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Hello there!

How's it going? Welcome to the incredibly insightful profile of the wonderously lazy author person known as...me. Hey. 'Sup?

...I'm procrastinating again, aren't I?

Anywhos, I'm a University student in the Great White North, where I read, on average, 350-400 pages per week. Just four my classes. Fun, no? On the rare moments I'm NOT doing school work, I dance. Or MUN. Sometimes both at the same time. Check it...

Okay, seriously, human? You're not funny.

Um...anywhos. You'll probably notice that I don't tend to repeatedly write stories for the same Book / TV Show / Movie / whatever, mostly because I have a bad habit of being distracted by other stuff. It's also why I sometimes take a loooooooonnnnggg time to update. It's not that I don't want to, but I'm just um...hey look! A bird!

I guess that covers it. Welcome! Hopefully you enjoy what you find here, if not, let me know! (If you could let me know what you liked as well, that'd be great. Yay for positive reinforcement.)

Later dudes,

Punkballet :-)