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Author has written 22 stories for Ojamajo Doremi, Earthbound, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Pokémon.

Beginning note: Your sakusha-chama now commences tour. First up is introductions, ramblings, ramblings, and ooh! More rambling! Either bear and read, scroll, or click that little button with a backwards arrow! Are you staying? Then let's continue.

Previously known as YukiShinoya444 but changed it because I think I've outgrown it. This profile will be updated more when I'm not so lazy.

First words: Eh. I like anime and video games. Be forewarned: I have a tendency to be random. And to ramble...yeah.

Occupation: Otaku Student; but I'm also a writer, self-proclaimed artist, and other things I don't know yet. I just love writing and I strive to get better!

Personality: I'm a stubborn, cute, semi-creepy little girl with zero confidence in self that looks a lot younger than she actually is. I try not to be lazy and put things off... BUT I STILL DO.

Actual Writing Notes:

(ABOUT Love For Four: Honestly speaking, the grammar here is abysmal. I don't know why it flocks so many readers. (Maybe because aside from the Christmas story, it's the only purely non-OC FLATxOjamajos story?) I won't give out any dates because I don't trust myself with that but I will concede and say this very much on the bottom on my priority list. I just don't have much inspiration for this beyond mediocre story I wrote when I was, like, 13. I will say possibly in the future, I'll tweak out all the grammatical issues but don't hold your breath. I don't want to abandon it quite yet, but still... It'll be a long wait before I just type up another chapter.)

I'm terrible at updating and every time I take a break, I don't type for a month... or two. I'm also bad at forcing myself to write something that I'm not even quite sure about... I don't mean to be so lazy, but meh. What can you do?

Oneshots are rare. REALLY RARE. In fact, they're so rare that they only sprout up when I have an amazing surge of inspiration that forces me to type. And they're also random oneshots that even I don't expect. Eventually though, I may write more oneshots once I have an idea.

It might be closer than you would think, but don't get your hopes up.

...So... if you like me for my oneshots... I'm sorry... but those are just so rare...

Starting long-fics (and finishing them) is even worse since I fail at writing my ideas down while I still have them. In fact, I'm not organized at all... and I have to edit and read-over myself... I'm a pretty mediocre writer.

Actually, the issue is that I have plenty of ideas... just no motivation... and confidence. I'm sorry. He-he...

(...What?! I actually got fanart? Unheard of!!)

Another huge THANK YOU for this to the my fic Enduring For Love:

-- By Dear Disgaeafeedsmysoul

(And now translations. Surely the cosmos think it's funny to tease me.)

But a huge THANK YOU remains! - Love For Four? in Spanish by Dear Blue-Salamon

Co-Writing Achievements:

1. Secret of the Water Princess: This was the first one I wrote with S.P.D. Gold Ranger, or "Nick-kun" as I like to call him... Yuki-chan was a bit darker and more serious than she was supposed to be... And is Sai a supporting character? (complete)

2. Journey of the Battle Frontier: Ha-ha.. I'm supposed to post this... But there are so many changes to be made... It's a mystery, but it's where Moriko, Akemi, and Kurumi make their appearances... Think of it as the missing Safari Park episode of Pokemon. But there is something called the Lost Battles that we're working on adding to it... I'm so freaking lazy that it bothers me. (undetermined)

3. Yukizora no Tomodachi: I actually like this one!! There's a few decent twists... And the characters have just enough fun lines to make it a little humorous... Saiki-kun's good, too... Kurumi-chan really showed strength... But I worry about Akari-chan... (complete) (part of Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl Magic Dimension)

4. Doerai: The Face of Betrayal: One of those stories where everyone dies one by one... Go figure. I actually had some fun, though... Especially with Doremi-chan and Yuki-chan's growing friendship... Akemi-chan really turned into something else, too!! (complete)

5. Doerai: Dawn of the Darkness: It's a sequel to the first one. It has a bit more interesting things happen... But in reality, the only real reason I'm into it is because of the newest pair, Hiko-chan and Torikki-kun! Those two are great!! (complete)

6. Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl Magic Dimension: Together At the End of the Dream: Oh, this is the final chapter of Magic Dimension. It was better than I thought it would turn out... The ending was great, too... But the mysteries only begin! (complete) (part of Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl Magic Dimension)

7. Ojamajo Breakaway: The Movie: Oh, the movie that's part of the series with Nick and Yuki-chan! (I mean our characters) This is a good one, filled with twists and mysteries... Though all in all, the only thing I'm proud about is Satoshi-kun and Mana-chan. (complete)

8. Ojamajo Doremi Breakaway: Memories of Nobody: It's the second Breakaway movie. It's filled with even more twists and mysteries than the first one... At least, it should, I guess. Please look at it!! Question is, who does Senna-chan belong to? (complete)

9. Ojamajo Doremi Breakaway: The Final Frontier: The third and final part of the Breakaway movie trilogy. Shockingly, it's even MORE dramatic and shocking than the first two combined!! It's really good and interesting... And even I had anxiety stacking up little by little! Please check it out too, okay? (complete)

10. Ojamajo Doremi Worldwide: Lost on Crystal Island: Introduction to a rather odd character!! This story is about what happens on the way to Shamar, and lots of surprising things happen!! There are a few twists, but it's okay, I suppose... I wanted to do more with Tsubaki-chan, though... (complete)

11. Radiant Snow: Hinata and Akari's Story: The backstory of Akari-chan and Hinata-chan! How exciting! So what did these two GO through exactly?! Find out that, a little more, a few elemental secrets... And even a thing about the OTHER elemental twins! Akari-chan's a rather interesting character to write, so I'm really happy! Not to mention the extras... I guess you could call this one heck of a background... (complete)

Storyline for Ojamajo Doremi Tomo-DACHI (aka TD) in order

1. Hi! My Name Is Yuki!

2. The Heart To Dance

3. Flower Girl

4. Fame and Value!

(All are which are just oneshots that introduce the main OCs that will be joining the Ojamajos and will eventually be edited maybe)

5. Lessons In Friendship

(Focuses more on character development than the actual plot but has enough plot elements to be considered important to story)

6. Mysteries of the Majoshikons

7. ???

(Actual plot which will be linked to one another and separated by an event that will completely switch up the story.)

Note: Movies with marked plot exclusively by me are actual TD storyline but more of imaginative filler and therefore are not *that* necessary. Everything that Nick-kun comes up with will be exclusive to his own story, not mine.

Warning: Character persona may vary from movie to movie or movie to TD storyline or anything else to whatever.

Coming Soon:

(Note: Not ALL of these will be written...)

A Complicated Triangle: (Ojamajo Doremi) A choice. Two boys. One girl. Choosing Akatsuki, it would be like a true fairy tale... whisked away by a true prince charming... But... Choosing Kotake, she's positive if she lets herself, she'll live a happy and full life. What's a bishoujo like Doremi to do? No bashing Aka-chan. I won't let Tetsu-chan get hit by a truck or anything, so please.

Leave Out The Rest: (Ojamajo Doremi) Because she was sick of being treated like a dim-witted princess, and he was tired of all the duties being the prince. A story about breaking away from what you love, and finding it again in unlikely places. It's mostly a story between Akatsuki and Hana-chan... Primarily AkaDore as well as traces of Akatsuki x Hana... Because those characters need more love and you know it. Title is subjected to change.

Kyou Kara Tomodachi: (Ojamajo Doremi) “From Today, We Are Friends” Prior to the Tomo-DACHI storyline. May take place between Dokkaan! and Tomo-DACHI. It was clear which twin had friends while the other was lonely; which twin was positive in life while the other tended to be pessimistic, like day and night... It's that one profound difference that grabs the three boys' attention, much to Akatsuki's dismay. And ironically, only he's aware of Fujio's interest, Leon's curiosity, and Tooru's fascination to the type of person his little brother is. Not to mention that the one thing Saiki hates more than being treated like an ignorant child is change. And boy, are things about to change... It's like Saiki-kun's version of LiF, explaining the origins of how FLAT became FLATS, the whole throne situation, and much, much more. May be written whenever I feel like it.

Ending Note: Did you enjoy your tour? This has been your sakusha-chama signing off! Thank you for letting me completely waste your time! Now go read something...or eat some pudding...or something else!

Who am I exactly? That's a difficult question. Maybe I'm just me.

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This was either a test or a coincidence. "Because we're friends... Well, as far as I'm concerned. Let's be friends. You're not a bad person, and you definitely look like you could use some of those... How's that sound?" I may not be Touya, but... In which there's companionable Freedomshipping (NxBel) and hints of other pairs. Isn't friendship great?
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