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Hmm... And here I am again, updating my profile for no reason... Heh, something amusing for you all, I have just received an interesting review on "Don't Judge What You Don't Understand."

spy 2002-12-13 1 Anonymous
You're a moron

Ah, how I hate flamers... Of course, that's not exactly a *flame* but it's close enough :P. I do fear my feelings may have been hurt...

So anyways, for anyone who cares, I'm now working on chapter 13 for Blessed Be, and I've come across a bunch of my old poetry notebooks, so I'll post some of the good ones outta there. So expect a flood of stuff coming soon!

I'm trying to get my own poetry website up so that I can post my poetry (or anyone else's poetry for that matter) on a site without the FFN regulations, and so that I can also post artwork and such. If you'd be interested in seeing it, you can e-mail me, and I can drop you a line once it's up and running.

Other than that, please review what you read!