him, as much as she cared about claiming him as a prize. Just look at her last speech to him as she's trying to convince him not to fight with Naruto. She tells Sasuke to come back to her so everything can go back to being the same-- despite the fact that Sasuke literally just said he didn't want the same stuff because he wants to have a revolution to change the broken system. But Sakura never gets this. Sasuke then shows her a violent image of himself killing her, right after she had just professed her love to him. That's screwed up. If Sakura were a real woman, everyone would call this relationship abusive. Any friend would tell her to stay away from him, that he's no good for her. Secondly, her story is simply tragic. She got shit on hardcore. She is a single mother (and one could argue that it was after a one-night stand with Sasuke, considering that she had to go out and search for him when she was pregnant; to the point that Naruto had no idea if Sarada was Sakura's kid, meaning he never saw Sakura pregnant or really knew if Sasuke loved Sakura enough to actually remain faithful to her, even though they were supposedly married) who can't even explain a simple story to her daughter about her father. Sakura can't calmly tell Sarada that Sasuke is on a special mission-- Sarada is in a ninja village, she would understand this. But Sakura can't. Sakura won't. Instead she freaks out and destroys her home. Whaaat? Furthermore, lets talk about how Sasuke can send messages to Naruto and communicates with him rather frequently, but has no desire to do the same with his daughter whom he hasn't seen since she was an infant. He doesn't send letters home. He doesn't pop in for a visit, though his mission seems more self-imposed than actually assigned. It means he doesn't want to come home. He has no desire to see Sakura (let's talk about how he refused, after 12 years, to even kiss his wife goodbye? That's not cute or funny. That's sad.) Third, Sakura just isn't really a ninja anymore. I get that she has to raise a daughter, and with no husband at home, it's difficult for her to do that. But this is the same woman who was called the next Tsunade. Sakura was on her way of becoming the best medical ninja in the world. She was Naruto's best friend. And none of that mattered at the end. She had no job. She was not close friends with Naruto. She didn't become anything spectacular. All that growth and potential that she had was flushed down the toilet. I want a heroine that I can aspire to. But I don't want to aspire to be anything Sakura became. See, that's the problem with Sakura's entire character in this story. She was the heroine. Therefore, she should have been strong. Heroines are supposed to be inspiration, typically speaking, for younger girls to look up to. Sakura had a great arc going for her, too. She was a bad character in the beginning-- selfish, weak, a crybaby, lovesick, mean, etc. But she grew. She became strong, a compassionate healer, an excellent fighter... and then the ending arc came, and she reverted back to being a lovesick, abused/abusive, immature character. We never saw the results of her training and healing. It never resulted to anything. She didn't grow out of her problematic love with Sasuke, she didn't grow up. She ended up right back where she started in the beginning manga, which is why her entire character was shit on. Her growth was destroyed.

7. Gaiden: This side-series was a train wreck that never, ever should have been written. I would have loved the manga ten times more without this side-series. Why? Because it's plot line was nothing more than an attack on Sakura and Sasuke's character than didn't need to be done. If Gaiden had instead showed Sakura and Sasuke in a loving relationship, happy, and Sasuke a changed man, I would have far less problems with them ending up together at the end. But it didn't. Instead, it showed us that Sasuke never came back to the village (even though that was Naruto's main goal throughout the entire manga) and showed what a shitty dad he was. It showed Sakura as a miserable, single mother with such a poor relationship with her daughter that said daughter can't understand why her parents are married and if her mom is even her mom. Seriously, most kids never question if they came from their mother. There should be proof of that. You are literally born from your mother. Usually by age 12, you know the story of your birth, unless it truly is shady. I would understand if she questioned if Sasuke was her dad, but if her mom really delivered her? What type of screwed up question is that, but even more so, that it was a legitimate question. Naruto, who is supposed to be best friends to Sarada's parents, can't even answer her that Sakura is her mom. Secondly, Gaiden could have shown Naruto and Hinata in a very happy relationship, too. Instead, we get Boruto hating his dad, and Hinata and Himawari no where to be seen. Like, these are the main character's family and there can't even be three pages in the manga dedicated to showing them happy together? Why did we need all this drama between these people? Did any fan really want that for an ending? No one seemed happy at the end of Gaiden. There was no point to this side story besides to poke fun at SasukexKarin fans, and, of course, to shit on Sakura some more and illustrate how awful her relationship with Sasuke is. Seriously, would it be that hard to make a side-series, even if it is focused about Sarada, about something more meaningful? How about Sarada discovering what her uncle did and Sasuke telling her the stories behind the Massacre? What about Sarada vowing to reform the shinobi system along with her dad? There was so much potential for the ending and these characters to have decent, fulfilling endings, and they didn't get them-- but it wasn't even for a good reason.

8. Naruto: Rrrrgh, Naruto. He was the main character of the manga and his character was shit on too. Maybe not to the extent of Sakura's, but he could've ended up a lot better. I wanted to see him loved by his people, but instead, he was always holed up in his office, too busy to even see his kids? During peace time?? Like, Tsunade had time to train Sakura and heal at the hospital. The 3rd would walk around the village and knew the Academy kids really well, too. But Naruto seems so isolated, just like any other politician. He was supposed to be different-- more personable, a loving father, and a great Hokage. But he falls flat on all accords, it seems. His son despises him. His daughter is never seen. Hinata isn't seen. Also, going along with Hinata and Naruto-- The Last ruined their relationship. I love this pairing. I have always rooted for Hinata, with the idea that they would get together for a good reason. Originally, I thought it was pretty epic when Hinata jumped in front of Naruto during the Pain fight to protect him. She was truly growing. And then, her growth is ignored and she is shy and stuttering again. I don't even want to talk about The Last. They shouldn't have gotten together the way they did, not through a genjutsu where Naruto realizes what she's done for him. There needed to be more of them truly working together, where Hinata showed what a great person she was and Naruto truly understood how much she loved him. It was poor writing, and for the main character, it would have been nice had their relationship been fully developed in the manga (instead of throwing in the Sakura/Naruto romance red-herrings. Those weren't necessary if the goal was for Naruto to always end up with Hinata-- the author should have spent more time developing the actual relationship rather than a fake relationship.) I also just wish Naruto would have spent more time with his son. For a man who always desired a family, he sure treats his like crap. I also despise how the ending erased his entire friendship with Sasuke and Sakura. Like, they were his best friends, and they are hardly seen together. I wanted Team Seven friendship; I wanted Sasuke as Naruto's best-man in the wedding, I wanted them to be there to help him when he needed advice, I wanted Sakura to deliver her kids, I wanted her kids to call Naruto "uncle". But noooooo, that was all glossed over and erased.

I think those are the main points. I've written so much now that everything is just kinda blurred together; I mean, I'm sure there were other things I didn't like, I just can't care to remember anymore. Anyways, these are my reasons for my Naruto hiatus for now. Eventually, I'd like to go back and finish Second Chance and post 2 more stories that I've worked on for Naruto, just so all that work doesn't go to waste. But who knows when that will be.

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