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Author has written 11 stories for Star Ocean, Suikoden, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Castlevania, and Kingdom Hearts.


I'll be pretty straight forward -- I write what I like. And I understand that not everyone will happen to like those same sorts of things. That's a-ok.

Feel free to get in touch, though, if you do end up liking what I write. Everybody likes feedback! ...And also kittens.

So, in conclusion: hooray kittens!


Author's Notebook: (for status and random notes on kk's works)

NOTICE (05-24-2014): I'm mildly surprised I remembered my login after four years. :/ We'll call this spring cleaning, of a bunch of projects that had been on my hard drive forever. They are in... various states of completion, and I am slightly less sanguine about most of them ever being fully completed than I once was. But I do want what has been written to at least see the light of day.

With any luck that will include the last, say, 2-3 chapters of FedMorning, and the final arc of Nash and Sierra. No promises, though I can say I do at least have rough outlines of what's supposed to go down.


Yeah, this behemoth is what I've been devoting most of my writing energy to over the past few months forever. A post-SO2 fic (does anyone still remember SO2?) dealing with the awkward (and deadly) period of transition between 'Expel the planet in crisis' and 'Expel the proud member of the Earth/Pangalactic Federation.' Too wordy? Too layered? Too many obscure characters? You decide!

Latest News: (07-05-2014) Wow, is it July already? A new chapter finally sees the light of day. Work begins on the next, which does have a few of my favorites scenes written or outlined for it. I'm going to say aiming to get that out before the end of 2014?

Nash and Sierra's Excellent Adventures! (Suikoden):
Hey, look! I actually do write for other fandoms.

Latest News: (05-25-2014) No news is... well, no news. The sad part is I've actually got some bits of a short follow up one shot (he says, optimistically) that's farther along than the final arc of this work.

Ring Around the 'Bastion (Kingdom Hearts):
A story revolving around an idea I had when I finished Kingdom Hearts II a million years ago. And yes, I've always been more partial to the FF characters in KH than any other characters. I'm probably doing it wrong, and with Kingdom Hearts 3 actually really possibly on the horizon, the clock is ticking on how long this remains semi-faithful to canon, probably. What can I say, I'm timely.

Latest News: (07-05-2014) More determined to get another part up than expected, so perhaps that will drop in the next few weeks/months/decade. Otherwise, sporadic updates warning still in full effect.

ON THE DOCKET (Planned or upcoming works not yet posted):

Untitled Breath of Fire fic (Breath of Fire Series):

Anybody still remember Breath of Fire?

Chronic Sigmatism Sequel (Mega Man X):

Now with 100% less Sigma, so that probably means I'm going to have to come up with a different name...

Puffy's War III: The Enemy of Time (SO Series):

In which Puffy saves the universe. And possibly commits some light kidnapping. And maybe some theft. You know, the usual.


Puffy's War II: Eternal Love Speeding in the Dark (SO series):
The sequel nobody asked for, following the side character barely anyone remembers. That's right, I know what the readers want. Before you ask, the subtitle is as sensical as it is relevant. Which is to say, not very.

Empire's End (SO3):
(or, 'The Political and Military Repercussions of the Executioner Attacks and Human Super-Weapons") All empires eventually end. The question is, how will they choose to be remembered.

Latest News: (05-03-2007) Epilogue up, and thus concludes Empire's End. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Puffy's War (SO series):
Forged from spending waaaaay too much time making Durian Stun Bombs-R4s in SO3, a short one-shot that attempts to get into the mind of everyone's favorite part-time inventor/nemesis. No more, five years before! No more seven years before!

Don't Call it a Love Triangle (SO3) :
Yeah, I don't know where this came from either. Maria talks about Fayt and Sophia. Angst ensues, but it's the self-deprecating kind, so it's okay.

A Thousand Yesterdays (SO2):
A short bit of reflection with one of my favorite SO2 characters.

PARTNERS (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow):
Julius and Yoko escape the cult's castle at the tail end of Dawn of Sorrow. They're totally not attracted to one another. Totally.

...I am a little embarrassed about this thing, but once the idea took hold, it had to be written.


Bartending 101 (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess):
From one of my favorite games in the Zelda series comes this: A post-game reflection one-shot, on things and stuff, most of which come calling to Telma's bar.

Chronic Sigmatism (Mega Man X):
And finally, we come to one of my all time favorite franchises -- Mega Man X. Suffice it to say, the strain of near constant attacks by Sigma have taken their toll on our beloved Maverick Hunters. Call this my tribute to mad-cap, nearly nonsensical humor pieces.

WARNING: I may have been tired when I wrote this crack-ish, humor-fest.

More projects to follow...?

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Post-SO2: The battle for Expel had just begun.
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