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Author has written 3 stories for Black Magician Trilogy.

IMPORTANT FACT: When I began writing TBM fanfic, I was terrible at English. So my grammar sucks as I haven't revisited the stories for going on 10 years now.

I will love Akkarin from BMT forever but alas, Canavan killed him off (and later on she subjected his character to judicial murder by making him a traitor,) and therefore even I stopped creating new fanfiction about him. :(

I LIKE PEOPLE WHO REVIEW. :) Come on, it takes less than two minutes and it pleases the writer immensely. More importantly, it helps the writer to correct the story if needed. But basically it just warms his/her heart. Flames? Flames are just silly remarks made by silly kids. On the other hand, constructive negative critisism is always welcome. Feel free to PM me as well.

Gender: Female

Sort of person: The romantic sort. With a touch of darkness. And a dry sense of humour.


I tend to like writing about adult themes so likely I will offend some and amuse others. It has been a while since I was only 14 years old, so if you are a child - do not read my fanfiction!

The story 'Akkarin and his Years in Sachaka' was originally created for the amusement of the actual readers who are mostly young adults (and myself who is old) and is therefore quite innocent (almost.) As someone once put it: "Nothing sketchy there". But there are adult and violent themes in it.

I find Yaoi fascinating but you will not find any such pairings in my stories (yet). Guess I just don't dare. And by the way, I resent yaoi involving underage boys with grown men. Yikes! Two adults or same age, please!

Contrary to many fanfiction readers, I do not find all Mary Sue stories disgusting or bad just because of the Mary Sue issue. To put it shortly - if the story is entertaining, it's fine by me no matter what. I don't use Mary Sues in my own stories, though.

Favourite books:

The Black Jewels Trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop. I simply love the Blood universe and Bishop's writing style which makes me laugh, cry, gasp and revel. Thank the Darkness that yet another Blood book will be released in March 2008. (Tangled Webs). And one more has been announced as well - (Shadow Queen I think it's called).

Personally, I will refrain from writing any fics about this wonderful universe. But I'm glad that others will!

The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan: The story touched my heart and nearly broke it as well. Created the longest crush I've ever had on a character. (Yes, Akkarin is really that spectacular.)

The DarkAngel Trilogy by Meridith Ann Pierce although I never did like the ending. Still I fell madly in love (yet again) with Irrylath when I was 13 and thanks to this trilogy I discovered the wonderful world of Fantasy and haven't left it since. :)

The Farseer Trilogy, The Liveship Trilogy, and The Fool Trilogy by Robin Hobb. Update 2016: She's still writing books in this universe! Yay!

Wheel of Time - the first ones, say from book 1 to 5 by Robert Jordan.

House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende.

DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

Favourite movies:

Stage Beauty (Billy Crudup is not only beautiful (as a man) but is an excellent actor whose talent exceeds most actors by far)!!

And then there is: It's a Wonderful Life, Amadeus, Harold & Maude, The 6th Sense, Waking the Dead, Papillon, Forrest Gump, Almost Famous, the Crow (the first one), Dedication... And some Danish ones as well, for instance The Party, and Pelle the Conquerer. Oh and the original French Nikita ... and many, many more.

For fun and romance I don't mind watching Liar-Liar, Love Actually, Notting Hill and A Knight's Tale...

Favorite TV-series:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer because of SPIKE!!!!!! And because of the wonderful world of fabulous fanfiction out there set within this universe. For fun, I also liked Spin City, Friends, and Frasier.

Game of Thrones because of THEON GREYJOY - I just want to cuddle my poor Kraken. He's suffered enough.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Needing reviews
The High Lord is just a man and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot deny his body's basic need for love one particular lonely night. This story can go anywhere and will not be suitable for children. RR. Disclaimer: Don't own a thing.
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This is what I craved after finishing the High Lord: Akkarin's full story. I try to be as true to the original plot as possible. Don't own a thing, of course and I am a foreigner so I hope that there are not too many errors. Enjoy and PLEASE review.....
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