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Author has written 16 stories for Warriors, Code Lyoko, Pokémon, Maximum Ride, Danny Phantom, Naruto, and Bleach.

JULY 2nd, 2012 - hey folks! I'm still alive, but I have no idea if I'll ever be writing fanfictions any time soon. Just keep me on alert and maybe you'll see something pop up here every once in a while!

About the Authoress:

Ahh. Take a whiff.
Yes, that's the stench of talent. You've reached my profile. Congratulations and welcome.
Haha yeah right! Actually this place here has really accumulated a lot of crappy and oooooold old old fanfics, but I'm too attached to delete them all.
There's not much to say and I've realized that I really don't have much to say. If you want to ask about all the fluff don't hesitate to press the PM button - I like to make small talk.

To be perfectly honest, my writing reflects my own inner emotions. What's happening in my life will likely be what inspires a story to bubble forth from my mind. That's why I always feel as though I should try my hardest to make my stories truly emotional- I have the feelings bottled up inside me, what's stopping me from getting my point across? And I hope that with each piece of writing I drabble that you get a warm (or dark!) feeling when you get to the last sentence. My goal is to reach readers of all ages with a mutual feeling of elation!

Shows to Inspire:
Naruto/ Shippuuden (subbed)
Bleach (subbed)
Spice and Wolf I&II (dubbed and subbed)
Darker Than Black (subbed)
Fruit's Basket (dubbed and manga)
Elfen Lied (subbed and dubbed and manga)
Kanon (subbed)
Dragonball Z (dubbed remastered uncut)
IGPX (dubbed)
Ginga Densetsu Uiido (subbed and some manga)
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (subbed)
Danny Phantom
Wolf's Rain (subbed)
Fullmetal Alchemist (dubbed)
Samurai Champloo (subbed and dubbed)
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Code Lyoko
Gundum Seed (dubbed)
Kim Possible (this was the junkies back in the day!)
Midori no Hibi (subbed)
Chobits (dubbed)
all of Hayao Miyazaki's work
Others I can't remember at the moment

Favorite Pairings to read/ write/ ponder:
Shikamaru - Temari
Ichigo - Rukia
Danny - Sam
Naruto - Sakura
Sasuke - Sakura
Kakashi - Sakura
Chouji - Ino
Kouta - Yuka
Yuichi - Nayuki
Yuichi - Makoto
Mugen - Fuu
Fang - Max
Jinn - Yoshino
Gohan - Videl
Goku - Chi Chi

My stories:
Lore: Umm, I don't remember if this was my second FF or not. Pretty much, I'm just expressing my personal opinion about how warriors die and are forced to go to StarClan... Because honestly, I'm sure it would seem nice to spend eternity in some other world with old friends doing absolutely nothing but worrying about your former Clans...
The Lion King: Passing of the Blood: Kovu passes away, leaving his son, Shugen, as the new King. But Shugen is inexperienced at leading, and in the meantime, the mysterious disapearance of two lionesses leaves the Pride unnerved. Stukka, Shugen and Sinai's younger brother, is also causing trouble in the Pride and refuses to stay away from Shugen's territory and lionesses. Can Shugen handle the pressure? And who will be there to catch him when he starts to fall? HIATUS.
Pikachu Gone Wild: Now this is a bashing FF. Giggles?
Lust: Mugen kissed Fuu the night before on pure impulse, and now Fuu is taking a walk to relive the experience and think about how much she really wants that Rebel. In the meantime, Mugen corners her... What's going to happen? My first Samurai Champloo FF and one of my most popular fics.
Evanescence: Balto is old, alone, and wandering through the wilderness. First Balto FF, and meant to make most people cry. Did it work?
Akamaru's Adventure: I felt a surge of comedy inspire my fingers to type. So, I obeyed, and this is the spawn of my impulsive indulgence. Sure, the ninjas of Konohagakure are heroes. But majority of people lead secret lives, right...?
Ironic Power Failures: Crappy name, yes, but I suppose it fits. Who knew how ironic a game of hide-and-seek could get for poor Ulrich? Not too shabby! First Code Lyoko FF! Boy do I miss me some Ulrich x Yumi action.
The Shadows: Umbreon's Demise / Espeon's Demise: One plot, two separate points of view. So, assuming Espeon should've been a Female in Pokemon Coliseum, do you think there would be some romance in there? After all, they grew up and battled together... And what would each one do for the other when faced in a terrible situation? Childish and yet some of my darkest.
Dear Nerdtron: Cindy, now a young and mature woman, has come to accept something that she had sworn herself off of since an early time. There are letters to be written and tears to be shed as she wonders how anything could ever be so. Normal thoughts of a teenage a girl... (Actually, I tried to gather the idea from my own perspective and experiences, and since I'm not so normal, well...)
Unecessary Angst: I started rereading the Warriors series from book one and straight on through, and in book two, with the introduction of Princess, I thought of Firestar and Princess's sibling relationship. I wanted to write a nice fanfiction for the brother and sister, and what I pictured was Firestar being worried about Sandstorm's pregnancy and he confiding in Princess for comfort. After all, every leader, and father, needs advice and encouragement sometime or another, right?
Lovebirds: My first Maximum Ride fanfiction. Max and Fang shared a romantic evening alone in a cave, but Max wasn't quite ready to advance that way. So, Fang had to wait even longer for her. But maybe now things can change once Max realizes she may have hurt the man she loves due to insecurity.
Warriors: Twins of StarClan: I've thought about it, and I came up with a sweet idea. What would happen if an evil cat in the Dark Forest found a way to get his revenge on both the Clans, and StarClan at the same time? If, in some way, this evil being turned a Clan cat away from StarClan, perhaps he could finally get what he wanted... Extermination of StarClan, and ruler over all four Clans, even in a world of the dead. (Trust me on this - you're better off reading the summary inside the stories first chapter. It's much easier to grasp.) HIATUS.
Danny's Pledge: Sacrifice: When you're a hero, you have duties. When you have lives on the line, you have sacrifices. Danny has come to learn that, and no matter how much he loves Sam... He can never be with her. Danny knows that.
A Heart of Gold: My first real Naruto fanfiction. Shikamaru and Temari are sent on a simple mission located in the Land of Snow: protect a small family of three and kill a wolf that has been taking numbers in their livestock and occaisionally trying to attack the family. Temari and Shika assume it's going to be easy- what's a lone wolf got to threaten them with? The only problem is, as the boy ninja and the girl ninja begin to start feeling something different towards each other, things start to unwravel, and soon even a simple B-ranked mission becomes a fight for their lives and sanity. Worst of all, someone may not survive.
Hate Me and Live: One of my most favorite pieces of all my writing, despite its overall terribly quality... I've always believed that if you truly love a person, you don't love them because you want them. You love them because you want them to live forever and just be happy. I also believe that the strongest love can be found in the most broken of all hearts. Those billions of shattered pieces become like a colony of fire ants and the love only grows stronger. I did the best I could and expressed myself through someone I could relate to in small ways; Haruno Sakura.
Courageous Devotion: This took me a couple of days to write. The longest oneshot that I have. This time, Temari finds herself in her weakest state of all, but Shikamaru helps repair her. She has fears to overcome, fears that probably wouldn't come true anyways. Still, Shikamaru sees all of the signs of her distress, and races to stop some and start others. Turns out that a woman can motivate even the laziest of all Konoha ninjas!
In the Concrete Room: Sasuke and Sakura find each other despite the distance that has been put between them. I love this one much more than Hate Me and Live. Really puts Sasuke in an innocence you couldn't find in the show... LOL.
My Little Imouto: Family is important. That's why Neji finally comes to terms with his cousin, his best friend, his imouto-chan.
It's a Nice Day For a White Wedding: Shikamaru is left in the dark when Temari makes some naughty plans. If only he knew what his night was going to involve: an awkward walk-in, an unexpected advancement, a wedding, a jealous friend, and maybe a open-mouther on a doorstep. Not nearly as raunchy as it sounds.
My Soul Bleeds Orange: My first Bleach fanfiction. A quick drabble to describe Rukia's deepest feelings during the Soul Society Arc. Perhaps slightly out of character, but maybe not. You decide :3
Rukia's Turn-on: Well, I discovered that I'm sort of a sadist when it comes to bloody anime characters. Not really, but I do love to see Ichigo's serious scowl-face covered in blood - he pulls it off well, especially considering he seems to always have an exaggerated 20 gallons of blood in his body. One of my favorite anime fight scenes of all times is Gohan VS Cell in DBZ. The bloody one-handed Kamehameha gets me every time. And as I've stated far above, usually my own viewpoints/ feeling end up the theme of my writing... The point is, Rukia has a similar turn-on, and it takes Ichigo completely by surprise! Who knew that Rukia had it in her?! (I did! :D)
The Fruitages of the Spirit: A strangely sudden idea I had. Shikamaru and Temari have aged five years - Temari is 23 and keeps a journal, and the month of October in particular is rather life-altering for her. Shikamaru has grown wise beyond his years and begins to teach Temari that there is much more to their life than what's on the surface.
I Won't Smile: A chapter story written for my dead cousin. Danny and Sam were once passionately in love, but Sam broke it off for fear that their love would get in the way of Danny's duties. Years later, Danny announces his engagement to Valerie. Once they are wed, however, it is obvious that something isn't all there...

Deleted Fics - September 11th poem, George Bush Spoof, Torn, Introversion: Sasuke, Passion, Chick Flick, Goodbye, The Red Sparks

Just a last thought..
Retarded Pokemon fanfictions are fun x3

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